do not fool yourself…


Do you know how it feels watching the faces of silly and happy faces of other couples?

Browsing their photos and wishing you to on top of that hill and making that picture about a strange flower, about the sunset?

How is wishing that guy to be your boyfriend?

It feels like your heart being broken to pieces.

Feeling the pain in your chest.

Your heart is crying.

It’s the longing for the same.

Don’t fool me with the stories how it is great to be alone and having your freedom, when you have no clue what is to be bonded to someone, when that person fills up you with energy and love, suddenly your eyes are smiling and your soul is shining.

Look into yourself, are you able to really bond, like really-really on a deep level? Or you are only a shallow person as most of the people nowadays? What are you afraid of?

I think we are all enough of listening stories how we first need to learn loving ourselves and then others will come and love us, please leave us alone…

Stop spreading these stupid messages, I do not think anything is wrong with those who wants to be loved and wants to get attached!

Do not make those feel like a failure, just because they are tending to have someone to share moments with!

If you are also alone and with no partner,  NOTHING is wrong with you.

The true is: Many are searching the same, but most are afraid to commit or they are jumping from one bed to another searching for that feeling…

Now to you who is afraid of relationships, ask yourself why are you afraid of a relationship?

What is bad about having someone sneaking next to you into the bed?

Someone to put it’s head on your chest?

Someone to entwine your fingers with?

Someone who is caressing your body?

Kissing your eyes and lips slowly?

A person that listens to your stories about the bad/good boss, colleague?

Cherrishes you, when you need it…

Someone who waits for you with a dinner at home?

Gives you a backrub…

What is wrong about exploring the world together?

Are these really bad things, a things to be afraid of?



About Gabi

A person with too much interest, hyperactive, unstoppable! Singer, model, actress ON HOLD. Paper industry Sales Professional NOW. Samba dancer! Budapest and Brazil lover! My FB page: Managing a networking group for Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers - English speaking: My blog is rather personal with some tips about things to do and experience while visiting or living in Budapest, stories about my travels, about my hobbies etc...

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