our logo…our band name


I do not recall if I was mentioning you what we finally figured out as for our band name… 🙂

Genuine Latin Groove – GLG

How this name came and how it evoluted to GLG?

Genunine – if I recall it well, this word we figured out with Salvatore in Massolit, while having our Sunday coffee.

I arrived home and thought: well, Genuine is cool and we could translate it to Portugese to reflect on our music, however we are not Brazilians and most of us are not Latins in the band (but we are all genuine in our own way 🙂 – coming from different countries with different cultural backgrounds, so the next moment I posted the guys the following:


I was playing with the name ideas yesterday, since no ideas were given, this is a proposition:
Genuino in Portugese (genuine) for the genuine latins in the band, “y” in Spanish as “and” and Falsa is in both languages false, meaning not all of as are latins.

“Falsa” is in feminine, “Genuino” in masculine, as we are with mixed genders, hm hm?
I have even a good explanation for it 🙂 opinions?

I am really thinking a lot about us, and u??”


Finally, Genuine word started to be liked by all.

Couple of days later, Guillermo came up with another proposition, saying:

“Hello guys, first of all I would like to reconsider the band name.. and I was thinking about keeping part of the already existing name and add something else, and maybe we could use an abbreviation, so my idea is “Genuine Latin Beats” and the abbreviation could be GLB.

I like this abbreviation thing because there is a very famous Latin American band called DLG what actually means “dark latin groove”… so my other proposal could be “Genuine Latin Grooves


And Voilá, here we are working on our logo**, yesteday I draw with Filip’s watercolors the first concept based on the feedback’s from couple of people in the band. A logo designer is hired to work on further details.


**logo illustration is the FN1 trademark and ownership of Gabriella Karvák, the owner of this blog 🙂


patient, no chance…


I saw a post on Facebook of Nóri, a make-up artist I had a chance to meet via one of my jobs by Dream Media and I wanted to try this test with my name too…the result is the following, pfffff… now, if you know me being patient is not really my quality and I am like that with everything in my life, I am rather like this song below from Queen!

gabi…this one 🙂


“Listen all you people, come gather round
I gotta get me a game plan, gotta shake you to the ground
Just give me what I know is mine,
People do you hear me, just give me the sign,
It ain’t much I’m asking, if you want the truth
Here’s to the future for the dreams of youth,
I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now,
I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now”

*the video is not my property…

Test was taken via: http://en.nametests.com/

the video speaks for itself :)


Hi People…

I will tell u only couple of words, for the rest watch the video…home-edition, but wow, now I can imagine what a huge job is to make a movie…

pls…it’s the first time I have opened such software, so do not expect a Hollywood movie 😉

I used a free software, downloadable from the internet and called “Easy video maker”, making the video was really easy, this program for us amateurs is logical and easy to use, however after finishing and saving the project I thought this is that I can upload it to youtube and link it here…couple of hours later I learned I had to convert the final video to MP4. Pffffff, amateur…but, it is logical!

After struggling alone for about a 2 hour I decided to post the question: “how to convert rzmmpj extension to mp4 to be able to upload to Youtube?”. I posted to my newly created Facebook group: “Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking”…an acquitance messaged me!

About a month ago I met Robert Stuparu from Romania on the International event called “Meetup” that was held in Ankert, he was the one who helped me out. He asked me to provided him with printscreens via private message and he found the magic button…

Robert, you made my day!

Hobby video creators, once you are using this video creator/editor, remember the following: in “Easy video maker” the final button for publishing/converting to MP4 and exporting a project is called “Render”!  (at the right bottom corner)

So the important words for this video are: Ceruza játszótér (Pencil playground), Gellért, bus 27, Buda side…and just a casual winter day with Filip and Lola!

