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I found a great tutorial for basic Samba Pé steps!


On Saturday I was with friends in House bar as it was a Brazilian party and a Buda Bloco concert hosted there, I have not been to one for long time!

There is no Brazilian party without Samba, right? And I am always happy to pull out  – as I usually SAY – my basic Samba dance knowledge.

I am not taking classes near for a year now and since yesterday I started to consider to get back to it again. The music makes me to move and I always conclude it’s one of the greatest dances, though I do not know how I will fit it in with yoga.

When I dance Samba, due to its intensity I feel it as I am doing sports. I know I am clumsy for complicated choreographies,  but I am not giving up. You should see me, what struggles I have when I need to learn a new step or choreography! :)))

However, last night a song started and in a moment I realized the people I was with stopped, being in awe, stared down at my feet and asked me: how am I doing that?? I do not think I am THAT good at all (BUT THANK YOU, it was nice feeling! 🙂

I am not taking classes near for a year now and since yesterday I started to consider to get back to it again. The music makes me to move and it’s one of the greatest dances, my interest in the Brazilian music started with Samba, maybe I mentioned this in some of my old posts.

However, I got good basic class education from different instructors in the past and I feel those basic steps now flowing naturally. Samba in winter time becomes my street warming up activity, you can find me dancing and singing while waiting for the public transport, some people might think I am crazy or others compliment me. Today it was the song from Roberta Sá “Samba de um minuto”. My new fav’ song I am learning the LETRÁS (lyrics) of it. It is really hard to sing that song, but the bigger the challenge the more I am targeted!

I arrived home, opened YouTube and looked for Samba tutorial videos as there are some more complicated steps I can practise at home on my own too and that is how I bumped into a YouTube tutorial for basic steps. So those who asked me on Saturday how to do it I hope you will check this post and watch the video, this couple is great in showing you the basics, it is in Portuguese, but that’s a double win, learning some language too! 🙂

I recall dancing Samba during movie shootings in the past winters also, while waiting for my turn to come. I was sometimes asked what is that dance and how, where I learned it or got some head nodding and acknowledgements followed by smiles from the crew.

Some Brazilian friends keep repeating me I am more Brazilian than they are.

Sometimes I think, they are just teasing me or flattering me?! The other time I take it as a compliment! 😀

As conclusion, I kept the advice I got when starting my first classes with Kinga at the former Brazilian Sport Center. She told us to dance Samba even when doing dishes, as those basic steps are really important to master and later to synchronize with the hand movements. I really recall it was hard to start. I thought I will never be able to do it! 🙂

Try it by yourself!

In the meantime I found classes by a new instuctor and hopefully switching back to it next Tuesday! Let me know if you want to join!