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electro Balkan mix music :)


I have posted on my Facebook page another song we mixed with Tamás, but  I wanna share with you also WordPress reader.

Below an electronic mix of two Balkanwide known cover songs: Ederlezi from Time of the Gypsies movie by Goran Bregović, Emir Kusturica

and a song “Djurdjevdan” from a Bosnian band called “Bijelo dugme”.

I would like to share with you also some additional details to these names and titles:

The song Ederlezi reffers to a Spring festival that is celebrating the return of spring, celebrated in general by Romani people in the Balkans, Turkey and elsewhere around the world.
The original song “Ederlezi” is a big favourite song of mine. “Djurdjevdan”: well, there is no Yugoslavian who does not know this song.

Bijelo Dugme means White Button and it was a Yugoslav rock band based in Sarajevo. Goran Bregovic was a guitarist in this band.
The band is one of the most popular bands ever existing in the former Yugoslavia and one of the most influental music band of the Yugoslav rock scene.

Click here and listen our version: