the video speaks for itself :)


Hi People…

I will tell u only couple of words, for the rest watch the video…home-edition, but wow, now I can imagine what a huge job is to make a movie…

pls…it’s the first time I have opened such software, so do not expect a Hollywood movie 😉

I used a free software, downloadable from the internet and called “Easy video maker”, making the video was really easy, this program for us amateurs is logical and easy to use, however after finishing and saving the project I thought this is that I can upload it to youtube and link it here…couple of hours later I learned I had to convert the final video to MP4. Pffffff, amateur…but, it is logical!

After struggling alone for about a 2 hour I decided to post the question: “how to convert rzmmpj extension to mp4 to be able to upload to Youtube?”. I posted to my newly created Facebook group: “Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking”…an acquitance messaged me!

About a month ago I met Robert Stuparu from Romania on the International event called “Meetup” that was held in Ankert, he was the one who helped me out. He asked me to provided him with printscreens via private message and he found the magic button…

Robert, you made my day!

Hobby video creators, once you are using this video creator/editor, remember the following: in “Easy video maker” the final button for publishing/converting to MP4 and exporting a project is called “Render”!  (at the right bottom corner)

So the important words for this video are: Ceruza játszótér (Pencil playground), Gellért, bus 27, Buda side…and just a casual winter day with Filip and Lola!

And another conclusion: if you need a help, ask for a help (my group is a perfect place for that)



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  1. Thanks very much -I have been searching all day for a way to convert these files. Now I see I don’t need to.


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