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Very first steps of learning Russian :)


It is not that I do not speak already 5 languages…why not to learn another Slavic 😀

Morning coffee in 4 Street coffee bar on Móricz Zsigmond square with a friend before going to work.
Making joke on “no smoking”. What an irony for myself…and learning Russian, of course.

Btw. AFTER watching my video continue reading an article about Russian advert “trick” for people to quit smoking, I was a bit shocked on this non-sense war and competing between Russia and the USA.

I am not promoting “Fest 7” Belorusian cigarettes, actually the opposite.
Since my friend is Russian I had to speak in Russian and not in Belorusian, however he told me to be authentical Russian looking women I should color my lip with red lipstick and behave “naturally” (he is all the time critisizing me, even now while I am posting this)…

and yes, I like to be foolish, childish!

The article I mentioned is taken from Guardian:

Oh and contact me via if you are eager to work with me 😀

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even making a video introduction can be a pain


Today I read on Facebook a casting call by CastTeam I decided to go for it, they were asking for fluent/native English speaking people with some Hungarian knowledge (I have them both) age range 18-70 etc.

I also shared the casting call on my group: Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking (I hope the link will work for you from here, if not, search for the group name on Facebook.

The adventure started today like this…

I made about a million of videos as an introduction about myself..and guess what, I did not like them any :))) and of course at the end when I got fedup I’ve chosen one.

Since I had many of them, I picked the best moments, they remind me on the lapsus videos you can watch usually on the TV for the New Years Eve!

The application deadline for the job is very short as the shooting is already in 1-2 days.  Since I have no decent camera, plus the light in my flat is quite bad, I was climbing on the table as I had more lights there,  but in the meantime trying to cover the lamp behind 😀

But, my LG mini G2 phone serves me well in case of emergencies 😀

So, video 1:

When u are just focusing on what is next and you are not recalling what u said….   plus you try to be super cute, not too smiley, not to serious, not to unserious, not too much casual, not confused,  blablabla…

video 2:

“Oh common”

video 3:

When u did about 1000 videos and you get fedup, but u decide to that one more video…

video 4:

using hi is not so professional, or?? I would say not…

video 5:

pljjljljljl, when your tongue get’s stucked

and finally, you really get sick of it…I sent this one…I would anyway never be satisfied with the outcome :)))

and Video 6, the winner…

it’s okay

And after so much efforts, the worst is that mostly it’s not about your abilities, capabilities if you will get the job, but if the casting director or it’s crews imagination “clicked” with your appearance, behaviour, acting, with your own personality etc., so give it a try always 🙂

But, certainly I practised today a lot how to introduce myself.

yes, snake was around my neck


When Marysia contacted me to model with her for her “memory photos” I said immediately yes, and then she added. Great, but it is gonna be a little extreme. I replied: how extreme, is a snake involved?

I kinda felt it…if your are reading me from time to time, you might bumped into one of my post where I described how they are/were my biggest fear on this Earth life of mine! Can you imagine I could not turn pages of a newspaper if a snake was shown on the page.


During the summer I started to look for musicians on Couchsurfing and this is how I met Marysia, music teacher. Actually untill yesterday we have not met face to face, only exchanged couple of words on Facebook and we even agreed to catch up, but the summer was busy for both of us.

Marysia wrote me couple of days apologizing for not replying etc. and with a quesiton to attend a photoshooting with her as one of the girls was missing to model for her photo with Snowflake (the snake). 2015 was for her  a year when she let go the fear of a snake :). She faced a snake on her B-day celebration and since then she is relaxed with them. I decided to go for it, whatever will happen.

Marysia will upload the video to youtube soon, so I will add her celebration video here which was the driver for the photoshooting.


Till yesterday I have not even thought of being close to a snake.


When I arrived to the shooting location, I got my oriental clothing including a nice Indian type feather accessory. I asked Marysia where she got them from. It’s from Flying Heads. I browsed through quickly the photos on Facebook today, these accessories are handmade by two Hungarian girls all collected from the nature.

Check on them by clicking on: Flying Heads Facebook Page

I am wondering if they could make a Samba custome for me? Once… 😀

Finally, around 2-3 pm the snake arrived to the shooting location, a flat of Marysia’s friend. In the first moment I had goose bumps, fear running allover my body, throat, head, whatever you can imagine and the next moment felt peacefull, untill I had to hold her in my hands on top of my head together with Marysia and Lenke (one of the setups for the photo). Of course, I got the end with her head, Snowflake was very peacefull, after a while she got a bit upset and started to move away, turned her head to my palm and I felt like she was cuddling her head in my palm very smoothly. I felt like I am cuddling a small animal, but my fear was stronger in my head. That was another moment I wanted to die and drop her away, I was frozen and trying to manage my fear. Luckily the girls understood me and comforted me.

There was a moment when I felt she is looking at me, but I had no courage to look at her and face her eyes and “oh my God, I collapse even when I see their tongues”.

P.S. there was a moment when the photographer almost stepped on Snowflake, I do not even want to think of how she would react…

The photos below are just the “backstage” ones made with phones. 🙂


Moment of I do not wanna see her yet (first close contacts)…Lenke scared face….Marysia in the middle very comfortable with Snowflake

Anyway, in the end of the shooting, Lenke came with the idea to make a separate photo with  “Snowflake” and I decided to do the worst, though with a hesitation, however the next moment Marysia took her and she was there…in my neck…

I still do not believe I did it!

Thank you Marysia, Ken, Lenke, Philip, Snowflake and the professional snake handler for this experience! 🙂


Is she really in my neck? Just do not move, please


She is in my neck and I could hold her, but I could not take a look at her, I switched to sensing movements

casting agencies – Hungary


Today I changed the name of my newly created group “Hungarian models – English speaking” to “Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking” because I wanted to make sure other creatives also join the group as I posted in my post: we are all models in the things we are doing in a certain way (unique) 🙂 and doors open for all!

Anyway, I promised in the group to compile a list of agencies that could be interesting to visit and register. I understood in my surrounding foreign people are not aware of these informations, sometimes due to lack informations or not knowing where to start searching, the other think they would never be invited to a casting as they not look like a model or actor, or maybe language barriers.

Forget these!

Most of the pages are available in English too for registration and in the most agencies they speak English, of course you will find the opposite too.

Most of the casting calls are in Hungarian, even we all know zounds of movies are shooted in Budapest, or in Hungary in general.

About the look: we never know why a big nose will be a buy-in in a commercial or maybe the agency will hire the person, because he has some old trash car, or the person can sing, or speak some specific language, she is bold etc…

So take the list lower and use it.

Some words about the list and open castings:

Attending a casting depends on so many things. I just give it a try (I fail many times, even sometimes all I have to do is to introduce myself and smile or my day was overloaded with other things and I could not focus on the given task that I got into my hands on a spot (once a full text to learn for a commercial on a shooting day – nice challenge 🙂 but enjoyable! 🙂

I compiled a list with agencies I worked with on some jobs (I colored them green in the attached excel file). I also added couple I know about (I mean I know much more of them, but maybe these are the ones I see mostly posting jobs or I get casting calls). It’s not a full list and I do not have all the details about the agencies, but the most important informations are in.

Try with all of the agencies and see what works for you.

I also added some comments in the file, which i will copy here too:

Fees: I am not sure about all of them, check with the agencies, but max 2500 Ft is the fee or no fee. I did my registration long time ago.

Photo: on most places not needed, they make photos on the spot about you. If you have portfolio, share with them.

Age restriction :mostly no, max at the modeling agencies, but even they have sometimes casting for movies, commercials, you have nothing to loose by applying.

What is looked for: anything, you can be a actor, model, clown, musician, samba dancer, twins, stand-in, translator, dog trainer etc…u never know what they will need for a commercial or movie.

