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I get lost in all these opinions I read


I started to read blog posts about the topic what I should write about to have a successful blog and to talk to people, and I keep running into opinions that your blog needs to be focused on one-two topics.

well, there is one thing that is almost always mentioned in my blogs, the word: Brazil in some form ūüôā

I do not know how this flag got integrated here… ūüėČ


Anyway, my inner voice is very offended on this “be focused on one thing”, as generally, even in other fields of my life I think I have issues with it ūüôā

What if I am interested in many things to write about?

Can you make it to get succesful?

Any tips, advice?

Do you know any successful blogger who was doing similar, more alike personal blogging?

Hey, before you listen to this song below, read the text under my post on Instagram “with the green greeting card and smiley” to learn the meaning on the word Bunda in Hungarian and Portuguese ūüôā

and now…

Ivete Sangalo is I think one of the most famous Brazilian singers and Alejandro is a well-known Spanish musician.

I discovered the song by a chance, why don’t you listen to it too? Just listen that language, it is so beautiful! Okay, I know I am subjective…btw. my Portugese vocabulary is reaching 900 words on Duolingo!



Anker’t and IMP – have you ever been to it?


Two weeks ago there was¬†the 5th anniversary of IMP (International Meeting Point) in Budapest. It is an event that takes place every other week on Wednesday in Anker’t. I am not a regular visitor, but in the last month I managed to go the both occasions, 2 weeks ago and yesterday. Yesterday I went there as I was hosting a Couchsurfer and we met there for the evening, plus I promised to Martina to catch up.

Remark for those coming first time to the event: upon arrival, register at the table that you are attending the event and get your IMP bracelet, as later you might have a chance to win some prizes.

If you are a traveller, a local, an expat, a couchsurfer, a student, whatever you feel like being and you feel like having a chat, a drink or two, to¬†network¬†with local and international people – or with ME ūüôā – this is only a joke – do not hesitate to skip in and make some new connections. The events are announced on Facebook bi-weekly named as “international meeting point – let’s meet, drink & dance!” but you can find it also on the Couchsurfing community site. Not every week is the same, and not every event is fun, but it is an option for a weekday going out for couple of hours.

If you move your mouse cursor over the photos below our names get displayed (in case not, here we are: Rony, Gabriel, me, Martina, Nicola, Ambrogio, and the “pop-out of nowhere” Brazilian girl, unfortunately I do not recall her name. She came to us randomly, but in a moment when we were exchanging some thoughts related to Brazil. She showed up, for some reason I turned to her and asked in Portuguese, are you from Brazil? On my biggest shock she replied and she continued to talk to me in Portuguese. At first I thought I heard it wrong or she was joking, but no. She was really from Brazil. We laughed hard as it was really an unexpected situation. I am still amazed how she ended up by us right in that minute.

Gabriele (with the glasses in the middle) and Nicola (last guy on right) won on the IMP game vouchers for drinks, so they used the opportunity to have some tequila shots, Martina was inaugurated to be part of the tequila drinking.

Rony said, he will test this in Brazil. Good luck! ūüôā

Anyway, I go for these meetings when I have time and will.

It is not only about partying, but also about getting connected with people, feeling good vibes and laughing a lot!

one of my favourite music venues in Budapest


I am every second week without Filip so I take the opportunity to visit places I am not in the weeks of parenting.

Couple of weeks ago we have agreed with Radmila to go¬†to Brody Studio on one of the¬†Mondays¬†– you might remember¬†Radmila, my alterego¬†ūüôā from my post:

Anyway, I chose Monday as it is the day when the venue hosts musicians for jamming and a kind of open mic on the first floor at the bar area.

I became member of the club some year ago when I  went for a performance at the place. The attached photos may not reflect so well on the place, but if you have the chance to stay at their hotel (Brody house) or visit the venue, do not miss it! The place is very cozy and with a nice ambient. They offer a great variety of programs: stand-ups, workshops, events etc.

However, as mentioned, you need a membership. Get in contact with them on:

So here we are Radmila, Martina and myself having our girls night-out in Brody!

