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repost – to be grateful


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anyone feels the same?


Each day I am waking up with a pain in my chest and my belly, sometimes I really have the feeling I will get a heart-attack.

There is a constant anxiety in me and I really do not know anymore what to do about it. I am fighting with this feeling each day.

I am unhappy with my work, but also in a big confusion if not this, what else? It is not that I do not want to make a change. I do not know to what to change.

For the weekend I applied for about 20 jobs, about 3 of them seemed interesting, I already got 2 letters of rejection, and from the rest no respond (okay, it is not that I do not know that not all employers are giving a feedback).

I am impatient, as I cannot stand this place I am at. It is not me, it is not challenging me, it does not give me any new knowledge and I am also not interested to learn about IT things. I try to explain to myself: Gabi, at least you learned YOU will never accept again a job that is IT related.

If somebody would ask me what is my dream job I am not sure if I could answer it? Sometimes I am not even sure I want to search for a job in this country.

Do you know what is your dream job? What advice you would give to someone who is stuck?