Do you also have such “friends”?


The ones that behave nice with you, they introduce you to their friends, family members saying: oh Gabi, she is so great person and cool and amazing…all those nice things…and then you realize from her actions (non-actions to get to know you or build a relationship) – how fake she is, because behind your back she talks and works against you. I had couple of times strange situations because of this girl, but I was always thinking I am overreacting, the last time it was this weekend.

Some month ago, I started to like a person I met on a dating site. It turned out he knows one of my so called “friends” and I shared with her also how I met her acquitance on the dating site. I had a nice talk with this stranger and I told him we have a common friend. The common “friend” is the above girl I know for longer period of time. I always felt something is wrong in our relationship with her.

He planned a trip right at that moment so we have not met back then.


I found out he met this “girl friend” of mine and after he never wrote me again. He started to date another girl, a sister of my “friend”. I was not upset as I did not know about them and I honestly forgot about him, till this weekend when finally I met him face to face with his girlfriend.

From another girl I found out, he liked me, but the so called “friend” of mine was very enthusiastic to have her sister reserved for this guy.  What a soap opera story, right?

I only smiled at this situation and said to myself, it was not ment for us to meet earlier and actually it is my luck that we did not get into more deeper connection and feelings (this is also what my friend Adrienn said, hugs to you for that Adrienn! And I am adding: it is his loss 🙂

But, coming back to the “friend girl”, I think I finally realized how toxic she is for me. She is a kind of person that surrounds herself with many people and loves to be seen as the kind person, helpful and great friend (and in a way I believed too).

What I understood from her earlier actions too: she behaves protective with the guys from her country (the jelaous mama type), but actualy she has no deep connection with people around herself and hey! she is choosing boyfriends/girlfriends to her sister, to her friends/guys??

Now what kind of guy is that who does not go after his own experience, but listens to others what is good for him? That guy is definitely not for me, and about her:

She was a friend on a surface and I was naive for keeping her till now in my life. From today one person is out of my life and I am giving a space to a person with honest and real intentions of making a friendship.

Yes, it is hard to let go when you think they were friend to you.  I should have been looked at her actions much earlier and let her go long time ago.

Look around yourself, do you have someone similar in your surrounding?

And here’a a beautiful song for you from Brazil, of course!


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