Registration: if personal, you have to fill in a data sheet on the spot, put everything about your self (know your measures too)

Clothing: be yourself.

Casting: If applying for specific casting try to find out what is asked by the crew, many times unfortunately we are not aware. Also mostly not aware of the role and task.

Advice: after change in your outfit message the agencies, or go for another photoshooting. On a yearly basis minimum it is advisable to repeat the registration. Once you are registered you do not need to pay the fee again (usually).

But, if you have any further questions ask in the group, there are couple of people already there experienced in this 🙂

I do not guarantee all the informations I managed to add, or maybe I made a mistake in some data, but I did my best.

Feel free to adjust the list or share an agency you worked with, so I can add and please also share casting informations on my page if you hear of any! (I will translate it to English if needed)

the salaries are…depends on the assignement and what is looked for, but extras are usually not well-payed, however jobs are fun, you can meet lots of new people with similar interest, network and who knows maybe in the future you have some additional benefits?!

So, click on this link and download:

agencies – casting 26.01.2016 – updated list

Facebook group for models, creatives – English speaking


I’ve created a group for models and creatives in English for Hungary and Serbia.

Please feel free to join the group, post your jobs, casting, intros, events and let’s network, create together.

The group names are, please search and join:

  • Hungarian models – English speaking or/and
  • Serbian models – English speaking

If I find how to extract a Facebook link to be able to use it externally, I will post the correct links 🙂

for now I am posting the ones i can copy from the browser, but I think it will ask you for login:

Beside networking I will share also tips on casting, modeling agencies and I plan to share casting events/jobs that can be interesting for foreigners living in Hungary, whether it is about registration to agencies or attend a project, casting…as I realized many of you need support with this.

I hope you will find the group usefull and enjoy networking!!!

And not least, thank you in advance for joining and bringing more creatives to the group!

****update – group name is: Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking


fantasy make-up


The story goes like this, I am unemployed since last Thursday,

so while in I decided to do some voluntary jobs too, at least I am not sitting at home and overthinking and I am building connections with people of a similar interest.

Flora, the make-up artist posted in one of the Facebook groups she is looking for a model for Thursday for 3-4 hours for her practising in Glamour Makeup Academy, so I wrote her to model.

I was not aware I am going to a Makeup Academy close to Bazilika, Erzsébet square, but i realized it quickly when I arrived. It is a very relaxed athomsphere and you can also get some hints for doing makeup while spending your time there)

Flora picked for working brave colors yellow and green (it was her choice, but really).

She asked me about the things I am doing, I told her I am modeling, acting and singing. She was interested in the type of the music I am singing. I explained my taste varies, but I like the most traditional Balkan songs and Brazilian, latin songs. What a coincidence she picked yellow and green for my eyes (i am sure u all know the flag color of that country I do not wanna mention), couple of minutes later a collegue of her joined us, gave me two Haribo pacifier (yellow and green, I ate the yellow before I made the photo), we started to laugh. Another coincidence? 😀

Anyway the same girl told us often she is thought to be a Brazilian or Turkish women. My eyes were shut as Flora was already working on her masterpiece, but when I opened my eyes, I told her: girl, you really look alike 😀 …she is the one hiding on the left side 😀


After Flora finished with the eyes, she put on some lipstick and we tried some wigs, but I could not be a long haired  blondie…so i put on this afro hair (to be authentic to “that” culture” a bit). I cannot be Barbie, but the other girl said, I look like Eszenyi Enikő, well…(I am me, Gabi 🙂

Overhere I already got my beautiful black “fan” lashes, but I almost got green feather lashes, however they would cover the makeup so Flora decided to keep it “simple” 😀

They did couple of photos about the work and then moved on to put on the glitters.

This was the end result!


