Facebook group for models, creatives – English speaking


I’ve created a group for models and creatives in English for Hungary and Serbia.

Please feel free to join the group, post your jobs, casting, intros, events and let’s network, create together.

The group names are, please search and join:

  • Hungarian models – English speaking or/and
  • Serbian models – English speaking

If I find how to extract a Facebook link to be able to use it externally, I will post the correct links 🙂

for now I am posting the ones i can copy from the browser, but I think it will ask you for login:



Beside networking I will share also tips on casting, modeling agencies and I plan to share casting events/jobs that can be interesting for foreigners living in Hungary, whether it is about registration to agencies or attend a project, casting…as I realized many of you need support with this.

I hope you will find the group usefull and enjoy networking!!!

And not least, thank you in advance for joining and bringing more creatives to the group!

****update – group name is: Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking





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