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Women of Budapest Choir – there you goooooooo!



…so finally I will translate the blog post from today, but only because of my ladies from the choir…there you GO!

and this is what I do nowadays…

I have noticed, that most of my readers are coming from Hungary so I wanted to share this part of my activities in Hungarian, that is the reason I am making a double post about this Budapest Woman topic.

About few month ago I have joined a Facebook group called Women of Budapest, which is as far as I know managed by a Japanese lady living in Budapest, Miyuki (she is otherwise an active program organizer of the group). So, in this group there is a Greek girl named Katerina, who came up with the idea to bring together a smaller group/choir of ladies as she is a music/opera singer/teacher. Of course, me, GABI,  I’ve taken on the opportunity,  because I know to be part of everything that is related to music and singing, plus I am a Gemini, curious, involving and be everywhere type of a person, that is why it happens to me that even in Szimpla ruin bar the bartender calls me by name, as it happened couple of days ago, when a the bartender tells me: hey, I know you from somewhere…let me think, you are managing that Facebook group called: Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking, and adds, I remembered your name is Gabriella. I was in awe and shock of course. This girl is Danae, a Greek girl, now I know her too, another acquitance on a important place in the city! 😉  I was so much surprised, that I was speachless, and all this happened in front of a Couchsurfer acquitance David, who already got the conviction that I know all in the city, which is not the case of course, I think it is only because I was moving on places where my acuitances and friends are moving too (I guess at least). But, neverthless, getting back to WoB (abbreviation of Woman of Budapest). It is an international group, consisting of women  who are supporting each other with advices, organizing programs, event, workshops, we even do co-office-ing, yet the communication is exclusively in English language, so it is a very good way for you to network and practise your language skills too.

Sorry guys, for being part of this, you need to shave your legs, do your make-up and wear high heels, if you fulfill these, maybe we consider to take you in (but rather do not even try 🙂

So, our Greek tempered lady Katerina offered free workshop I think somewhere in June to teach and we promised to be serious and dedicated members of the group by attending the weekly rehearsals in Artist Factory Studio, for now I can say we have a stabil group of 7 ladies  +/- 1-2 members of different age, nationality and music and singing is bringing us together, it is a very nice small group and I adore the girls and the rehearsals, that are full of joke, laughing and seriousness when Katerina shows her temper! 😀

I’ll insert here our first common photo, and the last one I made this Tuesday, I have to stay since the first time our group has not went through big transformations, almost all of us are in, so I am very proud at ourselves for staying together in this!



Based on the second photo I will introduce the girls as it is easier to differentiate us, plus we have an “odd one out” (we shaved his legs before he joined, he had to go through a special ritual which is a secret and he was already allowed to take off the make-up and high heels. He asked to join, so he had to cope with us, since it is a privilege to have a selfie with us. Sorry David, now all will know about this. Poor guy, he was walking out to smoke from time to time, I think so many ladies at one place were just too much for him. 😉 There is for now only one man with a privilege to attend these events, our fan and follower, my kiddo Filip.

So from left to right on the 3rd photo: Deepty (India), Estefany (Ecuador), Sasha (Germany), the “odd one out” David from Spain, myself, Radmila, people say we are sisters and we are each others alter ego (she is Montenegrian, so from time to time we can be naughty and talk in our common language in Serbian)  and of course our strict Katerina (Greece). We are missing here Kasia (the girl on the first photo above with glasses, Poland) and Elisabeth (in the last row on the upper photo, Canada), Nataly (upper photo, girl with the phone, Columbia) and Ági, we do not know much about her nowadays, she is with the sun-glasess and she was the only local Hungarian!

***Oh and Thadea (Indonesia), we do not even have her on the photos (we will need a new selfie! She just messaged me, that she cannot wait to join us next week when she is back to Budapest!

We are rehearsing on weekly basis and learning traditional songs from our countries, now we are learning a Polish song, hopefully soon we can show up with our talents somewhere!

About the Polish song, well, even for us with Radmila it is a big challenge and tongue-twisting language, while we can speak Serbian, a slavic language!

