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if this would be your last day on the Earth…


I am bumping into these self-improvement, encouraging quotes, phrases, sentences all around on different social networks and the one that upsets me now for two days is the following:

Live your everyday like it’s your last days on the Earth! What the hell?!

I really got stuck on it. Anyone thought about this sentence when he/she stated?

I mean common, let’s be realistic, if today would be your last day on the Earth would you really be able to live the way you always wanted, to do things you always wanted?

Would you be able to fly to your dream destination?

to spend your time with Maluma – okay, I am exaggerating, actually I do not like him, but his name came the first to my mind 😀 …Tiago below looks much better and he can even play a guitar 😉

to climb on the Chinese wall?

to travel into the space and watch the Earth from above?

to have your own concert on a huge stage in front of more thousand people?

to shoot the movie of your life?

to hug a man you have not even met yet?

Bullshit! And I am very sorry for being impolite and using this word, but it fires out of me…

No, I am not grumpy,

I’ll just stop paying attention to these SMARTIES…and learn this song above!