no matter how…


Do you know this feeling of waking up and already feeling exhausted ,

trying to pull yourself together to make the most out of the day,

the energy is out of your body and you only want to lay down your head on a pillow,

cover yourself with a blanket and cry it out,

but tears are not coming ,

your heart is silent,

your mind worried,

You are taking a deep breath,

shooning away the draining thoughts and saying:

everything is okay, no matter how hard life can be,

everything will be fine.


Close your laptop, call your friend, family, go for a walk, have a chocolate or put on some badass song that people neglect to listen, but they all know how to sing it and dance 🙂




About Gabi

A person with too much interest, hyperactive, unstoppable! Singer, model, actress ON HOLD. Paper industry Sales Professional NOW. Samba dancer! Budapest and Brazil lover! My FB page: Managing a networking group for Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers - English speaking: My blog is rather personal with some tips about things to do and experience while visiting or living in Budapest, stories about my travels, about my hobbies etc...

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