yes, snake was around my neck


When Marysia contacted me to model with her for her “memory photos” I said immediately yes, and then she added. Great, but it is gonna be a little extreme. I replied: how extreme, is a snake involved?

I kinda felt it…if your are reading me from time to time, you might bumped into one of my post where I described how they are/were my biggest fear on this Earth life of mine! Can you imagine I could not turn pages of a newspaper if a snake was shown on the page.


During the summer I started to look for musicians on Couchsurfing and this is how I met Marysia, music teacher. Actually untill yesterday we have not met face to face, only exchanged couple of words on Facebook and we even agreed to catch up, but the summer was busy for both of us.

Marysia wrote me couple of days apologizing for not replying etc. and with a quesiton to attend a photoshooting with her as one of the girls was missing to model for her photo with Snowflake (the snake). 2015 was for her  a year when she let go the fear of a snake :). She faced a snake on her B-day celebration and since then she is relaxed with them. I decided to go for it, whatever will happen.

Marysia will upload the video to youtube soon, so I will add her celebration video here which was the driver for the photoshooting.


Till yesterday I have not even thought of being close to a snake.


When I arrived to the shooting location, I got my oriental clothing including a nice Indian type feather accessory. I asked Marysia where she got them from. It’s from Flying Heads. I browsed through quickly the photos on Facebook today, these accessories are handmade by two Hungarian girls all collected from the nature.

Check on them by clicking on: Flying Heads Facebook Page

I am wondering if they could make a Samba custome for me? Once… 😀

Finally, around 2-3 pm the snake arrived to the shooting location, a flat of Marysia’s friend. In the first moment I had goose bumps, fear running allover my body, throat, head, whatever you can imagine and the next moment felt peacefull, untill I had to hold her in my hands on top of my head together with Marysia and Lenke (one of the setups for the photo). Of course, I got the end with her head, Snowflake was very peacefull, after a while she got a bit upset and started to move away, turned her head to my palm and I felt like she was cuddling her head in my palm very smoothly. I felt like I am cuddling a small animal, but my fear was stronger in my head. That was another moment I wanted to die and drop her away, I was frozen and trying to manage my fear. Luckily the girls understood me and comforted me.

There was a moment when I felt she is looking at me, but I had no courage to look at her and face her eyes and “oh my God, I collapse even when I see their tongues”.

P.S. there was a moment when the photographer almost stepped on Snowflake, I do not even want to think of how she would react…

The photos below are just the “backstage” ones made with phones. 🙂


Moment of I do not wanna see her yet (first close contacts)…Lenke scared face….Marysia in the middle very comfortable with Snowflake

Anyway, in the end of the shooting, Lenke came with the idea to make a separate photo with  “Snowflake” and I decided to do the worst, though with a hesitation, however the next moment Marysia took her and she was there…in my neck…

I still do not believe I did it!

Thank you Marysia, Ken, Lenke, Philip, Snowflake and the professional snake handler for this experience! 🙂


Is she really in my neck? Just do not move, please


She is in my neck and I could hold her, but I could not take a look at her, I switched to sensing movements


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