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if this would be your last day on the Earth…


I am bumping into these self-improvement, encouraging quotes, phrases, sentences all around on different social networks and the one that upsets me now for two days is the following:

Live your everyday like it’s your last days on the Earth! What the hell?!

I really got stuck on it. Anyone thought about this sentence when he/she stated?

I mean common, let’s be realistic, if today would be your last day on the Earth would you really be able to live the way you always wanted, to do things you always wanted?

Would you be able to fly to your dream destination?

to spend your time with Maluma – okay, I am exaggerating, actually I do not like him, but his name came the first to my mind 😀 …Tiago below looks much better and he can even play a guitar 😉

to climb on the Chinese wall?

to travel into the space and watch the Earth from above?

to have your own concert on a huge stage in front of more thousand people?

to shoot the movie of your life?

to hug a man you have not even met yet?

Bullshit! And I am very sorry for being impolite and using this word, but it fires out of me…

No, I am not grumpy,

I’ll just stop paying attention to these SMARTIES…and learn this song above!


ha ez olyan könnyű lenne :)




Sose bánj semmit ami az életedben megtörtént.

Nem tudod megváltoztatni,

visszacsinálni vagy elfeledni.

Vedd ezt úgy mint egy megtanult leckét és lépj tovább…


Bárcsak ilyen könnyű lenne, mint lefordítani 🙂


a quote that makes sense…


“Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.”   By Jacob M. Braude


the simple life?


sometimes ago I shared this quote below on my Facebook page, it is hanging now on my fridge 🙂


is it really so simple?



I shared this post on my FB account, but actually I kept coming back to it, in the end I decided to add some thoughts to it in a blog to make it permanent among my documents  😀 and also as a reminder to myself, as it made me to think about these things…

I read some of the feedbacks people gave on these lines on Facebook…i like to read the opinions…so I’ll add to the same lines here whatever comes to my mind, sometimes about relationships, sometimes friendships, family…

missing somebody…call – I actually do not like to start with this one as it is the point that is always present in my life..I mean I  do call/visit my friends, family etc, but sometimes I have the feeling I am the one always seeking/visiting them and they are not making efforts or they claim they are busy…

Sometimes as an end-result, after a while I give it in and search for new connections. OF COURSE THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS. (I just had to decide choosing people more wisely around myself)

wanna meet up…invite – I do make efforts to invite people, but the same as above…and again, there are exceptions

wanna be understood…explain – it is so easy to say and so hard to explain sometimes the issues I have..and well, this is what I am in confusion mostly e.g. when it is about relationships. Sometimes I feel like I am not able to communicate clearly things to be understood. Or the other that can happen, I explain and the other person ignores it. (Maybe wrong partner choice?)

have questions …ask – i think this is one of the things I am getting better and better. How I know this? Once I was walking in the street on Moszkva square (i prefer calling Széll Kálmán square still with it’s old name) with my son wondering where one of the buses can be found to reach our destination and I was talking loud saying something like: I do not know how to find this bus..My son looked at me and said: Mom, as u usually do, ask the people in the street. 🙂 Yeah right, I told him.

don’t like something..say it nicely – hm, I do not know if I can fully agree with this. While in relationships I am hard on words, in other fields of my life I can state opinions much easier.  I mean I understand we should be polite and I am doing my best to express unliking nicely, but sometimes too much “being nice” is also too much.

like  something…declare it – I do this very often, sometimes I realize how surprising can be this for some people. I heard from the caretakers in the kindergarden my 4 year old is praising the girls by saying them things like: Oh XY your dress is today very beautifull 😀

want something…ask for it – this is still hard for me…to ask for help, specifically

stressed…let go – oh yeah, I am stressfull person.. I do have still what to work on…this is actually my biggest weakness…stressed to breath, sing, pose, stressed on being late, stressed on talking in public…

love someone…say it – this is another point I would argue/add a sentence to it…I actually replied to this thread on my Facebook account with the words of my friend Inés, I STRONGLY agree with as follows:


Mr. Coelho well said, again


You can like him or not, I like this writer.

I read “Adultery” this summer and as other books of Paulo Coelho it left on me nice impressions.

This quote is very much resonating with me and this is what I feel now true for myself, even I am afraid of scars and opening up fully I decide to risk.

I also made a decision not to allow anymore to another person to convince me in the opposite of my convictions and forcing me to think in his way.

I believe in big love and I know I need experiencing in love even it will hurt like hell, but I will find that one gem.

I’ll fail for sure, maybe once, maybe twice, but maybe seeking the whole life and finding that person with 98 :))  YES, I am a optimistic, a challenger and a big romantic!


Testing how wordpress works via email posting


…And of course another great thought by Paulo Coelho!

Paulo Coelho quotes


I decided to collect the quotes of Mr. Coelho, he is one of the most inspiring persons I ever read.

I hope to meet him once personally to thank him for his thoughts!

And this one is one of the bests I’ve ever read!