Now, I am off to learn some lyrics so I can get up there on the stage with some next occasion and sing some song!

my first really short haircut


Actually I only¬†wanted to share a photo of me from about 15 years ago, it was made somewhere between 2001-2003 as I can recall I was working by Colgate-Palmolive at that time¬†as¬†Receptionist. That was my first “serious”¬†job in Budapest by a big FMCG¬†company.¬†The experience I have gained there and the name of the company¬†helped me a lot later in my job searches ¬†(PLUS my Serbian language knowledge).

I have to admit it was one of the best companies I worked for. I have nice memories about that period.


I remember one winter spending with all my colleagues on skiing in Austria as a company bonus for the achieved sales results. On that skiing it was the first time I was skiing ever in my life. I remember sliding down the hill and shouting in German: Aufpassen, aufpassen! (Meaning: Watch out, watch out! I was in such fear, it was all I could remember from my German language knowledge). Luckily nobody was killed!


With some people from Colgate I am still in connection.

However, my point was to post the photo of me when one day in that Colgate period¬†I went to a hairdresser and asked my hairdresser to cut my so called “long hair” with a haircut machine.

Now as I look at the photo I do not see it so terrifying, but nobody saw me before with a¬†such short hair, so¬†it was shocking. I remember the Colgate General Managers look. He did not seemed to be impressed, but he was a cool Sicilian man, so he just said, something like:¬†oh, new haircut! ūüôā


And I feel like linking this song here, it is one of my favourite songs from Morcheeba:

“exactly” 21 years ago I arrived to Budapest


Okay, 21 years + 1 day, as it was on the 21th of September in 1996 when I arrived to Déli Pályaudvar in Budapest for the first time in my life.

Like those typical stories, I arrived with with one luggage and 100 German Marks in my pocket. Before the trip my parents bought me new trousers and some new clothing so I do not look like a poor village girl.

At the train station in Subotica my father cried. I think I never saw him before crying and it was a moment I knew this is a big thing for them, just as for me. I was 18 and for the first time in my life left alone with life and without parents to guide me. They told me when you arrive to Budapest, take a taxi and go to the exact address of the dormitory (now I am happy it happened different, because I would have got ripped off by some fake taxi definitely, those who live in Budapest they know which type of taxi I am talking about..For those who does not, an advice: in Budapest call taxi rather, then stopping it on the street)

I think before leaving Serbia I was not even aware what is happening with me. On the train station before the train started my father approached a girl and introduced me to her, it turned out she lived in Budapest for many years and if I recall her name well, she was Lidia Onjecki. As we talked we even found some common relative connections. I do not remember how the trip went, I only recall arriving to Déli pályaudvar with her and she took me to the dormitory I supposed to stay at. Beginners luck.

Unfortunately I lost the contact of the girl since then.

After I arrived I got placed on the 3rd floor of the dormitory without a roommate. I spent my first night crying and longing for my home and then I fall asleep.

The next day I met my neighbour, who was a guy around 30, some Szabolcs Tóth, from Kishegyes (?), yet I still felt like being in a ghost house. The 3rd floor where my room was, it was so calm and there were no people except the teachers and Szabolcs.

I was sitting in my room again in a pain and loneliness, when I remembered a boyfreind of my childhood friend from Serbia applied also for the scholarship in Kodolányi János Intézet (NEI) or today it is called Balassi Intézet (a 1 year preparation school in Hungarian). I went to a teacher that was on-duty and asked if he lives in the dormitory.

I got his room number and found him. We did not know each other well, however he was the only person I knew, we both were very happy when we met. From that moment my world changed. I was not feeling lost anymore, he introduced me to his friends. It turned out the most live floors were the 4-5 floors for living. I asked to be placed on the 5th floor and the journey of 1 year started in NEI, the best years of my life ever.

A new world opened.¬† I have couple of photos from that period. I cannot recognize myself. This is a photo with one of my friends from Pancevo, Nati! I had a “long” reddish hair. I think it is the longest hair you could have ever see me with! ūüôā


And if you are wondering why I chose Budapest?

