Eu ein, sai fora


Basic Portugese, lesson one…
actually, we were on a way back from a movie casting organized by Banner Casting on the 16th of January.
We met these two Polish guy and a Hungarian one. See the video.

We had lot’s of fun, even there were zounds of people and we waited about an hour or something to get into the casting audition, but Yevgenya and myself started to network and this is how we met these guys.

When we entered the casting area to make the intro’s, we’ve been talking mostly English and finally when Bertalan the guy in the black hat made his intro, the casting crew commented, finally some of you 5 is Hungarian (hahhahaha, i did not wanted to comment that one Hungarian is also…not really pure Hungarian 😀

We were so loud and cheerfull and I was so much distracted with these people behind the camera as they were making jokes, I could not focus and this was another of my worst introductions on a casting :))) I could start collecting from casting agencies my videos, to compile a playlist of videos: HOW NOT TO BEHAVE OR INTRODUCE YOURSELF ON A CASTING 😀

But I also still laugh about Karol, the guy next to me with the brown scarf.

The casting personel gave him the instrucion: now you can turn back (or something similar) and Karol turned his back to the camera. 😀

Honestly, I can understand this can be misunderstood if you are not native English (I have my own lapsus too), so you can either turn your back to the camera (shoulders) or turn back and look into the camera, SO KAROL, you were just great! You made my day again right now! However, I wish I made a photo about this moment with you turned with a back to the camera.

Yevgenya, she thought Berci is Brazilian, because he looks like one and he is training Jiu Jitsu. Yevgenya is the long haired blond girl, I introduced her already earlier too, she is our drummer (start remembering our name, we are the Genuine Latin Groove, or simply “GLG”). We play Brazilian and latin music, some of u had a chance to heard us in “Jelen” on the Open Mic.

The same day in the evening we did first demo recordings, which are soon to come.

Oh and this “Eu ein sai fora” comes from, we were rehearsing and I asked Tainara if she can teach me something like “hey Brazilian, move on!” in her language,

(but Yevgenya and myself right now prefer only to say this: Eu ein sai fora, which is..I will need to ask Tainara again for the translation of Eu ein …)

“Eu” – I know it means “I’

“ein” I have forgotten 😀

sai fora! – move on!

But, you have to say it with a specific accent 😀


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