And another conclusion: if you need a help, ask for a help (my group is a perfect place for that)


recording number 1


We are in a process of recording 3 songs to have some reference material for the clubs, so I captured some moments of the first recording like: our master Guillermo and Mr. Lucas trying to fix this thing whatever that is, to make the recording of the bass, and Saaaalvaaatore checking if his nails are not too long for hitting/playing the Djembe (okay this is something I just figured out). HA HA HA

Of course, Jasna and Yevgenya gossiping in the kitchen and smiling like kids captured eating Nutella.


And I am busy doing the videos and photos, sorry still not about music 🙂

So another version of “Eu ein sai fora”

but, Yevgenya can teach you the same while practising Yoga 😀

…here Jasna made a naughty comment to Yevgenya: if you could only play Bongo like this, it would be even greater! 😀

Eu ein, sai fora


Basic Portugese, lesson one…
actually, we were on a way back from a movie casting organized by Banner Casting on the 16th of January.
We met these two Polish guy and a Hungarian one. See the video.

We had lot’s of fun, even there were zounds of people and we waited about an hour or something to get into the casting audition, but Yevgenya and myself started to network and this is how we met these guys.

When we entered the casting area to make the intro’s, we’ve been talking mostly English and finally when Bertalan the guy in the black hat made his intro, the casting crew commented, finally some of you 5 is Hungarian (hahhahaha, i did not wanted to comment that one Hungarian is also…not really pure Hungarian 😀

We were so loud and cheerfull and I was so much distracted with these people behind the camera as they were making jokes, I could not focus and this was another of my worst introductions on a casting :))) I could start collecting from casting agencies my videos, to compile a playlist of videos: HOW NOT TO BEHAVE OR INTRODUCE YOURSELF ON A CASTING 😀

But I also still laugh about Karol, the guy next to me with the brown scarf.

The casting personel gave him the instrucion: now you can turn back (or something similar) and Karol turned his back to the camera. 😀

Honestly, I can understand this can be misunderstood if you are not native English (I have my own lapsus too), so you can either turn your back to the camera (shoulders) or turn back and look into the camera, SO KAROL, you were just great! You made my day again right now! However, I wish I made a photo about this moment with you turned with a back to the camera.

Yevgenya, she thought Berci is Brazilian, because he looks like one and he is training Jiu Jitsu. Yevgenya is the long haired blond girl, I introduced her already earlier too, she is our drummer (start remembering our name, we are the Genuine Latin Groove, or simply “GLG”). We play Brazilian and latin music, some of u had a chance to heard us in “Jelen” on the Open Mic.

The same day in the evening we did first demo recordings, which are soon to come.

Oh and this “Eu ein sai fora” comes from, we were rehearsing and I asked Tainara if she can teach me something like “hey Brazilian, move on!” in her language,

(but Yevgenya and myself right now prefer only to say this: Eu ein sai fora, which is..I will need to ask Tainara again for the translation of Eu ein …)

“Eu” – I know it means “I’

“ein” I have forgotten 😀

sai fora! – move on!

But, you have to say it with a specific accent 😀

I’m trying to turn the page…


I think French is the biggest challenge for me from all the languages, I was listening to the song list I compiled as the favourite songs of mine, and there is one French among them…(yeah it is not latin, but we will make it become :))) once…

anyway, I have to say even Portugese and Finnish song I am not finding so challenging to learn as French, I will give a time to myself for this song yet, as I have lots of Brazilian songs to “absorb”, but this song will be on my list for sure…

I love the lyrics, read the original and the English translation under the video clip. The rhythm of the song reminds me on Kizomba, but I think the purple hill is something amazing in the video 😀

English translation: To Turn The Page

On my way, I’ve seen many sceneries
With words, I paint images
Out of my cage, I went up a story
Today, I’m floating in the clouds

I let life take me away, I let my quill carry me
It’s not so easy to turn the page
When the present evades me and the past hunts me down
I sigh to say that it’s too bad
I stop for a moment, just for a song
I catch up on fickle time

