Flashmob and Xmas present


Yesterday afternoon I met with Marcus on Vörösmarty to discuss the details of the photoshooting project for the the Chinese clothing company and before meeting him I walked through Váczi street looking for a present for my babysitter and finally I decided to visit Pylones, a shop for gadgets and home decor.

Those interested only in the flashmob part of the blog, read the blog at the end 😀


I love colorful things, this is the place I will get in just to get a “color injection” 🙂

and u can find e.g. cat magnets (you can fold the tail and use it as a hanger) or bookmarks in cute shapes…

glass holder or cat umbrella’s 🙂

something for the bikers, car-drivers (bells, horn, ice scrapers…)

….something for the kids and household…

In the meantime, Yevgenya called me too come to her gallery as Jasna the other girl from our band will also join to do some singing practise.

I jumped on the tram 49 on Deák square, finally i caught the X-mas tram, till now I was watching it only from the distance 🙂


On my and other people biggest surprise people started to sing X-mas songs on the tram. I joined them as I knew the songs from my childhood and while traveling I also talked to the organizers, they are called Mosolykommandó 2014 and it was their first X-mas song singing flashmob, anyone can join. I hope to hear them other time too!

I told the organizers the previous day I proposed the girls from the band to do the same while we were going for our rehearsal, but we did not do it in the end, however I was singing on my own as usual :))

not a perfect video, but a little insight in the feeling from yesterday evening 🙂



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