BAND name needed


We are a start-up band of international people in Budapest doing for now mostly Brazilian cover songs (Marissa Monte, Adrianna Calcanhotto, Maria Gadu, Ivette Sangalo, Tribalistas  etc…) or latin music as Jarabe de Palo etc…

We love the internationality of our setup as we believe by mixing our cultural backgrounds and influences we will be inspiring each other and learn from each other a lot.

We are Russian, Venezuelan, Croatian, Italian, Brazilian, Serbian-Hungarian …

Love for music and dedication is common in all of us.

Brainstorm with us on our name and share your ideas 🙂

Yesterday after the rehearsal we spent about 2 hours thinking of our band name, by making jokes and having fun on the stupidest name ideas (los churros :)) chicas y chicos etc…)

I think I made a valid question when I came up with this idea to ask “what should be the name of our band” :)) Jasna and Yevgenya could not stop thinking, talking and brainstorming about it, while we were with Guillermo already on the next topic…marketing!

(we do use now one name for booking purposes, but…)

btw. while writing about these…I found an interesting article on the internet about the etymology of other band names:


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