our first common performance on Open Mic


why not to do this? I need to promote ourself…the others are busy 😉

some of the people who were on jamming on Monday in Jelen bisztró for the open Mic, met us already…we had on Monday our first meeting and rehearsal (1 hour) with the band and since we were in a mood to do some further “show” we skipped in to Jelen for a 2 song (because these are the two song we practised 😀

I was nervous like hell, my voice was shaking and I mixed the lyrics 😀

Tito (organizer or the Open Mic), thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves! 🙂


I was looking for a long time a band to sing with Latin and Brazilian music, I have the feeling we are on a good way to do it…

I watched yesterday some home made videos,  I wanted to try to do it on my own too to hear myself how I sound singing in Brazilian…so I did it..

so below a video of this morning…fully natur edition with LG camera…

I even made a mistake in the English part of the intro: I said I do not speak English, instead of saying: I do not speak Brazilian :)) forgive me for that and listen to my Brazilian song singing. Yeah, camera is confusing me!

It’s a very favourite song of mine that I am singing, song Velha Infancia from Tribalistas (amazing Brazilian artists).

The letras (lyrics) I learned in a week, I know it almost perfect and here I sing the song a bit in my version 🙂

I feel like an idiot hahahhaha

oh, and I just read the band Tribalistas was just a short-lived band for this one album in 2002.





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