how my flat became a shooting scene


Lola messaged me couple of days ago to help her, she was out of her mind from excitement, I thought something bad happened and then she showed me an article 😀


As I opened it on my phone and the quality of the photo she sent is bad I just saw the title, it’s something like this: Peter Srámek is waiting for the first kiss, and as u can see Lola on the photo (if you do not know her I am talking about this brunette on the photo). I just told her: oh common Lola, in what sh.. have you again get into? :))))

But, then she told me the story, she was with her friend (girl) and they heard on one of the radios that this guy, who is kinda becoming a celebrity looking for a date, and well, Lola is always into adventures 😀 I am wondering why we get along well? :)))

So she sent her details on sms to the radio and guess what, she got chosen. Of course!


Later, she explained me, she needs a place to stay, because one of the newspapers (u know these with gossips, by name  “Bors” -a Hungarian one) will come to her to meet her and  she is invited for a date lunch with the guy on the photo. So,do not be surprised for seing her on  Super TV2

The next day the photographer  and a journalist lady came, interviewed her, they made photos (this one is made by me with my LG). Look at her hot shoes 😀


We laughed about it a lot, specially when we started to read the comments made on the page of this gossip newspaper (people commenting her as: she is dating the guy because he is celebrity, rich etc…the jelaous ones :)))

Afterwards, we picked up Filip from the childcare and went for a casting to Umbrella Budapest-New York.

This morning she arrived nervous like hell, showing me the article written about yesterday (only those who speak Hungarian will understand it)..she said,they put the worst photo about me :)))

This is the Hungarian article and of course not really reflecting the things said on the interview, but who cares, she is dating a celebrity :))))

I was the stylist and make-up artist  of Lola for the date, hahahaha

This photo she sent some time after she left the flat for the date…


I hope she will enjoy at least the lunch! :))))

And I cannot wait to hear the details of the “date”.

and I have to admit, i love this diversity of my friends and their life-stories 😀


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