I got in a flow….


Friday afternoon at work, finished with my report which I had to redo since yesterday as I screw one number in it. Well, you can be sure today I was paying much more attention to the details, definitely. I would not be in a mood to restart another full day work.

While doing this report – the entire day – I was listening to the weirdo 🙂 Clarice Falcao to learn a new song lyrics, but I could not fully focus on the letras (lyrics in Portuguese) 🙂 , but the melody of “Deve ter sido eu” is in me already.

I am waiting to leave the office and bumped into the song below, while listening to it I felt happiness and recharged with love. Nando has such a sexy voice and combined with Brazilian Portuguese…

I got totally in a FLOW.

I wished I could already speak the language!

My Duoliongo says I know 1000 words (afraid to use though) 😀

… you have no clue only by listening a music, how many words you can learn!

Have a great weekend all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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