fantasy make-up


The story goes like this, I am unemployed since last Thursday,

so while in I decided to do some voluntary jobs too, at least I am not sitting at home and overthinking and I am building connections with people of a similar interest.

Flora, the make-up artist posted in one of the Facebook groups she is looking for a model for Thursday for 3-4 hours for her practising in Glamour Makeup Academy, so I wrote her to model.

I was not aware I am going to a Makeup Academy close to Bazilika, Erzsébet square, but i realized it quickly when I arrived. It is a very relaxed athomsphere and you can also get some hints for doing makeup while spending your time there)

Flora picked for working brave colors yellow and green (it was her choice, but really).

She asked me about the things I am doing, I told her I am modeling, acting and singing. She was interested in the type of the music I am singing. I explained my taste varies, but I like the most traditional Balkan songs and Brazilian, latin songs. What a coincidence she picked yellow and green for my eyes (i am sure u all know the flag color of that country I do not wanna mention), couple of minutes later a collegue of her joined us, gave me two Haribo pacifier (yellow and green, I ate the yellow before I made the photo), we started to laugh. Another coincidence? 😀

Anyway the same girl told us often she is thought to be a Brazilian or Turkish women. My eyes were shut as Flora was already working on her masterpiece, but when I opened my eyes, I told her: girl, you really look alike 😀 …she is the one hiding on the left side 😀


After Flora finished with the eyes, she put on some lipstick and we tried some wigs, but I could not be a long haired  blondie…so i put on this afro hair (to be authentic to “that” culture” a bit). I cannot be Barbie, but the other girl said, I look like Eszenyi Enikő, well…(I am me, Gabi 🙂

Overhere I already got my beautiful black “fan” lashes, but I almost got green feather lashes, however they would cover the makeup so Flora decided to keep it “simple” 😀

They did couple of photos about the work and then moved on to put on the glitters.

This was the end result!


I did not take-off the makeup, I walked out in the street, I felt weird, I felt funny, crazy, everything, but relaxed, untill I started to realize faces of people. They made me laugh, actually two ladies stopped me and told me my make-up is great and they thought I am preparing for some party, but at first they also got surprised and said, at least you will laugh on a way home on people. I did 🙂 but only under my nose, as if I laught to hard the red stones will fall down of my lips 😀

Are you wondering why I left in on me? Well, you do not have a makeup like this everyday on your face, I found it nice and I want to show it to Filip, I wanna see his face and the kids (specially the girls in the kindergarden, or going home to their moms asking them to do the same 🙂

Btw. I am not so confident Filip will like it, he knows to surprise me sometimes, depending on his mood:

  • mom this is beautiful or

I might do some selfies today with them, if Filip allows me 😀 as other boys (specially) and girls are not allowed to hug me usually, only him. 🙂

And finally, a great experience, a good feeling I helped someone and that we enjoyed working together.  Thank you Flora for having me there and good luck with your school. I hope to work with you in the future more!


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