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another music of ours


Another music of Tamás (the pianist) and me i did not really promote it, I only posted today to my Facebook group “Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking” (search and join the group wherever you are),

So, I posted the music with the same story I am posting here:

And why I have not promote it yet?

Well, the point is, while singing I made one spelling mistake, of course only those speaking Serbian can realize, but it disturbs me in a way…Ruzo->Ružo 😀

however, Tamás was satisfied with the outcome and he decided to leave it this way…artists can make mistakes too 🙂
it’s a Serbian traditional song cover called “moj golube” (my dove)…
and…well it’s not a NYE party song 🙂


Lángos is fried bread?

I found this article about the different ways of combining bread and cheese in the world, it is very interesting 🙂
I never knew “Lángos” is translated as fried bread in English, I’ve learned something today 🙂
I am very good in making it, if you need a Lángos cook for your house party let me know to agree on details :))
Love the cheese, sour-cream and garlic version (yes, lot’s of garlic and olive oil),
I was always eating the salty version, untill Filip asked me to put Nutella on top of it…
I do not know why I was shocked at this request at first, but, probably because all my life I was eating it in a salty version and honestly I still like it more then the version with Nutella 😀
oh, and I love Khachapuri, did you know you can get it on Deák square Andrássy corner in the Yermenian restaurant called, guess how: Hachapuri (I am wondering why the “K” is missing from the name)
I just learned why is “Pogacha” (Turkish) ->>> “pogača” in Serbian and “pogácsa” in Hungarian, this is full Turkish influence 🙂

2015 in review


Nice surprise from WordPress this morning…an annual report.

I was not active the whole year and I am writing only occasionally and in a simple way, but I like doing it from time to time. I like the way how Wordpress is presenting even my figures to sound as a big number (check the excerpt at the end).

However, next year I will need some training to improve things on my blog, these figures to look better.

However, dear readers, thank you for reading me and following me from 75 countries.

Special thanks to French1955 for the regular likes, but I appreciate the clicks and likes from all of you! 😀

Wish you all Happy Holidays!


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,500 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Inés, anniversary :)


I have no clue yet where I am gonna spend this “NYE”, it is gonna be a surprise to myself as last year.

What did I do last year? I got fed up with this “nobody knows where to go” attitude, so I chose the Couchsurfing community party in Budapest and I went alone. I did not stay for long there, but …

This is how and where I met this crazy French girl called Inés (hm… or it was her thinking of me the same 😀 😀

Inés, let’s start planning another hitchhiking in your summer sneakers, you know from experience winter is the best period for hitchhiking, possibly let’s do another 2000 km trip in 2 days, lets meet the Slovenian police again (this time let’s dress up like sluts, at least for them, not to be a disappointment to be just an ordinary hitchhikers trying to get a car to Ljubljana, Milan to reach Genova and that Brazilian party, where I might meet that guy Nicola :D, but in the meantime we should stop on that gas station to talk to the Spanish truck driver to close his pants before he starts talking to us, or discuss with Cesare some kinky details about gifted Brazilian guys…

… I am recalling all the beautiful people we met on a way!


in Milan exhausted, but looking for that pasta for Inés

okay, the rest let’s talk through on Skype, and this message below is a good wish for you too

…and I just want to add another sentence: that night when I was fighting with my demons, I am so happy you were the person with me, thank you for your full understanding, support and being with me in those hard moments, honestly. I know it was not easy.


the simple life?


sometimes ago I shared this quote below on my Facebook page, it is hanging now on my fridge 🙂


driver signs in Serbia


We were driving with my sister from my home village Banatski Dvor to Novi Sad when the idea pop-up to note down the following lines,

I do not know if this exists in other countries as well, so I will note these down, some of you might face them…

**if you are driving in Serbia and if you have a a truck driver in front of you giving you a right signal sign, interpret it as the road is free, no car coming from the opposite way and you can overtake him (of course, you should still pay attention on the road and traffic)

**if you are driving and the cars coming from the opposite direction are flashing at you TWICE, it can mean the following:

  • police is on your way or behind the corner and probably checking on speed drivers, this should be your first thought 😀
  • you or some car driver is driving with high-beam lamps and this way they are asking you to switch to short headlights. I think this is even common with other countries;
  • your fog lamps are disturbing,
  • some friend is in the other car, saying hello 😀
  • or switch on you lamps, they are turned off.

