when girls hit the road…


We gathered yesterday with the girls 2 hours before the official band rehearsal from 8pm to practise a bit in advance. I have the feeling we are all very enthusiastic on our new band, which still has no name, but I can introduce 2  of fellows in this blog 🙂

We met at Yevgenya’s gallery close to Moricz. She is opening soon this nice “secret events gallery” in a nomadic living style, it is very nice and authentic inside. Yevgenya is from Russia and she is a our drummer. If you see a blond lady carrying big bag at her back in the streets, it’s probably Zsenya carrying her huge Djembe.

Zsenya (Yevgenya) 🙂 speaks very well Hungarian!

Her gallery is arranged in a nomad style, it is a very cozy place and perfect for quiet rehearsals, actually we will be rehearsing next Monday at this place together with the rest of the band. She plans to have here later open discussions, movie projectings, cooking events…

I am looking forward that she opens this place. And btw. she has some Russian tea which tastes very well, I’ll have to ask her to tell me again, what it contains (I know there are some specific berries in it beside the herbs)

Jasna is from Croatia, she is also a singer, I know her for about 2 years together with her boyfriend Guillermo, who is also part of our band…I met them first time on a dinner of an Indian friend. I recall our first meeting in the flat of this Indian friend, Jasna entered with her boyfriend and their appearance left on me a big impression. She introduced herself something as: Hi, I am Jasna. I started to talk to her in Serbian, I realized she is Slavic and probably from Croatia or Serbia with this name.  I hope music will brings us even more together, as we both like also traditional and Balkan music.  Below you can see, Jasna is very much in learning those Brazilian lyrics to do the vocals. Jasna also speaks very well Hungarian, she is sometimes funny as her “permanent learning button is switched on” for learning Hungarian language, I am next to her like her Hungarian walking dictionary :*

“Gabi, how do you say this word in Hungarian?” or “When can you use this word?” But, she will ask me also for some Serbian words, like yesterday for kutlača (Serbian) :))) and then start translating it to different languages :)))  kutlača (Croatian) merőkanál (Hungarian) ladle (English)

Jasna said there is come other Croatian word for this tool, but she could not remember it. And I cannot remember why we talked about this word at all 😀

and then of course I got also stucked on this topic and today I searched and found a map with this word for Croatia, you would be amazed in how many ways they are saying it…just look at the map in this link:


The 2 hours we spent together we played some popular Brazilian, Spanish, and traditional Russian and Hungarian music. The time went off quickly, we actually ran to Próbazóna, we were the loudest and smiliest on the metro as we tried to make a selfie  🙂

20151217_195449even in rush, as passing next to the Parliament i got amazed on the Xmas tree, so I had to make this photo ….I’ll have to get closer next time.




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