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Anker’t and IMP – have you ever been to it?


Two weeks ago there was the 5th anniversary of IMP (International Meeting Point) in Budapest. It is an event that takes place every other week on Wednesday in Anker’t. I am not a regular visitor, but in the last month I managed to go the both occasions, 2 weeks ago and yesterday. Yesterday I went there as I was hosting a Couchsurfer and we met there for the evening, plus I promised to Martina to catch up.

Remark for those coming first time to the event: upon arrival, register at the table that you are attending the event and get your IMP bracelet, as later you might have a chance to win some prizes.

If you are a traveller, a local, an expat, a couchsurfer, a student, whatever you feel like being and you feel like having a chat, a drink or two, to network with local and international people – or with ME 🙂 – this is only a joke – do not hesitate to skip in and make some new connections. The events are announced on Facebook bi-weekly named as “international meeting point – let’s meet, drink & dance!” but you can find it also on the Couchsurfing community site. Not every week is the same, and not every event is fun, but it is an option for a weekday going out for couple of hours.

If you move your mouse cursor over the photos below our names get displayed (in case not, here we are: Rony, Gabriel, me, Martina, Nicola, Ambrogio, and the “pop-out of nowhere” Brazilian girl, unfortunately I do not recall her name. She came to us randomly, but in a moment when we were exchanging some thoughts related to Brazil. She showed up, for some reason I turned to her and asked in Portuguese, are you from Brazil? On my biggest shock she replied and she continued to talk to me in Portuguese. At first I thought I heard it wrong or she was joking, but no. She was really from Brazil. We laughed hard as it was really an unexpected situation. I am still amazed how she ended up by us right in that minute.

Gabriele (with the glasses in the middle) and Nicola (last guy on right) won on the IMP game vouchers for drinks, so they used the opportunity to have some tequila shots, Martina was inaugurated to be part of the tequila drinking.

Rony said, he will test this in Brazil. Good luck! 🙂

Anyway, I go for these meetings when I have time and will.

It is not only about partying, but also about getting connected with people, feeling good vibes and laughing a lot!


one of my favourite music venues in Budapest


I am every second week without Filip so I take the opportunity to visit places I am not in the weeks of parenting.

Couple of weeks ago we have agreed with Radmila to go to Brody Studio on one of the Mondays – you might remember Radmila, my alterego 🙂 from my post:

Anyway, I chose Monday as it is the day when the venue hosts musicians for jamming and a kind of open mic on the first floor at the bar area.

I became member of the club some year ago when I  went for a performance at the place. The attached photos may not reflect so well on the place, but if you have the chance to stay at their hotel (Brody house) or visit the venue, do not miss it! The place is very cozy and with a nice ambient. They offer a great variety of programs: stand-ups, workshops, events etc.

However, as mentioned, you need a membership. Get in contact with them on:

So here we are Radmila, Martina and myself having our girls night-out in Brody!

Now, I am off to learn some lyrics so I can get up there on the stage with some next occasion and sing some song!

my first really short haircut


Actually I only wanted to share a photo of me from about 15 years ago, it was made somewhere between 2001-2003 as I can recall I was working by Colgate-Palmolive at that time as Receptionist. That was my first “serious” job in Budapest by a big FMCG company. The experience I have gained there and the name of the company helped me a lot later in my job searches  (PLUS my Serbian language knowledge).

I have to admit it was one of the best companies I worked for. I have nice memories about that period.


I remember one winter spending with all my colleagues on skiing in Austria as a company bonus for the achieved sales results. On that skiing it was the first time I was skiing ever in my life. I remember sliding down the hill and shouting in German: Aufpassen, aufpassen! (Meaning: Watch out, watch out! I was in such fear, it was all I could remember from my German language knowledge). Luckily nobody was killed!


With some people from Colgate I am still in connection.

However, my point was to post the photo of me when one day in that Colgate period I went to a hairdresser and asked my hairdresser to cut my so called “long hair” with a haircut machine.