  • I wanted to study and it was the only way my parents could afford with the support of the goverment¬†(as I got a scholarship for Budapest)
  • I wanted to be independent from my parents
  • for having new experiences and meeting new people


egy nagyon bonyolult eset…


Bella egyre ink√°bb azt √©rezte, hogy neki az lenne a legjobb, ha teljesen mellŇĎzn√© a f√©rfiakat az √©let√©bŇĎl, s elmondta mi√©rt…

Bar√°tnŇĎj√©vel besz√©lgetett arr√≥l, hogy¬†vas√°rnap volt egy esete¬†amikor megismerkedett egy portug√°l pasival Raullal, aki tetszett neki, s a tal√°lka alatt pr√≥b√°lt a pasival kapcsolatot l√©tes√≠teni, de a pasit hidegen hagyt√°k a pr√≥b√°lkoz√°sok, s azt vette rajta √©szre, hogy nagyon a gondolataiba van elmer√ľlve, mintha nem is lenne ott a helyen a csoport t√∂bbi r√©sztvevŇĎivel ezen az esem√©nyen, idŇĎnk√©nt feltett neki p√°r k√©rd√©st, a pasi megv√°laszolta, de tov√°bbra sem mutatta annak a jel√©t, hogy b√°rmi √©rdeklŇĎd√©se is lenne a l√°ny ir√°nt, meg is besz√©lt√©k a bar√°tnŇĎj√©ve, hogy ez a pasi nagyon z√°rk√≥zott √©s ink√°bb hagyj√°k.

Raul mellett √ľlt egy spanyol¬†fi√ļ, Daniel, aki szint√©n felkeltette Bella √©rdeklŇĎd√©s√©t m√°r √©rkez√©sekor, val√≥j√°ban¬†ŇĎ elŇĎbb¬†√©rkezett, mint a portug√°l f√©rfi Raul, s m√©g a b√°rpultn√°l √∂sszeismerkedett vele a l√°ny, majd odakis√©rte a t√∂bbiekhez. Volt valami s√°rmos a sr√°cban, de valami furcsas√°g is, folyamatosan azt √©rezte Bella, hogy a fi√ļ megfigyelŇĎk√©nt van ott, aki az embereket lesi.¬†Daniel is csak √°tutaz√≥ban volt Budapesten √©s p√°r napra keresett sz√°ll√°st.

Az asztaln√°l feldobta valaki, hogy tal√°ljanak neki sz√°ll√°st,¬†Bella egy kicsit meggondolatlanul odavetette, hogy v√©g√ľlis n√°la maradhat 1-2 napot, mert gyermeke √©desapj√°n√°l lesz, √≠gy szabad lesz az egyik √°gy. Bella mindezt teljesen bar√°ti alapon aj√°nlotta fel, b√°rmilyen sz√°nd√©k n√©lk√ľl, s a spanyol sr√°c √∂r√∂mmel fogadta.¬† A besz√©lget√©sek alatt kider√ľlt, hogy¬†Daniel h√°zas,¬†√≠gy a l√°ny nem √©rezte, hogy agg√≥dnia kell b√°rmi miatt vele kapcsolatban,¬†b√°r k√©sŇĎbb¬†az este folyam√°n p√°rszor √©szrevette, hogy a fi√ļ m√©lyen a szem√©be n√©zett vagy √©p azt figyelte a l√°ny kivel besz√©lget, elhesegette a gondolatot, mert h√°zas √©s mag√°ban megjegyezte, hogy csak k√©pzelŇĎdik.


P√°r h√©ttel a Portug√°lia-i utaz√°sa elŇĎtt Couchsurfingen megismerkedett a l√°ny egy h√°zas f√©rfival Joaoval, aki val√≥j√°ban a l√°ny lisszaboni utaz√°s√°ra reag√°lva jelentkezett. Mikor elŇĎsz√∂r jelentkezett a l√°nynak nem tudta, hogy ez a f√©rfi is h√°zas. A l√°ny Couchsurfingen ki√≠rta, hogy a v√°rosban lesz √©s sz√≠vesen tal√°lkozik helyiekkel. Akadt is bŇĎven jelentkezŇĎ, de v√©g√ľl az esem√©nyek Lisszabonban annyira felgyorsultak, hogy nem volt ideje gondolkodni egy√©b programokon, Joao t√∂bbsz√∂r is felaj√°nlotta mag√°t v√°rosn√©z√©sre, de a l√°ny visszautas√≠totta, majd jelezte a f√©rfinak, majd hosszabb besz√©lget√©sek ut√°n bevallotta, vonz√≥dik hozz√°, de nem szeretne vele tal√°lkozni, mert h√°zas.