I did not take-off the makeup, I walked out in the street, I felt weird, I felt funny, crazy, everything, but relaxed, untill I started to realize faces of people. They made me laugh, actually two ladies stopped me and told me my make-up is great and they thought I am preparing for some party, but at first they also got surprised and said, at least you will laugh on a way home on people. I did 🙂 but only under my nose, as if I laught to hard the red stones will fall down of my lips 😀

Are you wondering why I left in on me? Well, you do not have a makeup like this everyday on your face, I found it nice and I want to show it to Filip, I wanna see his face and the kids (specially the girls in the kindergarden, or going home to their moms asking them to do the same 🙂

Btw. I am not so confident Filip will like it, he knows to surprise me sometimes, depending on his mood:

  • mom this is beautiful or

I might do some selfies today with them, if Filip allows me 😀 as other boys (specially) and girls are not allowed to hug me usually, only him. 🙂

And finally, a great experience, a good feeling I helped someone and that we enjoyed working together.  Thank you Flora for having me there and good luck with your school. I hope to work with you in the future more!

hostessz munka kicsit másképpen…


Srácok, a blogbejegyzés telefonon készült, de szerintem teljesen jól olvasható és semmit sem akarok rajta változtatni, csak posztolom, egy picit átformázva.

A poszt irója anonim marad, mert sok az előitéletes ember.

Olvassátok el, kicsit más szemszögből:

“Iden oktoberben vallaltam az elso hostess munkam, nagyon feltem, pedig csak karszalagozni kellett egy DJ szulinapjan.

Olyan preciz es pontos akartam lenni hogy gondosan megterveztem az oltozekem (hostesseknel mindig fekete elegans miniruha) a magassarkut, a taskat. Kiderult hogy kinn kell allnunk este 10tol ejjel 2ig, kabatban, semmi nem fog latszodni amugy sem.

Jol sikerult, a csaj akivel voltam is jofej volt, megbeszeltuk ha lesz valami munka szolunk egymasnak. Egyebkent utana a DJ annyira megkedvelt, hogy mar kozvetlenul nekunk szolt a kovetkezo bulinal, es igy ketszer annyi oradijat kaptunk, borzalmas hogy mennyit huznak le a hostess ugynoksegek, ha az ember ilyen munkat keres, es nem remenytelenul ronda, akkor ket fajta kozul valaszthat:

A 6-800as oraberek, a kosoltatas, az unalmas kosztumben alldogalas, es az utcan leszolitos szorolapozas vilaga, vagy az erotikusabb munkak kozott.

Az erotikus, szinte escortkent szamon tartott melok 1200as oraberrel kezdodnek, de altalaban egy estere fizetnek, ameg a buli/rendezveny tart. Ott nem a kedvessegedet veszik meg, hanem a szepsegedet a vaganysagodat a jokedvedet a testedet.

En probaltam a ket fajta munka kozott lavirozni, megtalalni az aurea mediocritast, mert tudtam en nem fogok kopasz pocakos apukaknak szalamit kinalni egy stabdon a tesco-ban. Csak gazdagabba teszed a meggazdagabbakat, bar ez sok hostess munkara igaz, de ha mar jol erezeted magad kozben, szorakozz jol, epits kapcsolatokat! Az osszes szep baratnom hostesskedett mar, megis sokan nagyon elitelik.

Egy este 10-15.000 forintot kerestem ha elmentem dolgozni,nem kellett soha senkit meg csak megcsokolnom sem, rengeteg embert ismertem meg.

Az a munka ami talan az en hataraimat a legjobban feszegette novemberben volt. Reszleteket ilyenkor nem tudsz sokat, csak annyit mondtak hogy 10-15hostess, vinni kell szep ruhakat es divatbemutatot kell tartaunk Valakiknek.

A talalka pontrol kisbusszal ket csini 30-as szamito penzehes szoke no atvitt minket egy aprocska hotelbe. A galerian egy szobaban oltoztuk, lent 5 nagyhasu onelegult sejk ult. Vinnunk kellett elegans ruhat, meg bikinit, es abban vonultunk fel, ok meg a legszebb 3lanyt ( ez az o ertelmezesukben a harom duci nagy mellu nagy seggu volt) penzjutalommal dijaztak, amibol termeszetesen a ket no levont jo sok ugynoksegi jutalekot.