Now as I look at the photo I do not see it so terrifying, but nobody saw me before with a such short hair, so it was shocking. I remember the Colgate General Managers look. He did not seemed to be impressed, but he was a cool Sicilian man, so he just said, something like: oh, new haircut! 🙂


And I feel like linking this song here, it is one of my favourite songs from Morcheeba:

even making a video introduction can be a pain


Today I read on Facebook a casting call by CastTeam I decided to go for it, they were asking for fluent/native English speaking people with some Hungarian knowledge (I have them both) age range 18-70 etc.

I also shared the casting call on my group: Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking (I hope the link will work for you from here, if not, search for the group name on Facebook.

The adventure started today like this…

I made about a million of videos as an introduction about myself..and guess what, I did not like them any :))) and of course at the end when I got fedup I’ve chosen one.

Since I had many of them, I picked the best moments, they remind me on the lapsus videos you can watch usually on the TV for the New Years Eve!

The application deadline for the job is very short as the shooting is already in 1-2 days.  Since I have no decent camera, plus the light in my flat is quite bad, I was climbing on the table as I had more lights there,  but in the meantime trying to cover the lamp behind 😀

But, my LG mini G2 phone serves me well in case of emergencies 😀

So, video 1:

When u are just focusing on what is next and you are not recalling what u said….   plus you try to be super cute, not too smiley, not to serious, not to unserious, not too much casual, not confused,  blablabla…

video 2:

“Oh common”

video 3:

When u did about 1000 videos and you get fedup, but u decide to that one more video…

video 4:

using hi is not so professional, or?? I would say not…

video 5:

pljjljljljl, when your tongue get’s stucked

and finally, you really get sick of it…I sent this one…I would anyway never be satisfied with the outcome :)))

and Video 6, the winner…

it’s okay

And after so much efforts, the worst is that mostly it’s not about your abilities, capabilities if you will get the job, but if the casting director or it’s crews imagination “clicked” with your appearance, behaviour, acting, with your own personality etc., so give it a try always 🙂

But, certainly I practised today a lot how to introduce myself.

Lángos is fried bread?

I found this article about the different ways of combining bread and cheese in the world, it is very interesting 🙂
I never knew “Lángos” is translated as fried bread in English, I’ve learned something today 🙂
I am very good in making it, if you need a Lángos cook for your house party let me know to agree on details :))
Love the cheese, sour-cream and garlic version (yes, lot’s of garlic and olive oil),
I was always eating the salty version, untill Filip asked me to put Nutella on top of it…
I do not know why I was shocked at this request at first, but, probably because all my life I was eating it in a salty version and honestly I still like it more then the version with Nutella 😀
oh, and I love Khachapuri, did you know you can get it on Deák square Andrássy corner in the Yermenian restaurant called, guess how: Hachapuri (I am wondering why the “K” is missing from the name)
I just learned why is “Pogacha” (Turkish) ->>> “pogača” in Serbian and “pogácsa” in Hungarian, this is full Turkish influence 🙂

Flashmob and Xmas present


Yesterday afternoon I met with Marcus on Vörösmarty to discuss the details of the photoshooting project for the the Chinese clothing company and before meeting him I walked through Váczi street looking for a present for my babysitter and finally I decided to visit Pylones, a shop for gadgets and home decor.

Those interested only in the flashmob part of the blog, read the blog at the end 😀


I love colorful things, this is the place I will get in just to get a “color injection” 🙂

and u can find e.g. cat magnets (you can fold the tail and use it as a hanger) or bookmarks in cute shapes…

glass holder or cat umbrella’s 🙂

something for the bikers, car-drivers (bells, horn, ice scrapers…)

….something for the kids and household…

In the meantime, Yevgenya called me too come to her gallery as Jasna the other girl from our band will also join to do some singing practise.

I jumped on the tram 49 on Deák square, finally i caught the X-mas tram, till now I was watching it only from the distance 🙂


On my and other people biggest surprise people started to sing X-mas songs on the tram. I joined them as I knew the songs from my childhood and while traveling I also talked to the organizers, they are called Mosolykommandó 2014 and it was their first X-mas song singing flashmob, anyone can join. I hope to hear them other time too!