I let life take me away, I let my quill carry me
My joys and my sorrows
I let life take me away, I let my quill carre me
I’ waiting for this wave which is calling out to me
To forgive the unspoken words, time trickles down the hourglass
To forget, not to bend, I move forward without knowing where I’m going

I’m trying to turn the page [x6]

Drunk as a poet, free as a seagull
I accompany the loners offshore
In an ocean of dreams, rain or shine,
I take off my shadow and I swin

I let life take me away, I let my quill carry me
It’s not so easy to turn the page

To those who listen to me and who give me everything1
I’m writing to tell you to be courageous
To those who listen to me, even when I have doubts,
I sing ‘thank you, I love you’ when I feel cowardly

I let life take me away, I let my quill carry me
My joys and my sorrows
I let life take me away, I let my quill carre me
I’ waiting for this wave which is calling out to me
To forgive the unspoken words, time trickles down the hourglass
To forget, not to bend, I move forward without knowing where I’m going

I’m trying to turn the page [x6]

On my way, I’ve seen many sceneries
With words, I paint images
On my way, I’ve seen many sceneries
With words, I paint images
On my way, I’ve seen many sceneries
With words, I pay homage


French: Tourner La Page

J’ai vu sur ma route plein de paysage
Avec des mots je peins des images
Sortie de ma cage, monté d’un étage
Aujourd’hui je plane dans les nuages

Je laisse la vie m’emporter, je laisse ma plume me porter,
C’est pas si facile de tourner la page.
Quand le présent m’échappe et que le passé me traque
Je soupire pour dire dommage
Je m’arrête un moment, juste pour une chanson
Je rattrape le temps volage

Je laisse la vie m’emporter, je laisse ma plume me porter
Mes joies et mes peines
Je laisse la vie m’emporter, je laisse ma plume me porter
J’attends cette vague qui m’appelle
Pour pardonner les mots muets, le temps coule dans le sablier
Pour oublier, ne pas plier, j’avance sans savoir ou je vais.

J’essaie de tourner la page (x6)

Ivre comme un poète, libre comme une mouette,
J’accompagne les solitaire au large
Dans un océan de rêves, sous le beau temps ou l’orage,
Je dépose mon ombre et je nage

Je laisse la vie m’emporter, je laisse ma plume me porter, c’est pas si facile de tourner la page

A ceux qui m’écoutent et qui donnent sans au total,
J’écris pour vous dire courage.
A ceux qui m’écoutent même lorsque je doute
Je chante merci je vous aimes quand je suis lâche

Je laisse la vie m’emporter, je laisse ma plume me porter
Mes joies et mes peines
Je laisse la vie m’emporter, je laisse ma plume me porter
J’attends cette vague qui m’appelle
Pour pardonner les mots muets, le temps coule dans le sablier
Pour oublier, ne pas plier, j’avance sans savoir ou je vais.

J’essaie de tourner la page (x6)

J’ai vu sur ma route plein de paysage
Avec des mots je peins des images
J’ai vu sur ma route plein de paysage
Avec des mots je peins des visages
J’ai vu sur ma route plein de paysage
Avec des mots je rends hommage

***translation taken from:


even making a video introduction can be a pain


Today I read on Facebook a casting call by CastTeam I decided to go for it, they were asking for fluent/native English speaking people with some Hungarian knowledge (I have them both) age range 18-70 etc.

I also shared the casting call on my group: Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking (I hope the link will work for you from here, if not, search for the group name on Facebook.

The adventure started today like this…

I made about a million of videos as an introduction about myself..and guess what, I did not like them any :))) and of course at the end when I got fedup I’ve chosen one.

Since I had many of them, I picked the best moments, they remind me on the lapsus videos you can watch usually on the TV for the New Years Eve!

The application deadline for the job is very short as the shooting is already in 1-2 days.  Since I have no decent camera, plus the light in my flat is quite bad, I was climbing on the table as I had more lights there,  but in the meantime trying to cover the lamp behind 😀

But, my LG mini G2 phone serves me well in case of emergencies 😀

So, video 1:

When u are just focusing on what is next and you are not recalling what u said….   plus you try to be super cute, not too smiley, not to serious, not to unserious, not too much casual, not confused,  blablabla…

video 2:

“Oh common”

video 3:

When u did about 1000 videos and you get fedup, but u decide to that one more video…

video 4:

using hi is not so professional, or?? I would say not…

video 5:

pljjljljljl, when your tongue get’s stucked

and finally, you really get sick of it…I sent this one…I would anyway never be satisfied with the outcome :)))

and Video 6, the winner…

it’s okay

And after so much efforts, the worst is that mostly it’s not about your abilities, capabilities if you will get the job, but if the casting director or it’s crews imagination “clicked” with your appearance, behaviour, acting, with your own personality etc., so give it a try always 🙂

But, certainly I practised today a lot how to introduce myself.

yes, snake was around my neck


When Marysia contacted me to model with her for her “memory photos” I said immediately yes, and then she added. Great, but it is gonna be a little extreme. I replied: how extreme, is a snake involved?

I kinda felt it…if your are reading me from time to time, you might bumped into one of my post where I described how they are/were my biggest fear on this Earth life of mine! Can you imagine I could not turn pages of a newspaper if a snake was shown on the page.


During the summer I started to look for musicians on Couchsurfing and this is how I met Marysia, music teacher. Actually untill yesterday we have not met face to face, only exchanged couple of words on Facebook and we even agreed to catch up, but the summer was busy for both of us.

Marysia wrote me couple of days apologizing for not replying etc. and with a quesiton to attend a photoshooting with her as one of the girls was missing to model for her photo with Snowflake (the snake). 2015 was for her  a year when she let go the fear of a snake :). She faced a snake on her B-day celebration and since then she is relaxed with them. I decided to go for it, whatever will happen.

Marysia will upload the video to youtube soon, so I will add her celebration video here which was the driver for the photoshooting.


Till yesterday I have not even thought of being close to a snake.


When I arrived to the shooting location, I got my oriental clothing including a nice Indian type feather accessory. I asked Marysia where she got them from. It’s from Flying Heads. I browsed through quickly the photos on Facebook today, these accessories are handmade by two Hungarian girls all collected from the nature.

Check on them by clicking on: Flying Heads Facebook Page

I am wondering if they could make a Samba custome for me? Once… 😀

Finally, around 2-3 pm the snake arrived to the shooting location, a flat of Marysia’s friend. In the first moment I had goose bumps, fear running allover my body, throat, head, whatever you can imagine and the next moment felt peacefull, untill I had to hold her in my hands on top of my head together with Marysia and Lenke (one of the setups for the photo). Of course, I got the end with her head, Snowflake was very peacefull, after a while she got a bit upset and started to move away, turned her head to my palm and I felt like she was cuddling her head in my palm very smoothly. I felt like I am cuddling a small animal, but my fear was stronger in my head. That was another moment I wanted to die and drop her away, I was frozen and trying to manage my fear. Luckily the girls understood me and comforted me.

There was a moment when I felt she is looking at me, but I had no courage to look at her and face her eyes and “oh my God, I collapse even when I see their tongues”.

P.S. there was a moment when the photographer almost stepped on Snowflake, I do not even want to think of how she would react…

The photos below are just the “backstage” ones made with phones. 🙂


Moment of I do not wanna see her yet (first close contacts)…Lenke scared face….Marysia in the middle very comfortable with Snowflake

Anyway, in the end of the shooting, Lenke came with the idea to make a separate photo with  “Snowflake” and I decided to do the worst, though with a hesitation, however the next moment Marysia took her and she was there…in my neck…

I still do not believe I did it!

Thank you Marysia, Ken, Lenke, Philip, Snowflake and the professional snake handler for this experience! 🙂


Is she really in my neck? Just do not move, please


She is in my neck and I could hold her, but I could not take a look at her, I switched to sensing movements

Mini “me”


A friend of mine sent me two days ago a photo about himself as a baby and I looked at my wall …I have a wall covered with Filip’s and my photos from the childhood and since I moved often, I was afraid once to put them away and never find again. I also planned to make some digital version of them anyway to save for the “old age” period.

Here is a prove I was blond and stylish as always, hahahahaha


red sandals

Lower the first photo with dad, he probably told me to do these stupid faces, but I do not recall anything about it, however I like my dumb faces and not knowing what to do in front of camera, just as now many times 😀

The second photo is in my grandparents frontyard in a village called Tóba (I visited for X-mas my grandma, I heard there are now only about 500 inhabitants there).

I spent there lot’s of nice summers and winters, because the street was full of kids, I had lots of cousins living in the street and I was the youngest and the only girl, I was protected by my “brothers”. This is a photo where I cannot deny I am Hungarian 🙂 I have the typical Hungarian motives – “kalocsai” embroidery. On the last photo, the baby is my sister Tünde and the blond boy, Paul is my cousin in the US. And I am 100% sure we were dressed up specially for this photographing (you know, for being good looking on the photos). How much we hated this as a kid, you will see later on one of the photos.

I do not know if you realized my hair is short, I was not happy with that either. I always wanted to have a long hair, later when I was a bit older, couple of times I managed to grow it, but for very short periods. Let’s say: My parents probably recognized short hair suits me more, but…anyway.

Actually I could never really grow a “long, long Frozen Elsa hair” even after in my older ages. I love my short haircut now a lot. And Filip likes the long hair of our babysitter Erika. 😀

These kids are my cousins, I am missing my sister and brother on the photos, and  Gabrili’s sister Anna. My sister Tünde was probably playing with the black cat in the huge trunk of my aunties Mercedes and my brother József arrived to the world 14 year later after me 😀

I am the girl in the blue on the right, but I think it is obvious. I loved that dress.


Lídia, Gabrili, Tanja, me, István and Mirela – from left going onto right

And below is the “I hate photographing” photo. Look at my face, like “common finish and let’s take off this dress, because it was anyway ment for photographing”.

My grandfathers 6 brother and sisters family are/were living in the US, I recall one of my Great Aunts each time she visited us, she brought us cute dresses. My memories are blurry about these family members, because we did not meet a lot.

Oh yeah, we always got the same dresses, like twins. Now I find it cute, but then I didn’t. 😀

I guess Aunty did not wanted to make difference in the presents – you know kids can be jelaous at each other – or she just found cute to see two  nice girls in nice dresses. 😀

See the contrast with my sister, only common in our look is the dress.


Mom  Irén,  dad József,  me and my sister Tünde (in translation: willow, but she was more devil)

This below is Attila,  I have no clue who is he, some family friends kid, but I love this photo.


The roses are red, the violet is blue, the honey is sweet and we are too 😉

and this girl was my only competition in Tóba (my grandparents village), sometimes were were friend, but mostly fighting. And this is another dress from the US which my sister had too (I do not know where she was when this photo was taken)


Sári, Gabi and the white socks, and again “nice setup” for photographing

sorry, no more photos for now 🙂

another music of ours


Another music of Tamás (the pianist) and me i did not really promote it, I only posted today to my Facebook group “Hungarian models, actors, musicians, entertainers – English speaking” (search and join the group wherever you are),

So, I posted the music with the same story I am posting here:

And why I have not promote it yet?

Well, the point is, while singing I made one spelling mistake, of course only those speaking Serbian can realize, but it disturbs me in a way…Ruzo->Ružo 😀

however, Tamás was satisfied with the outcome and he decided to leave it this way…artists can make mistakes too 🙂
it’s a Serbian traditional song cover called “moj golube” (my dove)…
and…well it’s not a NYE party song 🙂