ITEE Café in Móricz – tea, beer and free WIFI


Hi People,

This time I just wanna share cool place I ran into.

Actually I live next to this place…I planned so many times to jump in, but I never did, since I have no internet I am forced to find places around (while this one was all the time in front of my nose).


To be honest, the internet is perfect for emailing and posting your blog (else is not tested). I was not listening to music as there is a nice calm music inside,  a waterfall sound, a aquarium with fishes, so I needed no extra effort to feel good, but I tried i f it can load Youtube videos (it can, so I think it can be a good spot for you maybe too, if you need a place to work)

ITEE Café is a teabar with maaaany many type of tea’s, but they also have some specific beers from breweries (not tested as I came to do work)…

Finally tomorrow I have my own internet in the flat, so no need to search around for places to work, write etc.

They also have bean bags corner for relaxing 🙂

Here is the spot i took on the gallery, it was daytime when I arrived, but got dark soon…so from two light perspectives, well with LG, I dont have those ‘I” things and professional stuff.

Oh and do not forget to (insert the below photo here 🙂 when u are climbing up on the gallery! There is a place for storing your shoes.



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