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Today I changed the name of my newly created group “Hungarian models – English speaking” to “Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking” because I wanted to make sure other creatives also join the group as I posted in my post: we are all models in the things we are doing in a certain way (unique) 🙂 and doors open for all!

Anyway, I promised in the group to compile a list of agencies that could be interesting to visit and register. I understood in my surrounding foreign people are not aware of these informations, sometimes due to lack informations or not knowing where to start searching, the other think they would never be invited to a casting as they not look like a model or actor, or maybe language barriers.

Forget these!

Most of the pages are available in English too for registration and in the most agencies they speak English, of course you will find the opposite too.

Most of the casting calls are in Hungarian, even we all know zounds of movies are shooted in Budapest, or in Hungary in general.

About the look: we never know why a big nose will be a buy-in in a commercial or maybe the agency will hire the person, because he has some old trash car, or the person can sing, or speak some specific language, she is bold etc…

So take the list lower and use it.

Some words about the list and open castings:

Attending a casting depends on so many things. I just give it a try (I fail many times, even sometimes all I have to do is to introduce myself and smile or my day was overloaded with other things and I could not focus on the given task that I got into my hands on a spot (once a full text to learn for a commercial on a shooting day – nice challenge 🙂 but enjoyable! 🙂

I compiled a list with agencies I worked with on some jobs (I colored them green in the attached excel file). I also added couple I know about (I mean I know much more of them, but maybe these are the ones I see mostly posting jobs or I get casting calls). It’s not a full list and I do not have all the details about the agencies, but the most important informations are in.

Try with all of the agencies and see what works for you.

I also added some comments in the file, which i will copy here too:

Fees: I am not sure about all of them, check with the agencies, but max 2500 Ft is the fee or no fee. I did my registration long time ago.

Photo: on most places not needed, they make photos on the spot about you. If you have portfolio, share with them.

Age restriction :mostly no, max at the modeling agencies, but even they have sometimes casting for movies, commercials, you have nothing to loose by applying.

What is looked for: anything, you can be a actor, model, clown, musician, samba dancer, twins, stand-in, translator, dog trainer etc…u never know what they will need for a commercial or movie.

Registration: if personal, you have to fill in a data sheet on the spot, put everything about your self (know your measures too)

Clothing: be yourself.

Casting: If applying for specific casting try to find out what is asked by the crew, many times unfortunately we are not aware. Also mostly not aware of the role and task.

Advice: after change in your outfit message the agencies, or go for another photoshooting. On a yearly basis minimum it is advisable to repeat the registration. Once you are registered you do not need to pay the fee again (usually).

But, if you have any further questions ask in the group, there are couple of people already there experienced in this 🙂

I do not guarantee all the informations I managed to add, or maybe I made a mistake in some data, but I did my best.

Feel free to adjust the list or share an agency you worked with, so I can add and please also share casting informations on my page if you hear of any! (I will translate it to English if needed)

the salaries are…depends on the assignement and what is looked for, but extras are usually not well-payed, however jobs are fun, you can meet lots of new people with similar interest, network and who knows maybe in the future you have some additional benefits?!

So, click on this link and download:

agencies – casting 26.01.2016 – updated list


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