driver signs in Serbia


We were driving with my sister from my home village Banatski Dvor to Novi Sad when the idea pop-up to note down the following lines,

I do not know if this exists in other countries as well, so I will note these down, some of you might face them…

**if you are driving in Serbia and if you have a a truck driver in front of you giving you a right signal sign, interpret it as the road is free, no car coming from the opposite way and you can overtake him (of course, you should still pay attention on the road and traffic)

**if you are driving and the cars coming from the opposite direction are flashing at you TWICE, it can mean the following:

  • police is on your way or behind the corner and probably checking on speed drivers, this should be your first thought 😀
  • you or some car driver is driving with high-beam lamps and this way they are asking you to switch to short headlights. I think this is even common with other countries;
  • your fog lamps are disturbing,
  • some friend is in the other car, saying hello 😀
  • or switch on you lamps, they are turned off.

**A driver flashing behind you can be a signal that the driver will overtake you, but  it can be also a nervous driver, who cannot overtake you due to the traffic circumstances, but is trying to make you to drive faster…

**Horns are used less then in Turkey, if they are using it, it can be a sign of overtaking or a pissed off driver behind you.

I tried to find some post about these things, but I ran into a description about the Greek driving habbits, I laughed as I read the part with the goats…

“In Greece (or rural Greece, at least) the horn is still, generally, used as it should be: to let people know of your presence (or to say “Yiasou”). If a driver behind you sounds their horn it usually means they are about to overtake you – just slow down and let them (at night they are more likely to flash their headlights – means the same thing). If an oncoming driver sounds their horn or flashes their lights as they approach you, it probably means there’s a heard of goats in the middle of the road just around the bend. Road rage isn’t a part of the Greek way of life (let’s help keep it that way).”  (Reference:


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