Rocky Balboa, Penelope in the neighborhood


Finally I got my Serbian driving license, valid till 2025, I think I will put again on a side arranging the Hungarian one, because if I hand in the documents for the Hungarian one, the Serbian will be taken and actually it has no difference which license I am using, I used for driving in Europe the Serbian all these years.

While going out from the police office station in Žitište (the neighbouring village and also the capital of the municipiality) my attention drove to the following, do not get in in swimming suit and half naked…I am a bit shocked, but also not that these things should be communicated. However the 2nd one is stating those with kids and pregnancy have priority.

Why is the title Rocky Balboa? Read the next paragraph 🙂


In 2007 the village started to organize a festival called Chicken Fest (I think it is usually in September and the name got after the biggest chicken processing plant in the area). At the same time they built the statue of Rocky. I find it funny, however the point of building Rocky’s statue was to raise attention of people on the small places in Serbia,  it also symbolizes persistency and desire for winning…(better this, then having another war)20151224_142632

At the same park in the center of Žitište you can find the statue of Penelope as symbol of loyalty (wife of Odysseus, he was called to the Trojan war and she waited for him 20 years to return). I understood it as a symbol to stay loyal to the village.



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