Joao nem adta fel, t√∂bbek k√∂z√∂tt az√©rt is igyekezett a l√°ny k√∂zel√©be f√©rkŇĎzni, mert szeptember elej√©n Budapestre utazott. A l√°ny jelezte, hogy maximum egy napot tud r√°sz√°nni bar√°ti alapon,¬†de a f√©rfi nagyon ostromolta, s v√©g√ľl¬†a l√°nyt is kiv√°ncsiv√° tette. Joao napokig nem √≠rt, majd √ļjra √≠rt az utaz√°s napj√°n √©s √©rkez√©se ut√°n k√©rte a l√°nyt, hogy legal√°bb egy k√°v√©ra menjenek¬† el.

Azon a vas√°rnapon Joao is¬†megjelent a Couchsurfinges esem√©nyen Budapesten √©s le√ľlt a l√°ny mell√©. Kettej√ľk viselked√©se √©s besz√©lget√©se¬†azt az √©rz√©st keltett√©k a t√∂bbiekben, mintha m√°r r√©gebb ismern√©k egym√°st √©s haverok lenn√©nek, k√©sŇĎbb ezt maga a spanyol fi√ļ is elmondta.

Bella v√©g√ľl tal√°lkozott Joaoval h√©tfŇĎn este…


Bella √©s l√°nya Lili kor√°bban t√°voztak a¬†vas√°rnapi¬†esem√©nyrŇĎl, mert m√°snap a gyermek suliba ment, elb√ļcs√ļzott az √ļjdons√ľlt emberk√©ktŇĎl √©s bar√°tnŇĎj√©tŇĎl R√©k√°t√≥l.

M√°snap R√©ka v√°rosn√©z√©sbe vitte Danielt √©s Rault, a r√≥luk k√∂z√∂sen k√©sz√ľlt fot√≥t √°tk√ľldte Bell√°nak, aki gyermek√©vel volt azon a napon, √≠gy nem tudott hozz√°juk csatlakozni.

Kedden Lili apj√°hoz ment, Daniel pedig jelentkezett, hogy akkor j√∂nne Bell√°hoz megsz√°llni, ha m√©g lehets√©ges. Bella aznap otthonr√≥l dolgozott, munk√°ja nem motiv√°lja el√©gg√©, de jelenleg ŇĎ sem tudja, hogy milyen √ļj √°ll√°st szeretne √©s hol, ez√©rt, hogy kikapcsol√≥djon egy kicsit, √ļgy d√∂nt√∂tt itthon fŇĎz eb√©det, s ha m√°r fŇĎz, akkor megh√≠vja a k√©t k√ľlf√∂ldit is egy magyar eb√©dre, gyors kital√°lta, hogy csirkep√∂rk√∂ltet k√©sz√≠t, majd r√°√≠rt a fi√ļkra, hogy 2 √≥rakor ha ven kedv√ľk √©s nincs m√°s dolguk, j√∂jjenek fel hozz√° eb√©dre, megadva a c√≠met. R√©ka dolgozik a¬†v√°ros m√°sik v√©g√©n.¬†Daniel azonnal reag√°lt, s jelezte, hogy hamarosan m√°r √ļton is lesz, Raul p√°r perccel ut√°nn¬†szint√©n jelezte, hogy nagyon sz√≠vesen j√∂nne ŇĎ is. Bella gyorsan kiugrott a piacra, megvett 1,5 kg csirkeh√ļst, tejf√∂lt, nokedlit (azt az√©rt m√©gsem akart otthonilag k√©sz√≠teni), hazarohant √©s feldobta az eb√©det.

A fi√ļk gyors meg√©rkeztek √©s egy finomat eb√©deltek k√∂z√∂sen. A l√°ny levette ŇĎket a l√°bukr√≥l a fŇĎz√©s√©vel.

Raul √©rkez√©sekor Daniel pont a f√ľrdŇĎben volt, hogy lezuhanyozzon, s megjegyezte Bell√°nak, kicsit meglepŇĎd√∂tten: Daniel, itt fog megsz√°llni? Bella¬†szint√©n meglepŇĎd√∂tt a f√©rfi reakci√≥j√°n, de nem adott neki jelentŇĎs√©get, azt vette √©szre, hogy sokkal kommunikat√≠vabb lett Raul √©s sokkal ink√°bb mag√°n√°l volt, bar√°ts√°gosabb √©s √©rdeklŇĎdŇĎ.

