Inés, anniversary :)


I have no clue yet where I am gonna spend this “NYE”, it is gonna be a surprise to myself as last year.

What did I do last year? I got fed up with this “nobody knows where to go” attitude, so I chose the Couchsurfing community party in Budapest and I went alone. I did not stay for long there, but …

This is how and where I met this crazy French girl called Inés (hm… or it was her thinking of me the same 😀 😀

Inés, let’s start planning another hitchhiking in your summer sneakers, you know from experience winter is the best period for hitchhiking, possibly let’s do another 2000 km trip in 2 days, lets meet the Slovenian police again (this time let’s dress up like sluts, at least for them, not to be a disappointment to be just an ordinary hitchhikers trying to get a car to Ljubljana, Milan to reach Genova and that Brazilian party, where I might meet that guy Nicola :D, but in the meantime we should stop on that gas station to talk to the Spanish truck driver to close his pants before he starts talking to us, or discuss with Cesare some kinky details about gifted Brazilian guys…

… I am recalling all the beautiful people we met on a way!


in Milan exhausted, but looking for that pasta for Inés

okay, the rest let’s talk through on Skype, and this message below is a good wish for you too

…and I just want to add another sentence: that night when I was fighting with my demons, I am so happy you were the person with me, thank you for your full understanding, support and being with me in those hard moments, honestly. I know it was not easy.



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