I told the organizers the previous day I proposed the girls from the band to do the same while we were going for our rehearsal, but we did not do it in the end, however I was singing on my own as usual :))

not a perfect video, but a little insight in the feeling from yesterday evening 🙂

how my flat became a shooting scene


Lola messaged me couple of days ago to help her, she was out of her mind from excitement, I thought something bad happened and then she showed me an article 😀


As I opened it on my phone and the quality of the photo she sent is bad I just saw the title, it’s something like this: Peter Srámek is waiting for the first kiss, and as u can see Lola on the photo (if you do not know her I am talking about this brunette on the photo). I just told her: oh common Lola, in what sh.. have you again get into? :))))

But, then she told me the story, she was with her friend (girl) and they heard on one of the radios that this guy, who is kinda becoming a celebrity looking for a date, and well, Lola is always into adventures 😀 I am wondering why we get along well? :)))

So she sent her details on sms to the radio and guess what, she got chosen. Of course!


Later, she explained me, she needs a place to stay, because one of the newspapers (u know these with gossips, by name  “Bors” -a Hungarian one) will come to her to meet her and  she is invited for a date lunch with the guy on the photo. So,do not be surprised for seing her on  Super TV2

The next day the photographer  and a journalist lady came, interviewed her, they made photos (this one is made by me with my LG). Look at her hot shoes 😀


We laughed about it a lot, specially when we started to read the comments made on the page of this gossip newspaper (people commenting her as: she is dating the guy because he is celebrity, rich etc…the jelaous ones :)))

Afterwards, we picked up Filip from the childcare and went for a casting to Umbrella Budapest-New York.

This morning she arrived nervous like hell, showing me the article written about yesterday (only those who speak Hungarian will understand it)..she said,they put the worst photo about me :)))

This is the Hungarian article and of course not really reflecting the things said on the interview, but who cares, she is dating a celebrity :))))

I was the stylist and make-up artist  of Lola for the date, hahahaha

This photo she sent some time after she left the flat for the date…


I hope she will enjoy at least the lunch! :))))

And I cannot wait to hear the details of the “date”.

and I have to admit, i love this diversity of my friends and their life-stories 😀

Xmas time in Budapest


I planned this weekend to do ‘sarma’ – stuffed cabbage in Serbian, in Hungary called ‘töltött káposzta’ 🙂 and stay at home with Filip.

We woke up, we spent the morning in pijamas hiding in his hedgehole as he called the messy bed and listening to new brazilian musics, i’ve made great discoveries. Couple of hours later we went to Fehérvári market to get the cabbage leaves for sarma. I call it sarma, because I was born and raised in Serbia, so for me it is more natural to call it that way. I love sarma and I make it very well. If you wanna hire me for a dinner cook, let me know (a french friend of mine already proposed me to do this…i wish i had the place for doing dinner parties, I would not mind)

Anyway, we bought the groceries and since it’s next to Allee I proposed Filip to jump in to see if there is some kids programs or workshops.

There were as usual, but we also saw some unexpected Xmas tree figures 🙂 later I googled them for Filip to show him the real ones in the world.

Behind these statues is a stage for DIY with kids, so Filip made couple of nice decorations.

Of course he saw the shop with the cupcakes behind…:( and he begged me…i gave it in, and of course he chose the sweetest one…it has a lolly pop on the top of the cupcake!

Going out from the shop we had to stop to check on the Starwars game videos…as this is a must.

Out in the street on Móricz a girl approached us and gave him a red ballon…he refused to take it. Mom thanked and took it, because she remembered very well the last time he did not take the baloon, he was whining for hours to go back and take one. While walking home, he was very angry with me, we were fighting because he wanted me to give it back, so I was listening the following: mom, I don’t want that balloon, drop it to the basket, I will make punches on it and destroy it…bla bla bla…

We arrived at the door and I drop the balloon in the room, while he was taking off his jacket..he turned around and noticed the balloon, he shouted with a surprise as we had no issue about it couple of min ago: “MOM, LOOK HERE IS A RED BALLOON???”How did it get here??