Egyébként Raul is házas és egy hónapos körutazáson van Európában.

Bella bar√°tnŇĎje R√©ka¬†furcs√°nak tal√°lta e f√©rfiak egyed√ľli utaz√°s√°t, de Bella √≠gy, hogy igaz√°b√≥l maga is elv√°lt, megtudta √©rteni azon emberek igy√©ny√©t,¬† akik egyed√ľl utaztak √©s tapasztaltak meg dolgokat, ez√©rt ennek nem tulajdon√≠tott nagy jelentŇĎs√©get.

Eb√©d ut√°n Raul nem sok√°ig tart√≥zkodott Bell√°n√°l, jelezte, hogy visszamegy a hostel√©be pihenni egyet. Ut√≥lag Bella azt gondolta, hogy lehet a f√©rfi azt gondolta Daniellel, kettej√ľk k√∂z√∂tt volt m√°r valami, pedig nem √©s Bell√°nak nem is volt sz√°nd√©k√°ban.

A kedd d√©lut√°nt v√©g√ľl a l√°ny zenekar√°val t√∂lt√∂tt√©k, ahol Daniel is nagyon j√≥l √©rezte mag√°t, a pr√≥ba v√©g√©n m√©g egy csoport fot√≥t is k√©rt tŇĎl√ľk, hogy megmaradjon eml√©knek ez az esem√©ny. Hazafele menet elvitte a l√°ny az egyik¬†neves¬†helyi romkocsm√°ba,¬†ahol egy t√∂r√∂k zenekar zen√©lt, majd az est√©j√ľk tov√°bbi r√©sz√©ben megismerkedtek egy t√∂r√∂k fi√ļval √©s l√°nnyal, akik √©p a sr√°c sz√ľlet√©snapj√°t √ľnnepelt√©k Budapesten √©s vel√ľk besz√©lgett√©k √°t az estet. Az est folyam√°n Daniel pr√≥b√°lt Bella fel√© k√∂zel√≠teni, de Bella h√°r√≠tott (ott lebegett a feles√©g √©s gyermek k√©pe elŇĎtte, mint kider√ľlt¬†besz√©lget√©seik¬†sor√°n a f√©rfi¬†nyitott kapcsolatban √©l). Bella n√©ha azt gondolta, hogy ez a t√ļl k√∂zel hajol√°s a kultur√°lis k√ľl√∂nbs√©gekbŇĎl j√∂vŇĎ k√ľl√∂nbs√©g, k√∂ztudott, hogy a d√©li emberek a kommunik√°ci√≥ alkalm√°val k√∂zelebb hajolnak az emberhez, √°m k√©sŇĎbb r√°j√∂tt enn√©l t√∂bbrŇĎl van sz√≥.¬† Hazafele is¬†a villamoson a fi√ļ pr√≥b√°lt k√∂zelebb ker√ľlni a l√°nyhoz. Amikor haza√©rkeztek, le√ľltek vacsor√°zni √©s a fi√ļ mindenk√©ppen testbesz√©d√©vel jelezte, hogy k√∂zel akar maradni Bell√°hoz, fel√ľlt a fotel sz√©l√©re, amire a l√°ny szurk√°l√≥dva reag√°lt a fi√ļnak, hogy √ľlj√∂n a fotelbe, nagyobb hely van benne √©s k√©nyelmesebb, mint a sz√©l√©n szorongani.¬† De Daniel feln√©zett r√°,¬†s elmondta, hogy a romkocsm√°ban a t√∂r√∂k fi√ļval Bell√°r√≥l besz√©lgettek. Bella tudta, hogy mit szeretne k√∂z√∂lni vele a fi√ļ, s tudta, hogy nem akar h√°zas f√©rfival lenni, de abban a pillanatban mag√°nya √©s gyeng√©ds√©g ir√°nti v√°gya¬†erŇĎsebb volt n√°la. Nem n√©zett a f√©rfira, az pedig hozz√°simult √©s sz√°jon cs√≥kolta. Gyeng√©d volt, figyelmes √©s¬†√©rz√©ki.