Par lany nagyon sokmindent megtett hogy megkapja az osztonzo osszeget, tancolt nekik, razta a testet, csokokat dobalt. Ennyi penzt nem er…

Persze ezeknek a penz nem szamit, az egyik alkalmazott mondta, hogy az elozo napokat konkretan vegig prostitualtakkal toltottek, mi csak a hab voltunk a torta tetejen. Persze azt le kell szogeznem hogy tenyleg nem kellett semmit csinalni, csak beszelgetes, nem taperolnak, nem probalnak meg radmaszni.

Itt ismertem meg par lanyt, akik videoklipekben razzak, kulfoldre repulnek ingyen, es meg szilveszterkor (amit az ember a barataival akar tolteni) is kiemelt oraberert hostesskedik.

Az egyik utana hivott ital promociora, 2000-es oraberert, viszont Szlovakiaba. Ejjel vettek fel a keletinel egy nagy boruleses kocsival, nem aggodtam, mert biztam ebben a lanyban, es nem sult el rosszul.

Felig magyar volt a klub, es mindenki csak a szep hostess lanyok miatt vett, ha vett kemcsoves itokat, mert persze oriasi rafizetes volt, a borravalot meg euroban kaptuk.

Volt mar olyan is hogy szulinapizasra hivott par srac hostess lanyokat bulizni, mert esetleg nagyon felenk tipusok, illetve szorakozo helyeken nem akarnak “vadaszni”. Draga pezsgo, sushi, gyonyoru lakas.

En nem birnam elviselni azt, hogy valaki csupan azert csinal velem valamit, mert fizetek neki. Azert kedves velem, azert nevet a vicceimen, vagy azert tancol velem, mert fizetek neki. Azt erzem hogy az erkolcsi megitelese ennek nagyon rosz, aki nem csinalja az lenezi, maximum elfogadja, de meg nem érti. Ezt nem lehet (amennyire a tobbi lanyt elnezem) apro munkakent kezelni, ez inkabb egyfajta eletstilus.”


nos, kiváncsian várom a véleményeteket erről a témáról, kérlek benneteket itt kommenteljetek!

Köszönöm a blogbejegyzést, bocs de nem volt energiám angolra forditani, meg hát, akit érdekel, az googlizza, vagy kérdezzen meg mi van itt ebben a bejegyzésben 🙂

csók mindenkinek!

Become A Model Today!


Thank you for the follow!!!

Cat Model Club Blog!

Have you ever considered getting into modelling?
Been told that you have the potential to become a model?

Many people sign up with us here at Cat Model Club, with a couple of images of themselves to see where it could take them..
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Just amazing..


U ask for a lighter in the street and the girl says: u r so familiar to me…
Me: well yeah, i am a model u might have seen me in some commercial 😀 😀

(Or in fogasház)…ppl remember me from lots of places in the city 😉 i face this almost every day!

The first professional job interview at Modeling Agency in Hungary


I just registered online in their database, feel free to contact me via the agency:

or through my Facebook page under the section “Book now”.

Thank you for your contact in advance,




Somehow I feel this is gonna be one of the most visited blog inputs I wrote…

Let me share with you my latest experience on how I do this…

Last year when I decided to start my modeling/acting whatever you wanna call carreer I started to collect from people I knew they are in this business some informations – I have to admit, people are so bad in sharing informations.

Now I realized I was maybe asking the wrong people and I also knew I will have to invest my time, financials and make efforts on my own,  but this is not an issue for me never if I have “the goal”. I already told you I am very goal-oriented, I achieve what I want, but I also had to have the time for this, as building up a new life,  new carreer, living your dreams does not come true…

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