let’s switch from modeling to music



you are probably aware music became more and more important in my life and I am trying to find the ways to practise it, sometimes missing good opportunities to jam or perform (because i am not secure about myself and I know I shall practise far more to be really good in singing (oh and learn a lots more of lyrics) and releasing these stupid fears of performing in public, but also sometimes i find it hard to feel comfortable with the people doing music).


Some time ago, about a 4-5 month ago I think, I noticed a post on a musician group about a musician looking for an English singing singer.

I applied and I got a positive feedback. Some days later we arranged to meet with Tamas.

My first impression about him was…well, he seemed weird :))

We agreed to do some common jamming and just do whatever comes.

I had couple of songs in my sleeve, but not well practised and also did not find it so interesting to do it. Tamas started to play and I started to improvise, suddenly I started to sing a Serbian traditional song and he started to improvize it on his piano.  Well, he is a genius, when it is about playing a piano. We played the song couple of times, he made recordings.

I was not satisfied with the songs (specially because the one he chose to rework is a version, where I missed the pronunciation in the song and I cannot forgive it to myself  haha, I said Ruzo (something like Rooso) instead of saying “Ružo” (Roodgo…ž is like in French “gue” in the word Rogue, in Hungarian “zs”),

but the full composition we liked, so we just left it as it is.

After couple of trials to sing cover songs with him, I understood he is not so much into doing cover songs, but he is ready to do improvizations on piano with me singing and doing whatever comes to our mind. We cannot force else.  (We are hoping to find song lyrics writer for us as he can compose music, if u know any, pls pls let us know).


When we are doing these improvizations we get lost in ourselves and it feels good.

Today I will post these songs to Soundcloud with a huge fear :)))) but I will do it… and I will share them here…

I will post the songs and turn down my computer, phone, not to see, not to read, hear any of the comments on Facebook, if there will be any 😀 😀 😀

(which I am actually very interested in)

***update added!

CHECK MY FACEBOOK  PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/GabiKarvak

…or go straight to Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gabi-karvak/sets/karma



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