if you travel to Serbia…


After 7 hours of traveling with Ivo Andric (I hope these Chinese investors will finally do the new rails in cooperation with the Hungarian and Serbian goverment and we will really reach Belgrade in 2 hours, pfff, dream on…) Anyway, we finally reached our destination – Novi Sad. By car u can reach Novi Sad in 2 hours. It was Filip’s and Teo’s (cousin from my sister) reunion after 2 months.

We decided to make a stop in Novi Sad by my sister and the next day to move on to Banatski Dvor to my parents house.

We took a bus to the bus station (which is right next to the train station, I still can get lost in Novi Sad, I am so bad on navigating myself in Novi Sad, even after so many years I can get lost there 😀

I was not sure which way I should take to reach the place so I managed to ask a grumpy man,who  just replied “ask around” and moved on…Filip looked at me and asked, mom what did he say: I told him, well he was not really in a mood to help 😀 we will ask someone  else for a guidance.

We reached a public bus station and got up on the bus to reach the main bus station. The bus was full, people were moving away to make space for us and my big bag, but Filip decided to stay in the front next to the driver. I am sure you travelled many times in a over-crowded bus and sometimes even there are place to sit, people just decide not to sit or they are all standing in the door. Here, people tried to sit next to each other using the space as much as possible to have more space for those standing. It was a good feeling to see that people are caring,they really tried to use the space the most possible.

At the train station we approached the exibited old steam locomotive, I read the plate to find out more and I got very surprised. The train is produced in 1925 in MÁV (the Hungarian Rail Company) in Budapest – max speed 60km/h.

While going to buy the ticket for the bus, Filip spoted some kids newspaper with stickers and at first I did not realize,  we bumped into the following setup of the yearly calendars…I think the shop owner was being ironical putting these 2 people next to each other with the first calendar saying “Verni prijatelji” -in translation: faithfull friends. On the second calendar is Tito (president of Yugoslavia) and on the third is Draža Mihajlović (nationalist, leader of the chetniks). Both of them wanted to gain control on post-war Yugoslavia. Do you think they were really friends? 🙂


Anyway Filip got his stickers book. The cute, but also sad reality were the dogs sunbathing in front of the train station. Filip tried to make friendship with them, but they are too scared to be friendly. Kids should avoid them.


We have been waiting an hour for our bus to Zrenjanin as I had no direct bus to my home village and we waited another hour to reach Banatski Dvor.

If you have a big bag, be prepared to have it under your knees in the bus, as mostly there is no space for carrying big bags or bus drivers are just lazy to get down from the bus to open the storage place. 🙂

It was a real Wizzair cheap flights feeling. If you are taller…

well, you will need some acrobatic skills, try by putting your legs to your neck. Srbija majko!!! :))) (mother Serbia)


otherwise,  just take it easy, at least people are nice in the Balkans!




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