Xmas time in Budapest


I planned this weekend to do ‘sarma’ – stuffed cabbage in Serbian, in Hungary called ‘töltött káposzta’ 🙂 and stay at home with Filip.

We woke up, we spent the morning in pijamas hiding in his hedgehole as he called the messy bed and listening to new brazilian musics, i’ve made great discoveries. Couple of hours later we went to Fehérvári market to get the cabbage leaves for sarma. I call it sarma, because I was born and raised in Serbia, so for me it is more natural to call it that way. I love sarma and I make it very well. If you wanna hire me for a dinner cook, let me know (a french friend of mine already proposed me to do this…i wish i had the place for doing dinner parties, I would not mind)

Anyway, we bought the groceries and since it’s next to Allee I proposed Filip to jump in to see if there is some kids programs or workshops.

There were as usual, but we also saw some unexpected Xmas tree figures 🙂 later I googled them for Filip to show him the real ones in the world.

Behind these statues is a stage for DIY with kids, so Filip made couple of nice decorations.

Of course he saw the shop with the cupcakes behind…:( and he begged me…i gave it in, and of course he chose the sweetest one…it has a lolly pop on the top of the cupcake!

Going out from the shop we had to stop to check on the Starwars game videos…as this is a must.

Out in the street on Móricz a girl approached us and gave him a red ballon…he refused to take it. Mom thanked and took it, because she remembered very well the last time he did not take the baloon, he was whining for hours to go back and take one. While walking home, he was very angry with me, we were fighting because he wanted me to give it back, so I was listening the following: mom, I don’t want that balloon, drop it to the basket, I will make punches on it and destroy it…bla bla bla…

We arrived at the door and I drop the balloon in the room, while he was taking off his jacket..he turned around and noticed the balloon, he shouted with a surprise as we had no issue about it couple of min ago: “MOM, LOOK HERE IS A RED BALLOON???”How did it get here??


I looked at him seriously and cool: Well, Filip must be that Santa has sneaked in again! He smiled from happiness…pffffffffffffff

***I am still wondering if he really forget that we were fighting about the same balloon in the street????

oh and the decorations got their places in the window, nice, right? 🙂




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