**A driver flashing behind you can be a signal that the driver will overtake you, but  it can be also a nervous driver, who cannot overtake you due to the traffic circumstances, but is trying to make you to drive faster…

**Horns are used less then in Turkey, if they are using it, it can be a sign of overtaking or a pissed off driver behind you.

I tried to find some post about these things, but I ran into a description about the Greek driving habbits, I laughed as I read the part with the goats…

“In Greece (or rural Greece, at least) the horn is still, generally, used as it should be: to let people know of your presence (or to say “Yiasou”). If a driver behind you sounds their horn it usually means they are about to overtake you – just slow down and let them (at night they are more likely to flash their headlights – means the same thing). If an oncoming driver sounds their horn or flashes their lights as they approach you, it probably means there’s a heard of goats in the middle of the road just around the bend. Road rage isn’t a part of the Greek way of life (let’s help keep it that way).”  (Reference:

Rocky Balboa, Penelope in the neighborhood


Finally I got my Serbian driving license, valid till 2025, I think I will put again on a side arranging the Hungarian one, because if I hand in the documents for the Hungarian one, the Serbian will be taken and actually it has no difference which license I am using, I used for driving in Europe the Serbian all these years.

While going out from the police office station in Žitište (the neighbouring village and also the capital of the municipiality) my attention drove to the following, do not get in in swimming suit and half naked…I am a bit shocked, but also not that these things should be communicated. However the 2nd one is stating those with kids and pregnancy have priority.

Why is the title Rocky Balboa? Read the next paragraph 🙂


In 2007 the village started to organize a festival called Chicken Fest (I think it is usually in September and the name got after the biggest chicken processing plant in the area). At the same time they built the statue of Rocky. I find it funny, however the point of building Rocky’s statue was to raise attention of people on the small places in Serbia,  it also symbolizes persistency and desire for winning…(better this, then having another war)20151224_142632

At the same park in the center of Žitište you can find the statue of Penelope as symbol of loyalty (wife of Odysseus, he was called to the Trojan war and she waited for him 20 years to return). I understood it as a symbol to stay loyal to the village.


if you travel to Serbia…


After 7 hours of traveling with Ivo Andric (I hope these Chinese investors will finally do the new rails in cooperation with the Hungarian and Serbian goverment and we will really reach Belgrade in 2 hours, pfff, dream on…) Anyway, we finally reached our destination – Novi Sad. By car u can reach Novi Sad in 2 hours. It was Filip’s and Teo’s (cousin from my sister) reunion after 2 months.

We decided to make a stop in Novi Sad by my sister and the next day to move on to Banatski Dvor to my parents house.

We took a bus to the bus station (which is right next to the train station, I still can get lost in Novi Sad, I am so bad on navigating myself in Novi Sad, even after so many years I can get lost there 😀

I was not sure which way I should take to reach the place so I managed to ask a grumpy man,who  just replied “ask around” and moved on…Filip looked at me and asked, mom what did he say: I told him, well he was not really in a mood to help 😀 we will ask someone  else for a guidance.

We reached a public bus station and got up on the bus to reach the main bus station. The bus was full, people were moving away to make space for us and my big bag, but Filip decided to stay in the front next to the driver. I am sure you travelled many times in a over-crowded bus and sometimes even there are place to sit, people just decide not to sit or they are all standing in the door. Here, people tried to sit next to each other using the space as much as possible to have more space for those standing. It was a good feeling to see that people are caring,they really tried to use the space the most possible.