I looked at him seriously and cool: Well, Filip must be that Santa has sneaked in again! He smiled from happiness…pffffffffffffff

***I am still wondering if he really forget that we were fighting about the same balloon in the street????

oh and the decorations got their places in the window, nice, right? 🙂



ITEE Café in Móricz – tea, beer and free WIFI


Hi People,

This time I just wanna share cool place I ran into.

Actually I live next to this place…I planned so many times to jump in, but I never did, since I have no internet I am forced to find places around (while this one was all the time in front of my nose).


To be honest, the internet is perfect for emailing and posting your blog (else is not tested). I was not listening to music as there is a nice calm music inside,  a waterfall sound, a aquarium with fishes, so I needed no extra effort to feel good, but I tried i f it can load Youtube videos (it can, so I think it can be a good spot for you maybe too, if you need a place to work)

ITEE Café is a teabar with maaaany many type of tea’s, but they also have some specific beers from breweries (not tested as I came to do work)…

Finally tomorrow I have my own internet in the flat, so no need to search around for places to work, write etc.

They also have bean bags corner for relaxing 🙂

Here is the spot i took on the gallery, it was daytime when I arrived, but got dark soon…so from two light perspectives, well with LG, I dont have those ‘I” things and professional stuff.

Oh and do not forget to (insert the below photo here 🙂 when u are climbing up on the gallery! There is a place for storing your shoes.


fantasy make-up


The story goes like this, I am unemployed since last Thursday,

so while in I decided to do some voluntary jobs too, at least I am not sitting at home and overthinking and I am building connections with people of a similar interest.

Flora, the make-up artist posted in one of the Facebook groups she is looking for a model for Thursday for 3-4 hours for her practising in Glamour Makeup Academy, so I wrote her to model.

I was not aware I am going to a Makeup Academy close to Bazilika, Erzsébet square, but i realized it quickly when I arrived. It is a very relaxed athomsphere and you can also get some hints for doing makeup while spending your time there)

Flora picked for working brave colors yellow and green (it was her choice, but really).

She asked me about the things I am doing, I told her I am modeling, acting and singing. She was interested in the type of the music I am singing. I explained my taste varies, but I like the most traditional Balkan songs and Brazilian, latin songs. What a coincidence she picked yellow and green for my eyes (i am sure u all know the flag color of that country I do not wanna mention), couple of minutes later a collegue of her joined us, gave me two Haribo pacifier (yellow and green, I ate the yellow before I made the photo), we started to laugh. Another coincidence? 😀

Anyway the same girl told us often she is thought to be a Brazilian or Turkish women. My eyes were shut as Flora was already working on her masterpiece, but when I opened my eyes, I told her: girl, you really look alike 😀 …she is the one hiding on the left side 😀


After Flora finished with the eyes, she put on some lipstick and we tried some wigs, but I could not be a long haired  blondie…so i put on this afro hair (to be authentic to “that” culture” a bit). I cannot be Barbie, but the other girl said, I look like Eszenyi Enikő, well…(I am me, Gabi 🙂

Overhere I already got my beautiful black “fan” lashes, but I almost got green feather lashes, however they would cover the makeup so Flora decided to keep it “simple” 😀

They did couple of photos about the work and then moved on to put on the glitters.

This was the end result!


I did not take-off the makeup, I walked out in the street, I felt weird, I felt funny, crazy, everything, but relaxed, untill I started to realize faces of people. They made me laugh, actually two ladies stopped me and told me my make-up is great and they thought I am preparing for some party, but at first they also got surprised and said, at least you will laugh on a way home on people. I did 🙂 but only under my nose, as if I laught to hard the red stones will fall down of my lips 😀

Are you wondering why I left in on me? Well, you do not have a makeup like this everyday on your face, I found it nice and I want to show it to Filip, I wanna see his face and the kids (specially the girls in the kindergarden, or going home to their moms asking them to do the same 🙂

Btw. I am not so confident Filip will like it, he knows to surprise me sometimes, depending on his mood:

  • mom this is beautiful or

I might do some selfies today with them, if Filip allows me 😀 as other boys (specially) and girls are not allowed to hug me usually, only him. 🙂

And finally, a great experience, a good feeling I helped someone and that we enjoyed working together.  Thank you Flora for having me there and good luck with your school. I hope to work with you in the future more!