Soon we will be casting additional ladies to our group, please follow WoB for the post if you are interested.

Music education is not a requirement, but openness, dedication, seriousness are obligatory!

Btw. I decided to translate the post as soon as possible as literally the Google translator translated the word “kakukktojás” – odd one out (David) as a “queen of the eggs”! 😀

Adios, amigas! – This is for Deepty and Katerina, as Deepty prefers to talk in Spanish to Katerina, while she does not have a real explanation why?! 😀

Though I have to admit Greek language does sometime sound a bit Latin for me too! 😀 😀

OH and we will be more famous then Donald and Melanie Trump (I added this only to attract more people to read)!


managing a band and it’s problems


I will not start immediately with the subject of my post..there is much more about my things..

I am lost now for more then a 2 year, sometimes I feel I am on track and then I loose the ground.

I am writing this note to myself, I am depressed like hell and I know people like to read only about good things, well, sorry to let you down I am in a hell and I do not know how to get out of it.

I lost my motivation for life, music, acting, modeling, I feel like all these things are not important anymore to me, as my life has no purpose I am just going with the flow, live my life day by day as it comes. On top of that I feel a guilt for not being a good example to my 5 year old. I feel like being another of those parents going to their works to earn for living and not enjoying their jobs and their life, they just get their salaries, pay off rental fee, living costs, take some trip maybe, but they do not feel this vibrant energy in themselves they created something good. What example is this to your child?

However, to come back to the subject, my biggest pain is:

I failed with two bands and it left such a deep scarves and dissapointment that I do not know how to handle it. I was let down so much. I invested so much energy in the bands to make it work to end up realizing I was the only enthusiastic person about it and what I see now since then they moved on doing their own music and having successes. I am not jelaous, but it hurts a lot as I know I thaught them a lot about how to do things to make things work and now I am the only one not having a band and people to work with.

Yes, I am upset and I am summarizing to understand what I was doing wrong, but all I can think of is that I was just with the wrong people with people having different goal as mine and I allowed and compromized more then I should as I tried so much to keep together the band.

I am very target oriented. If I have a goal I put into it a lot of effort and I invest all my time to make it work, this is how I did with Genuine Latin Groove. After a while I realized everything I invested from my time was later taken as granted and expected to be done by me again. E.g. one of the musicians used to be late for rehearsals or he showed up without his bass guitar to practise, I let him go, then he started to message the other behind my back how he would like to join back the band. The other guitarist was not following our group posts about rehearsals so sometimes he cancelled his attendance in the last minute or never, or he was late, when I asked him to change his approach he replied the bass player was doing the same. I asked him, so by your opinion it is how things should work? He did not know at that moment that I released the bass player because of his unseriousness. I released him from the band too.

The next time one of the musicians not having an acoustic guitar on the rehearsing day turned to me with a question where to get a guitar as he had to take his own to repair?? I do not get this approach, as he should have known he needs to fix his guitar, plus the same person has another band and in addition to that even in our band there was another member who had acoustic guitar whom he could turn to with this question (which he did in the end on my advise). The worst situation I faced was, when I arranged our concert in on of the ruinbars of Budapest where they had not equipement and I asked my bandmates for a help and advice, the same acoustic guitarist from above replied: you arranged us to play there then get the equipment.

On the same concert I organized I got pushed back in the background as the second singer – who claimed she is not interested in doing serious music and performances – took over the stage and sang from papers. After the concert I got critics on this, which I can understand. We have been rehearsing about half year and the lyrics she did not memorize.

ETC. ETC….these are just few samples..

However our last concert was the point when I finally understood I am not working with the right team. I got so tired and ashamed that couple of days later I noted the band I am leaving.

The second band setup ended the same, when I started to split tasks among the bandmates to support the music project, suddenly nobody wanted to invest time.

I do not know why musicians think it is enough to know how to play music? Let me inform you, it is not. If you have no agent, it is much more work about it to do to succeed.

This is the reason I got lost and my motivation as well, I lost my faith that it is only about not finding the proper people to do music together, at the moment I simply cannot believe this music thing will work for me, however I will keep searching.

I am still looking for an acoustic guitarist player to play Brazilian MPB songs and perform duo. On top of these songs I sing in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian and English of course. I am one of those singers who is willing to learn, who appreciates if there is a regular schedule, task split, has serious approach and is willing to practise on a regular basis.

how can you connect music, SSSR and airfighters??


make a video by yourself and add these things to it 😀

hey, I had to write an eye-catchy title!  Sorry 🙂

You have probably realized I have got back to corporate life recently, however I am working on building up my relationships in music industry, while actively seeking projects and collaborating with musicians like it is with Tamás and Ákos on our last video (link lower).

Those who know me personally, they know I am an open, well networking and chatty person. I approach people easily and I enjoy this, that is why my circle of friends/acquitances is so diverse, colourful and wide. I often get responds: yeah, you know everyone in the city! 🙂

If I recall my earlier years, I realize how close minded I was, meeting always the same people, listening to the same stories…how much nicer is to meet a person you do not know at all, he/she has a new story for you and you can create something new with him/her.

This is how I met Tamás. I met him via Facebook post where he was looking for an English singing singer. I messaged him and couple of days later we met. We were both cautious, but interested what the other person can offer. It was about a year and a half ago, if I recall it well…

Ever since I sang with him in Serbian, Portuguese, Macedonian …but, none of the songs were yet in English. 🙂

And the bigger irony is that our songs have no lyrics, yet they are liked, thank you for those messages we got in these 2 days for encouraging and acknowleding our work.

I am posting here our music as I am proud of it and I want to have it among my blog posts, actually for 2 days I cannot stop to listen to our music (it is on repeat all the time). I guess the feeling of something that is created by us is what makes me to like it so much. But also, it is really something I created for the first time in my life with my heart and it feels really good to share with the world.


Thank you Tamás and Ákos, but specifically Tamás for the hard work you did for compiling the music and also the video in the form it is, it is awsome!

I am looking forward to our new projects!

aaaaand READER, if you are a song-writer let us know, we need one! 🙂

On Open Mic with Balázs


The outcome of our practising on Wednesday 23.04.2016 in Mika Tivadar  with Balázs 🙂

I am looking forward to the next occasion, maybe Kazinczy 3 next week on Tuesday after my Bachata classes! 🙂

P.S. read my previous blog post for further details:

another moment of my life with great friends!!


Though agreed in advance, yet spontaneously we met on Wednesday with Balázs afterworks in the Gozsdu passage of Király street.

I could hardly wait that this moment arrives again, I feel stuck in my soul when I am not singing, I do not know if you have this feeling ever, when you are really eager to do something and somehow the circumstances are not allowing you.

I mean I can sing alone and practise at home, but interraction with people of the same interest and doing it together gives me lots of joy and smile on my face – which i do not lack anyway 🙂 – however those in the moments of doing music are really true sings of my happiness.

András, my ex-collegue and close friend from Raytheon – the training company I worked for – joined us as I asked him to make couple of videos with his phone, he was happy to do it, but mentioning all the time that his phone is not the best quality (András, it does not matter, I need this for my “unprofessional blog” and for fun) 😛

Anywaaaaaay, It was the 3rd time I met with Balázs ever and the 2nd rehearsal, I know him via a common Brazilian friend Marcelo, as they both are doing Capoeira. Marcelo connected us saying you both have nice voices, see if you can do something together.


On Wednesday after practising couple of songs in Gozsdu passage I proposed him to play on the Open Mic in Mika Tivadar, the next moment I caught myself singing on the stage with him (I was more stressed then him, pffffff). He kept saying: “Engedd el” (“Let it go”). He is hanging out too much with Marcelo, he uses it all the time, plus they are even saying it with the same pronunciation.

Soooorrry, guys 😛

So, András was our spontaneous phone camera guy and the admirer :D.  I will upload couple of these not pro videos these days on my Youtube channel too.

Btw. he just showed on my door at this moment with a coffee and said: “Gabi, I have a video for you” about the days we spent together. Watch it by yourself  lower under my blog post 🙂

Otherwise people, I am looking for a band that is interested in playing in majority Brazilian Portuguese songs. Contact me via, any nationality is welcome, be open and  reliable.

And now we are off to Szimpla for the Columbian percussion workshop!

****UPDATE! The workshop is next week!

Spring is landing on my shoulder…


As I was going today to work I picked to listen to the mixed music we created with Tomazo couple of month ago. It shacked me up a bit this morning…even hearing these songs in electronic version are still strange for me, however the more I listen to it the more I start liking it…

I wrote on my Soundcloud profile  about the details of this song, however I will repeat it to give you some insight what has inspired us to make this music and how we did it…

It was actually very simple process: I sang and Tomazo followed me on keyboards. 🙂

This newly created cover song is electronic mix version of two other cover songs: Ederlezi from Time of the Gypsies movie by Goran Bregović, Emir Kusturica and a song “Djurdjevdan” from a Bosnian band called “Biijelo dugme”.

The song Ederlezi (traditional folk song) reffers to a Spring festival that is celebrating the return of spring, celebrated in general by Romani people in the Balkans, Turkey and elsewhere around the world.
The original song “Ederlezi” I like in Romani version, search for it on Youtube, it gives me always goose bumps listening to it.

About “Djurdjevdan”: well, there is no Yugoslavian who does not know this song and actually I need from time to time longer breaks from it. 😀

Bijelo Dugme means White Button and it was a Yugoslav rock band, based in Sarajevo. Goran Bregovic was a guitarist in this band.
Bijelo Dugme is one of the most popular band ever existing in the former Yugoslavia and one of the most influental music band of the Yugoslav rock scene.

Read the lyrics under the music link!


And if you are interested in the lyrics, here is the translation of the Serbian part:

Spring is landing on my shoulder
Lily of the valley is sprouting
Lily of the valley is sprouting
For everyone, except for me

The roads are gone, but I’ve stayed
There is no Morning Star
There is no Morning Star
My fellow-traveler

Hey, to whom does my darling now
Smells of the lily of the valley
Smells of the lily of the valley
To me never again

Here comes the dawn,
here comes the dawn
So I can pray to God
Here comes the dawn,
here comes the dawn
Hey it’s St George’s day
And I am not with the one I love

Let her name be mentioned
On every other day
On every other day
Except on St George’s day

read more on the Romani lyrics part on Wikipedia:

our logo…our band name and cover songs from Brazil and Latin America in general


I do not recall if I was mentioning you what we finally figured out as for our band name… 🙂

Genuine Latin Groove – GLG

How this name came and how it evoluted to GLG?

Genunine – if I recall it well, this word we figured out with Salvatore in Massolit, while having our Sunday coffee.

I arrived home and thought: well, Genuine is cool and we could translate it to Portugese to reflect on our music, however we are not Brazilians and most of us are not Latins in the band (but we are all genuine in our own way 🙂 – coming from different countries with different cultural backgrounds, so the next moment I posted the guys the following:


I was playing with the name ideas yesterday, since no ideas were given, this is a proposition:
Genuino in Portugese (genuine) for the genuine latins in the band, “y” in Spanish as “and” and Falsa is in both languages false, meaning not all of as are latins.

“Falsa” is in feminine, “Genuino” in masculine, as we are with mixed genders, hm hm?
I have even a good explanation for it 🙂 opinions?

I am really thinking a lot about us, and u??”


Finally, Genuine word started to be liked by all.

Couple of days later, Guillermo came up with another proposition, saying:

“Hello guys, first of all I would like to reconsider the band name.. and I was thinking about keeping part of the already existing name and add something else, and maybe we could use an abbreviation, so my idea is “Genuine Latin Beats” and the abbreviation could be GLB.

I like this abbreviation thing because there is a very famous Latin American band called DLG what actually means “dark latin groove”… so my other proposal could be “Genuine Latin Grooves


And Voilá, here we are working on our logo**, yesteday I draw with Filip’s watercolors the first concept based on the feedback’s from couple of people in the band. A logo designer is hired to work on further details.


**logo illustration is the FN1 trademark and ownership of Gabriella Karvák, the owner of this blog 🙂

and the covers song we did with our bands, click on the 4th and 5th song in the list,

one of the songs is the song from Vanesa da Mata and Ben Harper, my favourite song: Boa sorte/Good luck, and the second song is cover of Maria Gadú’s Shimbalaie:


recording number 1


We are in a process of recording 3 songs to have some reference material for the clubs, so I captured some moments of the first recording like: our master Guillermo and Mr. Lucas trying to fix this thing whatever that is, to make the recording of the bass, and Saaaalvaaatore checking if his nails are not too long for hitting/playing the Djembe (okay this is something I just figured out). HA HA HA

Of course, Jasna and Yevgenya gossiping in the kitchen and smiling like kids captured eating Nutella.


And I am busy doing the videos and photos, sorry still not about music 🙂

…here Jasna made a naughty comment to Yevgenya: if you could only play Bongo like doing this posture, it would be even greater! 😀

Eu ein, sai fora


Basic Portugese, lesson one…
actually, we were on a way back from a movie casting organized by Banner Casting on the 16th of January.
We met these two Polish guy and a Hungarian one. See the video.

We had lot’s of fun, even there were zounds of people and we waited about an hour or something to get into the casting audition, but Yevgenya and myself started to network and this is how we met these guys.

When we entered the casting area to make the intro’s, we’ve been talking mostly English and finally when Bertalan the guy in the black hat made his intro, the casting crew commented, finally some of you 5 is Hungarian (hahhahaha, i did not wanted to comment that one Hungarian is also…not really pure Hungarian 😀

We were so loud and cheerfull and I was so much distracted with these people behind the camera as they were making jokes, I could not focus and this was another of my worst introductions on a casting :))) I could start collecting from casting agencies my videos, to compile a playlist of videos: HOW NOT TO BEHAVE OR INTRODUCE YOURSELF ON A CASTING 😀

But I also still laugh about Karol, the guy next to me with the brown scarf.

The casting personel gave him the instrucion: now you can turn back (or something similar) and Karol turned his back to the camera. 😀

Honestly, I can understand this can be misunderstood if you are not native English (I have my own lapsus too), so you can either turn your back to the camera (shoulders) or turn back and look into the camera, SO KAROL, you were just great! You made my day again right now! However, I wish I made a photo about this moment with you turned with a back to the camera.

Yevgenya, she thought Berci is Brazilian, because he looks like one and he is training Jiu Jitsu. Yevgenya is the long haired blond girl, I introduced her already earlier too, she is our drummer (start remembering our name, we are the Genuine Latin Groove, or simply “GLG”). We play Brazilian and latin music, some of u had a chance to heard us in “Jelen” on the Open Mic.

The same day in the evening we did first demo recordings, which are soon to come.

Oh and this “Eu ein sai fora” comes from, we were rehearsing and I asked Tainara if she can teach me something like “hey Brazilian, move on!” in her language,

(but Yevgenya and myself right now prefer only to say this: Eu ein sai fora, which is..I will need to ask Tainara again for the translation of Eu ein …)

“Eu” – I know it means “I’

“ein” I have forgotten 😀

sai fora! – move on!

But, you have to say it with a specific accent 😀

another music of ours


Another music of Tamás (the pianist) and me i did not really promote it, I only posted today to my Facebook group “Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking” (search and join the group wherever you are),

So, I posted the music with the same story I am posting here:

And why I have not promote it yet?

Well, the point is, while singing I made one spelling mistake, of course only those speaking Serbian can realize, but it disturbs me in a way…Ruzo->Ružo 😀

however, Tamás was satisfied with the outcome and he decided to leave it this way…artists can make mistakes too 🙂
it’s a Serbian traditional song cover called “moj golube” (my dove)…
and…well it’s not a NYE party song 🙂