At the train station we approached the exibited old steam locomotive, I read the plate to find out more and I got very surprised. The train is produced in 1925 in MÁV (the Hungarian Rail Company) in Budapest – max speed 60km/h.

While going to buy the ticket for the bus, Filip spoted some kids newspaper with stickers and at first I did not realize,  we bumped into the following setup of the yearly calendars…I think the shop owner was being ironical putting these 2 people next to each other with the first calendar saying “Verni prijatelji” -in translation: faithfull friends. On the second calendar is Tito (president of Yugoslavia) and on the third is Draža Mihajlović (nationalist, leader of the chetniks). Both of them wanted to gain control on post-war Yugoslavia. Do you think they were really friends? 🙂


Anyway Filip got his stickers book. The cute, but also sad reality were the dogs sunbathing in front of the train station. Filip tried to make friendship with them, but they are too scared to be friendly. Kids should avoid them.


We have been waiting an hour for our bus to Zrenjanin as I had no direct bus to my home village and we waited another hour to reach Banatski Dvor.

If you have a big bag, be prepared to have it under your knees in the bus, as mostly there is no space for carrying big bags or bus drivers are just lazy to get down from the bus to open the storage place. 🙂

It was a real Wizzair cheap flights feeling. If you are taller…

well, you will need some acrobatic skills, try by putting your legs to your neck. Srbija majko!!! :))) (mother Serbia)


otherwise,  just take it easy, at least people are nice in the Balkans!

Flashmob and Xmas present


Yesterday afternoon I met with Marcus on Vörösmarty to discuss the details of the photoshooting project for the the Chinese clothing company and before meeting him I walked through Váczi street looking for a present for my babysitter and finally I decided to visit Pylones, a shop for gadgets and home decor.

Those interested only in the flashmob part of the blog, read the blog at the end 😀


I love colorful things, this is the place I will get in just to get a “color injection” 🙂

and u can find e.g. cat magnets (you can fold the tail and use it as a hanger) or bookmarks in cute shapes…

glass holder or cat umbrella’s 🙂

something for the bikers, car-drivers (bells, horn, ice scrapers…)

….something for the kids and household…

In the meantime, Yevgenya called me too come to her gallery as Jasna the other girl from our band will also join to do some singing practise.

I jumped on the tram 49 on Deák square, finally i caught the X-mas tram, till now I was watching it only from the distance 🙂


On my and other people biggest surprise people started to sing X-mas songs on the tram. I joined them as I knew the songs from my childhood and while traveling I also talked to the organizers, they are called Mosolykommandó 2014 and it was their first X-mas song singing flashmob, anyone can join. I hope to hear them other time too!

I told the organizers the previous day I proposed the girls from the band to do the same while we were going for our rehearsal, but we did not do it in the end, however I was singing on my own as usual :))

not a perfect video, but a little insight in the feeling from yesterday evening 🙂

BAND name needed


We are a start-up band of international people in Budapest doing for now mostly Brazilian cover songs (Marissa Monte, Adrianna Calcanhotto, Maria Gadu, Ivette Sangalo, Tribalistas  etc…) or latin music as Jarabe de Palo etc…

We love the internationality of our setup as we believe by mixing our cultural backgrounds and influences we will be inspiring each other and learn from each other a lot.

We are Russian, Venezuelan, Croatian, Italian, Brazilian, Serbian-Hungarian …

Love for music and dedication is common in all of us.

Brainstorm with us on our name and share your ideas 🙂

Yesterday after the rehearsal we spent about 2 hours thinking of our band name, by making jokes and having fun on the stupidest name ideas (los churros :)) chicas y chicos etc…)

I think I made a valid question when I came up with this idea to ask “what should be the name of our band” :)) Jasna and Yevgenya could not stop thinking, talking and brainstorming about it, while we were with Guillermo already on the next topic…marketing!

(we do use now one name for booking purposes, but…)

btw. while writing about these…I found an interesting article on the internet about the etymology of other band names: