Lángos is fried bread?

I found this article about the different ways of combining bread and cheese in the world, it is very interesting 🙂
I never knew “Lángos” is translated as fried bread in English, I’ve learned something today 🙂
I am very good in making it, if you need a Lángos cook for your house party let me know to agree on details :))
Love the cheese, sour-cream and garlic version (yes, lot’s of garlic and olive oil),
I was always eating the salty version, untill Filip asked me to put Nutella on top of it…
I do not know why I was shocked at this request at first, but, probably because all my life I was eating it in a salty version and honestly I still like it more then the version with Nutella 😀
oh, and I love Khachapuri, did you know you can get it on Deák square Andrássy corner in the Yermenian restaurant called, guess how: Hachapuri (I am wondering why the “K” is missing from the name)
I just learned why is “Pogacha” (Turkish) ->>> “pogača” in Serbian and “pogácsa” in Hungarian, this is full Turkish influence 🙂

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