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electro Balkan mix music :)


I have posted on my Facebook page another song we mixed with Tamás, but  I wanna share with you also WordPress reader.

Below an electronic mix of two Balkanwide known cover songs: Ederlezi from Time of the Gypsies movie by Goran Bregović, Emir Kusturica

and a song “Djurdjevdan” from a Bosnian band called “Bijelo dugme”.

I would like to share with you also some additional details to these names and titles:

The song Ederlezi reffers to a Spring festival that is celebrating the return of spring, celebrated in general by Romani people in the Balkans, Turkey and elsewhere around the world.
The original song “Ederlezi” is a big favourite song of mine. “Djurdjevdan”: well, there is no Yugoslavian who does not know this song.

Bijelo Dugme means White Button and it was a Yugoslav rock band based in Sarajevo. Goran Bregovic was a guitarist in this band.
The band is one of the most popular bands ever existing in the former Yugoslavia and one of the most influental music band of the Yugoslav rock scene.

Click here and listen our version:


our logo…our band name and cover songs from Brazil and Latin America in general


I do not recall if I was mentioning you what we finally figured out as for our band name… 🙂

Genuine Latin Groove – GLG

How this name came and how it evoluted to GLG?

Genunine – if I recall it well, this word we figured out with Salvatore in Massolit, while having our Sunday coffee.

I arrived home and thought: well, Genuine is cool and we could translate it to Portugese to reflect on our music, however we are not Brazilians and most of us are not Latins in the band (but we are all genuine in our own way 🙂 – coming from different countries with different cultural backgrounds, so the next moment I posted the guys the following:


I was playing with the name ideas yesterday, since no ideas were given, this is a proposition:
Genuino in Portugese (genuine) for the genuine latins in the band, “y” in Spanish as “and” and Falsa is in both languages false, meaning not all of as are latins.

“Falsa” is in feminine, “Genuino” in masculine, as we are with mixed genders, hm hm?
I have even a good explanation for it 🙂 opinions?

I am really thinking a lot about us, and u??”


Finally, Genuine word started to be liked by all.

Couple of days later, Guillermo came up with another proposition, saying:

“Hello guys, first of all I would like to reconsider the band name.. and I was thinking about keeping part of the already existing name and add something else, and maybe we could use an abbreviation, so my idea is “Genuine Latin Beats” and the abbreviation could be GLB.

I like this abbreviation thing because there is a very famous Latin American band called DLG what actually means “dark latin groove”… so my other proposal could be “Genuine Latin Grooves


And Voilá, here we are working on our logo**, yesteday I draw with Filip’s watercolors the first concept based on the feedback’s from couple of people in the band. A logo designer is hired to work on further details.


**logo illustration is the FN1 trademark and ownership of Gabriella Karvák, the owner of this blog 🙂

and the covers song we did with our bands, click on the 4th and 5th song in the list,

one of the songs is the song from Vanesa da Mata and Ben Harper, my favourite song: Boa sorte/Good luck, and the second song is cover of Maria Gadú’s Shimbalaie: