Monthly Archives: August 2017

Decision: continue learning songs in Brazilian Portuguese


The more I listen to Portuguese the more I have the wish really to learn it,  long time ago I realized the best way to learn a language is actually learning song lyrics. This is how I learned English. Yep, autodidact.

My last trip to Portugal gave me a new momentum, even the languages spoken in Portugal and Brazil are different, for me both sound beautiful and it reinforced me to continue learning and also to continue singing in Portuguese, even I do not know if I will ever again sing these songs in public. It makes me happy to sing in a language I do not understand yet, but I am getting better in better in understanding, thanks to Duolingo 😉

I am not fan of religious songs, but this one I am already learning. The English version many people know, why not to know it in Portuguese?


You made me feel good


I remember the first time our eyes met in front of the bar. I smiled and got relaxed by your appearance. I was scared who is the person I am going to meet, but your look comforted me.


Like teenagers in a clumsy way you touched my legs, I looked at you and we leaned to kiss.


I was so surprised, when you took me for my hands like we are couples.

I felt safe with you and finally I felt a man standing next to me.

Thank you I know what feeling I am looking for!


anyone feels the same?


Each day I am waking up with a pain in my chest and my belly, sometimes I really have the feeling I will get a heart-attack.

There is a constant anxiety in me and I really do not know anymore what to do about it. I am fighting with this feeling each day.

I am unhappy with my work, but also in a big confusion if not this, what else? It is not that I do not want to make a change. I do not know to what to change.

For the weekend I applied for about 20 jobs, about 3 of them seemed interesting, I already got 2 letters of rejection, and from the rest no respond (okay, it is not that I do not know that not all employers are giving a feedback).

I am impatient, as I cannot stand this place I am at. It is not me, it is not challenging me, it does not give me any new knowledge and I am also not interested to learn about IT things. I try to explain to myself: Gabi, at least you learned YOU will never accept again a job that is IT related.

If somebody would ask me what is my dream job I am not sure if I could answer it? Sometimes I am not even sure I want to search for a job in this country.

Do you know what is your dream job? What advice you would give to someone who is stuck?