once I gave it up or just took a break?


this modeling, acting, music thing…before you continue, scroll down, put on the music, I promise you a nice melodic song this time 🙂

in each of my blog post I will give you some insight into Brazilian MPB, trust me it is worth of clicking on the music and sooner or later I will start posting my own cover recordings 🙂 I am working on that too!

So, if the music is on, you can continue reading here:

the more I try to convince myself I should do only a “normal” regular job, my gut and heart shouts, YOU are again neglecting what you really like doing.

Have you had this feeling? Do you have some secret profession, you do not believe you could do, because this naughty voice is talking in your head?

I do this neglecting so successfully that I almost convinced myself modeling is not for me at all and I successfully pushed it to the back of my mind for the last 1, 5 year –  doing some shootings only for fun.

One of the reasons for that was, as I had difficulties getting modeling jobs,  I did not know much about the industry, about Hungarian agencies, later I was also upset how much the entertainment industry in Hungary uses people, then I realized this is the “curse” of this industry and you need to filter who you work with, step out for yourself and sooner or later, hopefully, those “bad” ones will disappear and good one appear.

One of my favourite photos is this one – the photo has its story, but some other time about that:


To defend myself in front of myself too, I had to accept anyone starting from zero in any branch would have difficulties, plus here comes the fact: at MY age in this industry, Hungary is not the best place for beginning, but not impossible. Like every other job you need to invest into yourself and into learning new skills (learning how to pose is also a skill that not comes naturally to everyone). You really need to be persistent, and this industry really requires you to be a fighter, listener, observer and good networker, I think more than in any other industries.

All these things with modeling and singing for me started unfolding about 4 years ago. I still try to understand how could I suppress it for so long. In my childhood I dreamed of being famous, I wanted to become an actress, leaving a print foot behind when I die (I am weird even to myself for these thoughts).

At age of 18 I was stopped by an agent on Ferenciek tere in Budapest to register with her in an agency for modeling. Can you imagine remembering something like this for 20 years and doing nothing about it? I even commented in myself, me??? Look at me how I look! Still, if this I can recall so well, the way I am holding the business card in my hand on Ferenciek, there must have been something about it, I just did not believe into myself. I know how low my self-esteem was. It is low even now 🙂 apparently it does not seem so when you meet me in person and the way I expose myself now. :))) As teenager I thought of myself as a no chance model category and in this belief I did not even think it further.

I guess, it was ment to happen like that, to forget about the agent above I am telling to myself maybe the person I met was a scam or I needed other things to learn in my life to come here where I am now. If I look back, I can say I have my brick settled into the walls of Budapest with my history here too, DEFINITELY.

Anyway, ever since I started to do music, modeling, acting I tried to fit into my life to go for castings each time I get a call and I am interested into the job. I have a casting end of this week too for a local commercial, though now an sick-leave, hopefully I will be able to make it.

Even nowadays I am questioning if I am good enough for singing, modeling, so if you are in the same shoes, I understand you. I am obviously not in this age range of 14-22, I also think there are markets where my look is more easy to sell (e.g. I got a casting call by an agency to Malaysia, Japan if I am around, even! Ford China responded to visit them if I am around, I tagged them in some of my post and they responded). The true is, I am tied in a way to Budapest because of Filip and his father, we would never be able to give up on him, but I also know I need to go and do my things, it is an example I need to give to him, I just need to find the proper way so he is still included in my life. It is something that is always on my mind as if you are following me and know me you know what hard times this gives me.

So what else to do then? Sit and read how to do it from here for now, make it step by step even it is maybe the harder way and whatever comes we will cope with it.

Today I did the following, as first steps:

I am registered on a modeling platform: https://www.modelmanagement.com/model/gabriella-karvk/ so I am able to apply for modeling jobs in Hungary, but mostly abroad, the page is for some reason less used in Hungary.  With a free registration on this site you have only 2 casting application possibilities per month. I did got selected already for jobs even with these 2 casting application possibilities. I applied for a job on Model Management in Valencia and one in Köln.

I used to be a premium member and I am considering to pay off again for a yearly based membership which allows me to apply unlimited, I can connect my Instagram etc. – read about it on the page if you are more interested – but I did some investment this month into my music equipment finally (buying a microphone) so I might delay the membership paying or not, I will see, as in a way it can bring me jobs, I might do savings on something else.

I started to follow what agencies, people are following my Instagram profile (check right side of my blog) and registering to modeling sites when I see a “like” from them. I do not care if it is an agency that hires youngsters or not, I take my time to make my input on the pages and submit.

Todays target:

I am registering online to minimum 5 agencies, these two I already registered to:


http://agenciaaire.es/ – they contacted me via Model Management to register to their database for a possible casting, if you speak Spanish fill in, otherwise contact them via email. I hope I will get some feedback.

Of course, this way is much harder, specially as I am not in the market where I am applying, but since I had traveling modeling jobs, I think there are chances for more…

Now I am off to do those spaghetti for lunch (Filip asked them for dinner) and later continue applying…

If you are interested in more agency sites I will apply to, engage with me here and let me know! We can do it together!

I am also accepting advises from you!

If there is a modeling agency you know it is hiring traveling models, let me know, obrigada!


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