M√°snap Bella fŇĎb√©rlŇĎje kopogtatott, a konyh√°t j√∂ttek lecser√©lni, Daniel volt otthon, mert Bella fodr√°szhoz ment kor√°n reggel. A sr√°c jelezte Bell√°nak, hogy elkezdŇĎd√∂tt a konyhacsere √©s megk√©rdezte Bell√°t megh√≠vhatja-e eb√©dre. A l√°ny igent mondott. Az egyik a lak√°shoz k√∂zeli t√©ren tal√°lkoztak, tal√°lkoz√°sukkor a l√°ny az arc√°t ny√ļjtotta a fi√ļnak puszihoz, majd elmentek a l√°ny kedvenc brunchos k√°v√©z√≥j√°ba, ahol nem igaz√°n √©rtek egym√°shoz, m√©g az elŇĎzŇĎ este √©lm√©nyei benn√ľk volt. Bella nem tudott hogyan viszonyulni hozz√°, de hazafele j√∂vet a f√©rfi megfogta a kez√©t √©s¬†√ļjra megcs√≥kolta.

Aznap este buliba mentek és találkoztak mind a négyen. Bella, Réka, Raul és Daniel.

Raul megint √©szbont√≥an szexi volt, gy√∂ny√ľrŇĪ barna szemek, barna bŇĎr √©s izmos teste, de Bella letett r√≥la. Az este folyam√°n √©rdekes fordulatot vettek az esem√©nyek. Raul k√∂zel ker√ľlt R√©k√°hoz, Daniel pedig elh√≠vott egy szŇĎke l√°nyt a buliba akivel Bella elŇĎtt ismerkedett meg egy sz√≥rakoz√≥helyen p√°r nappal kor√°bban. Bella √©rkez√©sekor rengeteg ismerŇĎssel tal√°lkozott √∂ssze a sz√≥rakoz√≥helyen, Daniel nem gyŇĎzte a fej√©t kapkodni √©s bemutatkozni sorba az embereknek. A b√°rpultn√°l √°ltak az italaikat itt√°k amikor is Daniel bemutatta Zo√©t, a magyar l√°nyt, akivel p√°r napja ismerkedtek meg. Bell√°nak rosszul esett √©s nem is √©rtette, honnan j√∂n ez az ismeretts√©g. Zo√©n√°l azt √©rezte, a l√°nynak tetszik Daniel, pr√≥b√°lt vele p√°r sz√≥t v√°ltani, de¬†nem siker√ľlt felkeltenie az √©rdeklŇĎd√©s√©t √©s Bella k√ľl√∂nben is szeret t√°ncolni, √≠gy amikor csak tudott a t√°ncparketten tart√≥zkodott, m√°r r√©g t√°ncolt √©s hi√°nyzott neki. Daniel maradt az eg√©sz este folyam√°n Zo√©val, Bella elej√©ben s√©relmezte, bar√°tnŇĎi is Daniel ut√°n √©rdeklŇĎdtek, Zo√©ra √©s Danielre mutatva nem volt kedve sokat r√≥luk besz√©lni. K√∂zben Raul √©s R√©ka is megjelentek a t√°ncparketten cs√≥kol√≥dzva √©s ez volt az a pillanat, amikor szembes√ľlt mag√°val √©s √©rzelmeivel. V√©gig azt hitte ez a f√©rfi tabu, csal√≥dott volt. Arra gondolt,¬†hogy ha m√°r h√°zas emberrel volt, akkor legal√°bb lett volna azzal, aki t√©nyleg tetszett neki. Val√≥j√°ban Raul nagyon megfogta, de nem l√©pett fel√©je, mert bizonytalan volt a f√©rfival kapcsolatban. √Čles mellkasi f√°jdalmakat √©rzett amikor megl√°tta a f√©rfi a bar√°tnŇĎj√©t cs√≥kolja, akinek val√≥j√°ban a pasi nem is tetszett, de v√©g√ľl konstat√°lta,¬†R√©ka most¬†boldog volt √©s meg√©rdemelte azt a pasast. M√©gis ott motoszk√°lt az √∂rd√∂g benne, lehetett volna ŇĎ az, ha Daniellel nem j√∂n √∂ssze? Volt-e neki egy√°ltal√°n es√©lye Rauln√°l?

Abban a pillanatban egy világ omlott össze benne. Már megint elsiette a dolgokat. Vagy mégsem, lehet így kellett ennek lennie?

