Women of Budapest Choir – there you goooooooo!



…so finally I will translate the blog post from today, but only because of my ladies from the choir…there you GO!

and this is what I do nowadays…

I have noticed, that most of my readers are coming from Hungary so I wanted to share this part of my activities in Hungarian, that is the reason I am making a double post about this Budapest Woman topic.

About few month ago I have joined a Facebook group called Women of Budapest, which is as far as I know managed by a Japanese lady living in Budapest, Miyuki (she is otherwise an active program organizer of the group). So, in this group there is a Greek girl named Katerina, who came up with the idea to bring together a smaller group/choir of ladies as she is a music/opera singer/teacher. Of course, me, GABI,  I’ve taken on the opportunity,  because I know to be part of everything that is related to music and singing, plus I am a Gemini, curious, involving and be everywhere type of a person, that is why it happens to me that even in Szimpla ruin bar the bartender calls me by name, as it happened couple of days ago, when a the bartender tells me: hey, I know you from somewhere…let me think, you are managing that Facebook group called: Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking, and adds, I remembered your name is Gabriella. I was in awe and shock of course. This girl is Danae, a Greek girl, now I know her too, another acquitance on a important place in the city! 😉  I was so much surprised, that I was speachless, and all this happened in front of a Couchsurfer acquitance David, who already got the conviction that I know all in the city, which is not the case of course, I think it is only because I was moving on places where my acuitances and friends are moving too (I guess at least). But, neverthless, getting back to WoB (abbreviation of Woman of Budapest). It is an international group, consisting of women  who are supporting each other with advices, organizing programs, event, workshops, we even do co-office-ing, yet the communication is exclusively in English language, so it is a very good way for you to network and practise your language skills too.

Sorry guys, for being part of this, you need to shave your legs, do your make-up and wear high heels, if you fulfill these, maybe we consider to take you in (but rather do not even try 🙂

So, our Greek tempered lady Katerina offered free workshop I think somewhere in June to teach and we promised to be serious and dedicated members of the group by attending the weekly rehearsals in Artist Factory Studio, for now I can say we have a stabil group of 7 ladies  +/- 1-2 members of different age, nationality and music and singing is bringing us together, it is a very nice small group and I adore the girls and the rehearsals, that are full of joke, laughing and seriousness when Katerina shows her temper! 😀

I’ll insert here our first common photo, and the last one I made this Tuesday, I have to stay since the first time our group has not went through big transformations, almost all of us are in, so I am very proud at ourselves for staying together in this!



Based on the second photo I will introduce the girls as it is easier to differentiate us, plus we have an “odd one out” (we shaved his legs before he joined, he had to go through a special ritual which is a secret and he was already allowed to take off the make-up and high heels. He asked to join, so he had to cope with us, since it is a privilege to have a selfie with us. Sorry David, now all will know about this. Poor guy, he was walking out to smoke from time to time, I think so many ladies at one place were just too much for him. 😉 There is for now only one man with a privilege to attend these events, our fan and follower, my kiddo Filip.

So from left to right on the 3rd photo: Deepty (India), Estefany (Ecuador), Sasha (Germany), the “odd one out” David from Spain, myself, Radmila, people say we are sisters and we are each others alter ego (she is Montenegrian, so from time to time we can be naughty and talk in our common language in Serbian)  and of course our strict Katerina (Greece). We are missing here Kasia (the girl on the first photo above with glasses, Poland) and Elisabeth (in the last row on the upper photo, Canada), Nataly (upper photo, girl with the phone, Columbia) and Ági, we do not know much about her nowadays, she is with the sun-glasess and she was the only local Hungarian!

***Oh and Thadea (Indonesia), we do not even have her on the photos (we will need a new selfie! She just messaged me, that she cannot wait to join us next week when she is back to Budapest!

We are rehearsing on weekly basis and learning traditional songs from our countries, now we are learning a Polish song, hopefully soon we can show up with our talents somewhere!

About the Polish song, well, even for us with Radmila it is a big challenge and tongue-twisting language, while we can speak Serbian, a slavic language!

Soon we will be casting additional ladies to our group, please follow WoB for the post if you are interested.

Music education is not a requirement, but openness, dedication, seriousness are obligatory!

Btw. I decided to translate the post as soon as possible as literally the Google translator translated the word “kakukktojás” – odd one out (David) as a “queen of the eggs”! 😀

Adios, amigas! – This is for Deepty and Katerina, as Deepty prefers to talk in Spanish to Katerina, while she does not have a real explanation why?! 😀

Though I have to admit Greek language does sometime sound a bit Latin for me too! 😀 😀

OH and we will be more famous then Donald and Melanie Trump (I added this only to attract more people to read)!


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    • Hi Maria, sorry for the late reply, I was not really around here for long. The choir at the moment is on hold, sorry for the bad news.


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