Megfogadta, hogy nem engedi meg mag√°nak az √∂nsajn√°latot √©s bement t√°ncolni. Odabent t√∂bben is akadtak, akikkel t√°ncolt, egy sr√°ccal meg is cs√≥kolt√°k egym√°st. Daniel nemsok√°ra megjelent Zo√©val a t√°ncparketten √©s igyekeztek Bella k√∂zel√©ben ker√ľlni, de Bella folyamatosan¬†otthagyta ŇĎket. F√∂l√∂slegesnek is √©rezte mag√°t √©s nem tudta elviselni Zo√© megvetŇĎ √©s figyelŇĎ tekinteteit, akkora v√°lt teljesen tiszt√°v√° sz√°m√°ra, hogy a l√°nynak Daniel tetszik, Bella nem akart az √ļtjukba √°llni, mert maga sem tudta, hogy mi ez az eg√©sz Daniellel.

Az egyik pillanatban Daniel odament Bell√°hoz, hogy haza akar menni, ezt olyan hat√°rozotts√°ggal k√∂z√∂lte, hogy Bella nem is k√©rdezett semmit √©s egy√©bk√©nt is m√°r k√©sŇĎre j√°rt az idŇĎ, j√≥maga is¬†elindult volna¬†m√°r m√©g kor√°bban, de nem tudott mit kezdeni Daniellel, ugyeb√°r n√°lla lakott.

Bella elb√ļcs√ļzott a kedves, t√°ncos talp√ļ¬†egyiptomi fi√ļt√≥l √©s az est√©t egy√ľtt t√∂lt√∂tt bar√°tait√≥l.

Daniel a kapuban várta, hogy menjenek haza. Zoé talán valamivel pár perccel korábban elment.


Daniel a villamoson bocs√°nat√©rt esdekelt, √©szrevette mag√°t √©s viselked√©s√©t, de azzal magyar√°zta, hogy m√©ly besz√©lget√©sei voltak a l√°nnyal, belefeledkezett¬†√©s √©lvezte a t√°rsas√°g√°t, de¬†biztos√≠tani akarta a Bell√°t arr√≥l, hogy Zo√© is csak bar√°tk√©nt volt ott. H√°t…Bella nem √≠gy l√°tta, m√°sr√©szt nem √°llt jog√°ban b√°rmit is sz√≥lni, mert szerencs√©re nem a “partnere”, √©rdekes Daniel m√©gis valahol fontosnak tartotta ezt, hogy elmondja.

Bella tudta, hogy kettej√ľk k√∂z√∂tt Daniellel ez a dolog nem komoly, m√©gis megviselte, fŇĎleg azok ut√°n, hogy az este folyam√°n “egyed√ľl” maradt. Mag√°hoz h√≠ven feltal√°lta mag√°t, de rosszul esett neki, hogy v√©g√ľl ŇĎ kellett mag√°nak √ļj t√°rsas√°got keressen.

Abban a 2-3 napban m√≠g Daniel vele volt, j√≥ volt azt √©rezni, hogy valaki mellette volt, egy√ľtt kelni, egy√ľtt csin√°lni dolgokat. Hi√°nyzott ez neki, de tudta, hogy ez az eg√©sz ideiglenes √©s az eg√©sz f√ľstbe megy.

Miut√°n Daniel elutazott meg is k√∂nnyebb√ľlt,¬†mert tudta, hogy ez az¬†ember¬†nem neki val√≥,¬†m√©gis √ļjb√≥l j√∂tt az √ľress√©g, melyet oly sokszor √©rzett egy-egy ilyen kaland ut√°n. Vannak a sz√©p¬†pillanatok, de csak r√∂viden…√©s m√°r nem erre v√°gyott egy ideje.

√Ām Bella f√©l¬†att√≥l, ha egy ilyen kis kaland megviseli, akkor mi lenne, ha egy¬†√ļjabb kapcsolatban lenne √©s az szakadna meg? Ahol t√©nyleg ŇĎ az aki¬†√©rzelmileg nagyon beleadta mag√°t? Ezt a “kis” lelki leszakad√°sokat √©s¬†f√°jdamakat is alig tudja elviselni.

NŇĎbŇĎl volt, az √©rzelmeit nem tudta kikapcsolni soha sem. Ňź lenne ennyire √©rzelgŇĎs, csak? Vagy l√©tezik egy ilyen t√°rsa is valahol?


Daniel tegnap elmondta, hogy Bellának mégis igaza volt, Zoé bevallotta chaten, hogy kiakart vele kezdeni azon az estén.

Bella nem akarta hallani a story tov√°bbi r√©szleteit, Daniel nem √©rtette mi√©rt…

Get back to reality!


I keep you in my memories and the first thought this morning were you again

I do not know you at all,¬†yet somehow¬†I feel¬†your soul and touch¬†are very gentle, smooth…

I cannot start my day without thinking of your deep brown eyes and wide smile

How unreal…


I am slapping my face: Get back to reality!

ha ez olyan k√∂nnyŇĪ lenne :)




Sose bánj semmit ami az életedben megtörtént.

Nem tudod megv√°ltoztatni,

visszacsin√°lni vagy elfeledni.

Vedd ezt √ļgy mint egy megtanult leck√©t √©s l√©pj tov√°bb…


B√°rcsak ilyen k√∂nnyŇĪ lenne, mint leford√≠tani¬†ūüôā


if you know similar job possibility let me know…


Hey people,

I am considering two type of jobs if any of you knows some opportunity or has an advice, let me know. So the jobs:

  • job in Lisbon or Valencia – whatever that suits to my LinkedIn profile, I love those languages I want to learn them in a local enviroment. Click on:¬†MY LinkedIn
  • job in Music, Movie, Entertainment Industry – I will consider jobs that require relocation too.

Today I applied for one job at a Bulgarian company, even I am not sure about Sofia, yet the job is one of THOSE jobs at least to try to go for it.

I do not like to write those too much professional e-mails, I hope the one below will get the attention of the company though. So, it went like this:

Dear Leadership of X,

I was browsing jobs in the music industry, when I read about the ‚ÄěCommunity Manager‚ÄĚ position in your company.

After reading the vacancy I became very enthusiastic about it, since I am very interested in working in this industry. I am a singer on my own as well, yet with a Project Manager, Team Leader, Event Manager, Sales and Brand Manager background.

The most experience I have gained by the company called Raytheon Professional Services , which is a company for delivering events and training services for automotive customers. I have started with managing translations, later I became the Project and Brand Manager for the Chevrolet brand, being responsible for managing customers, vendors in the CEE and marketing activities of the brand on a daily basis.

After a couple of years I was promoted to an Operations Manager and I’ve got in charge to manage 10 direct reports, about 40 vendor from the region and customers in the local countries like GM, Nissan, Kia etc.

After a while I felt I would like to switch to a field that really interests me and I started to network in the music, movie and modeling industry, which brought me to build a Facebook community called: Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking. The reason for creating this group was I realized there is no page that helps foreign artists in Budapest to network in these areas, agencies are posting jobs mostly in Hungarian, so I started to translate casting calls, auditions by translating them from Hungarian to English, while encouraging users to collaborate, post their programs, video reels, jobs, projects etc. Nowadays the users are posting by themselves and it is a live group.

In my private life at the moment I have unfortunately no band, yet I am part of a Women choir of International women of Budapest and in process of practising with a guitarist on songs from Brazil as I am big fan of MPB music.

Below you can find videos of me or simply search on Youtube for ‚ÄěGabi Session Singer‚ÄĚ:

Earlier I had a band called Genuine Latin Groove, I was managing the band, it’s social network (which is now shut down), getting in contact with venues, organizing our concerts, working on casting, organizing and producing our video materials etc.

I am also fluent in more European languages (inc. Slavic languages), which can help me in my job to easily interract with X musicians and customers.

I hope you will find my background interesting to consider me for the job.

Thank you very much for your reply in advance,

Gabriella Karv√°k

Phone number: XXXXXXX



get ready for the next challenge…gi’ls


Dear girls from the choir,

Here is the traditional song I choose and promote for you to learn in Hungarian. I advise you to download Musicmatch application on your phones, so you can practise singing of the song (I use it for learning the Portuguese songs and I love it!)

Btw. I am sure you would like to know couple of words about the songs . It is a Hungarian traditional song that was collected in Transylvania (Romania) by a famous Hungarian composer called Béla Bartók, but there are also some notes that a similar song was found in Slovakia by another well-known composer called Zoltán Kodály.

The song is of course about love, a girl singing about her sweetheart ūüėČ

Here are the lyrics (click) here:

English and Hungarian lyrics

and the song: