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our logo…our band name and cover songs from Brazil and Latin America in general


I do not recall if I was mentioning you what we finally figured out as for our band name… 🙂

Genuine Latin Groove – GLG

How this name came and how it evoluted to GLG?

Genunine – if I recall it well, this word we figured out with Salvatore in Massolit, while having our Sunday coffee.

I arrived home and thought: well, Genuine is cool and we could translate it to Portugese to reflect on our music, however we are not Brazilians and most of us are not Latins in the band (but we are all genuine in our own way 🙂 – coming from different countries with different cultural backgrounds, so the next moment I posted the guys the following:


I was playing with the name ideas yesterday, since no ideas were given, this is a proposition:
Genuino in Portugese (genuine) for the genuine latins in the band, “y” in Spanish as “and” and Falsa is in both languages false, meaning not all of as are latins.

“Falsa” is in feminine, “Genuino” in masculine, as we are with mixed genders, hm hm?
I have even a good explanation for it 🙂 opinions?

I am really thinking a lot about us, and u??”


Finally, Genuine word started to be liked by all.

Couple of days later, Guillermo came up with another proposition, saying:

“Hello guys, first of all I would like to reconsider the band name.. and I was thinking about keeping part of the already existing name and add something else, and maybe we could use an abbreviation, so my idea is “Genuine Latin Beats” and the abbreviation could be GLB.

I like this abbreviation thing because there is a very famous Latin American band called DLG what actually means “dark latin groove”… so my other proposal could be “Genuine Latin Grooves


And Voilá, here we are working on our logo**, yesteday I draw with Filip’s watercolors the first concept based on the feedback’s from couple of people in the band. A logo designer is hired to work on further details.


**logo illustration is the FN1 trademark and ownership of Gabriella Karvák, the owner of this blog 🙂

and the covers song we did with our bands, click on the 4th and 5th song in the list,

one of the songs is the song from Vanesa da Mata and Ben Harper, my favourite song: Boa sorte/Good luck, and the second song is cover of Maria Gadú’s Shimbalaie:



ITEE Café in Móricz – tea, beer and free WIFI


Hi People,

This time I just wanna share cool place I ran into.

Actually I live next to this place…I planned so many times to jump in, but I never did, since I have no internet I am forced to find places around (while this one was all the time in front of my nose).


To be honest, the internet is perfect for emailing and posting your blog (else is not tested). I was not listening to music as there is a nice calm music inside,  a waterfall sound, a aquarium with fishes, so I needed no extra effort to feel good, but I tried i f it can load Youtube videos (it can, so I think it can be a good spot for you maybe too, if you need a place to work)

ITEE Café is a teabar with maaaany many type of tea’s, but they also have some specific beers from breweries (not tested as I came to do work)…

Finally tomorrow I have my own internet in the flat, so no need to search around for places to work, write etc.

They also have bean bags corner for relaxing 🙂

Here is the spot i took on the gallery, it was daytime when I arrived, but got dark soon…so from two light perspectives, well with LG, I dont have those ‘I” things and professional stuff.

Oh and do not forget to (insert the below photo here 🙂 when u are climbing up on the gallery! There is a place for storing your shoes.


fantasy make-up


The story goes like this, I am unemployed since last Thursday,

so while in I decided to do some voluntary jobs too, at least I am not sitting at home and overthinking and I am building connections with people of a similar interest.

Flora, the make-up artist posted in one of the Facebook groups she is looking for a model for Thursday for 3-4 hours for her practising in Glamour Makeup Academy, so I wrote her to model.

I was not aware I am going to a Makeup Academy close to Bazilika, Erzsébet square, but i realized it quickly when I arrived. It is a very relaxed athomsphere and you can also get some hints for doing makeup while spending your time there)

Flora picked for working brave colors yellow and green (it was her choice, but really).

She asked me about the things I am doing, I told her I am modeling, acting and singing. She was interested in the type of the music I am singing. I explained my taste varies, but I like the most traditional Balkan songs and Brazilian, latin songs. What a coincidence she picked yellow and green for my eyes (i am sure u all know the flag color of that country I do not wanna mention), couple of minutes later a collegue of her joined us, gave me two Haribo pacifier (yellow and green, I ate the yellow before I made the photo), we started to laugh. Another coincidence? 😀

Anyway the same girl told us often she is thought to be a Brazilian or Turkish women. My eyes were shut as Flora was already working on her masterpiece, but when I opened my eyes, I told her: girl, you really look alike 😀 …she is the one hiding on the left side 😀


After Flora finished with the eyes, she put on some lipstick and we tried some wigs, but I could not be a long haired  blondie…so i put on this afro hair (to be authentic to “that” culture” a bit). I cannot be Barbie, but the other girl said, I look like Eszenyi Enikő, well…(I am me, Gabi 🙂

Overhere I already got my beautiful black “fan” lashes, but I almost got green feather lashes, however they would cover the makeup so Flora decided to keep it “simple” 😀

They did couple of photos about the work and then moved on to put on the glitters.

This was the end result!


I did not take-off the makeup, I walked out in the street, I felt weird, I felt funny, crazy, everything, but relaxed, untill I started to realize faces of people. They made me laugh, actually two ladies stopped me and told me my make-up is great and they thought I am preparing for some party, but at first they also got surprised and said, at least you will laugh on a way home on people. I did 🙂 but only under my nose, as if I laught to hard the red stones will fall down of my lips 😀

Are you wondering why I left in on me? Well, you do not have a makeup like this everyday on your face, I found it nice and I want to show it to Filip, I wanna see his face and the kids (specially the girls in the kindergarden, or going home to their moms asking them to do the same 🙂

Btw. I am not so confident Filip will like it, he knows to surprise me sometimes, depending on his mood:

  • mom this is beautiful or

I might do some selfies today with them, if Filip allows me 😀 as other boys (specially) and girls are not allowed to hug me usually, only him. 🙂

And finally, a great experience, a good feeling I helped someone and that we enjoyed working together.  Thank you Flora for having me there and good luck with your school. I hope to work with you in the future more!



spending a 90 min in a Salt Cave


I’ve planned about year ago to visit this place in Mozsár street… As the weekend was getting closer I was trying to figure out what programme to invent to experience something new with my little devil. I hadn’t think in advance, of course, so I had to think of something easy and quick “TBA” –> to be arranged 😉

On Saturday I woke up on a “like” of this photo on my Instagram profile by a Slovenian girl (sanya_lt):

Collage Creator_53

I had a look at and read her profile, where she stated something like this “as I have no money for travelling I am discovering and sharing photos of the cities, villages around myself”. She has nice photos from the places in the Balkans. Inspired, I started to think of the things I have put in back of my mind to explore in Budapest and this is how I remembered the Salt Cave in Mozsár street next to Oktogon.

I made a quick check one more time on their website, dressed up Filip and we were on our way. In the meantime I rang the place, as there is a pre-registration and on Saturday it is open only till 1-2pm.

Let me provide you with a very short bla bla story why I chose this place: Salt caves have health benefits and only to mention couple of them e.g. for preventing cold, for asthmatic illness, but exposure to salt can make you feel calmer, but more energised, bla bla bla (I need this part for calming myself A LOT!)

Basically the place we visited, it’s a constructed small salt “cave” with 23 tonnes of Himalayan salt tiles built in as bricks and no, it’s not in a huge heap of salt.

Oh, and after being couple of minutes in the place I felt the salt on my lips.

There are 2 separate places/rooms. One room is for those who wants to have a salt therapy, it’s  a kinda relaxing place with nice zen music (you know, birds whisteling, waterflow, nature sounds), you get wrapped with a blanket, while the salt is vaporizing in the air, your breathing it in, cleaning your body and mind and just chillin’.

I have not tested this relaxing room yet, as my first intention was to do some common programme with Filip and common he is not a kid who will lay for an hour in a room (that’s like no chance cathegory), but certainly going for a relax therapy is on my list in the upcoming days.

I managed to catch a minute when nobody was inside of the room, on the photo you can see the vapor in the air and no, it’not my camera blurriness.

Only FYI, if you are interested, a 1 hour relax therapy is now on reduced price and it costs: 990 Ft. 10 occasions: 6000 Ft. If any of you interested to join me, let’s go for it together.


The other room is for the kids, a salt granulate playground with bunch of toys. Aaand no, Filip was not alone in the room, as far as I understood 6 kids with parents can be hosted for duration of 60-90 minutes. There were couple of them, so I was making photos when Filip was alone in the place.

Entrance fee for the playground is 1500 Ft/1 adult+1 kid/60-90 min, but the first occasion for kids is free of charge and also for those under the age of 2, we got in for 990 Ft.

20150905_125613 20150905_113430 20150905_113549 20150905_113822

All in all, we were there for 1,5 hour and I filled up couple of times the baskets and toys with “dirt”, this is how Filip called the salt, even I explained him it’s a salt. He is a curious kid, he wanted to test the granulates, so he asked me if he can lick the wall. 😀

What have I supposed to tell him, but okay, lick the wall 😀

(btw. Filip just woke up, before I managed to finish my blog and you have no idea how hard is to type when a kid is staring into your face, putting his naked butt or leg into your mouth, singing in your ears, being in front of the laptop, blind typing is not helping me).

He likes to be naked, for revenge once he grows up I will post all his naked photos and videos officially (Filip, I am just kiding)

This is how it looks, when the devil attacks you!!! The solution was to give him my phone, so he can make videos about himself and I can finish my writing.


Btw.  to continue my story, there are 2 pitches in the place for drinking, one contains special threated water and it is offered against dehydration (I got thirsty there quickly) and there is another pitcher with a wooden spoon. By my nature I am also curious and I wanted to know what is the difference between the two pitches. I asked the people around and they did not know (this is so typical), they only knew which is for sure the water.  As a spoon was next to I thought this is something you should not drink in a big amounts, still I managed to take more then I needed. Actually I almost died when I tasted, it was a salt solution – I am sure it’s healthy, but thank you, I’ll have next time also only the water. 😀

The taste recalled some bad memories from my childhood 😀 – my dad used to make us to drink a glass of salty water when we had some indigestion problems as he said “to empty our belly” – I know he had good intentions with it as I felt better after, but ever since I hate salty water and it reminds me on throwing up, ARROTAR! (Meu amigo, obrigado pela palavra)

Well, I know this above is not the best finishing of this post, yet I have nothing else to add, but: Filip is sitting in my laps and kissing me. AWWWWW!

So, if someone interested for a couple of hour relaxation after work or spending a time with your kid in a healthy place, visit:


They have a green turmix buffet in place and Himalayan salt can be bought.




Budapest through a song


Budapest is in my heart since I moved here, I remember many times on a sunny days while crossing the bridge I had these “A-ha” moments, when you have the feeling this is your place…

Nowadays, I was not feeling well and I lost this connection with my inner-being, the city and the people, even I took this trip to Geneva on a very low cost and sometimes I blame myself as I spent my last money for the trip, in the end I feel that trip was healing for myself as I realized what a chaos, rush, pressure I had in my life from every field of my life. It was good for calming my mind.

I remember the first day I arrived back I felt like I am in a strange city with many stress again, people are nervous, shouting, horning with the cars and then I faced that maybe people are enough of winter, but also realized how much intolerancy they have for their city. The tram line 4-6 is now under reconstruction and the whole city is busy all the time, traffic jams all over the city and even more nervous people around.

Today, I applied for one contest for singing, an e-mail landen in my mailbox from my future singing teacher and for the 2nd time in my life I decided to go for the contest and apply. I sent the mail couple of minutes ago and I am waiting for the reply of the agency.

There is one song I really like from Balkan Fanatic called “Ha te tudnád” (If you would know) and I also really like to sing it, I let it to play on youtube and at a moment my son pointed out a Ford car model in the video and I actually realized the song is introducing main inventions of Hungarian scientists, I got also surprised what a great inventors my country has!

Enjoy watching it:


Hira, u are crazier then me and big hug to Genova!


Friend, acquitances would you be so kind to share this post for me,

I wanna do it till the end and I promise u will hear the story whatever the end is!

thank you!


I have to admit your blog looks much professional then mine, I could take some lessons from you about blogging!!!

and luckily I can also understand some words, but with the help of the google translator it`s perfect, maybe I take Italian as next, after Spanish and Portugese to learn!

A week ago, when I went to Genova, actually I was 100% sure this story about Nicola will stay on a side for some time, but not forever!

I cannot believe what all people I met along our hitchhiking trip (I hope u read it) and I am still amazed, the moment I lost my faith and i wanted to quit the search, a supporter appeared in my life.

I was thought not to chase men, which is fine…but, not in all cases.

Both sides have to make efforts in relationships in equal way, sometimes letting the guys to be the…

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Hira, u are crazier then me and big hug to Genova!


Hello Hira,

I have to admit your blog looks much professional then mine, I could take some lessons from you about blogging!!!

and luckily I can also understand some words in your blog in Italian, but with the help of the google translator i can understand the main message and I think it is perfect,

maybe I take Italian as next language after Spanish and Portugese to learn!

My readers,

A week ago, when I went to Genova, actually I was 100% sure this story about Nicola will stay on a side for some time, I knew I won’t meet him, but I also think this story will not remain like this forever!

I still cannot believe what all nice people we met with Inés along our hitchhiking trip (I hope u read my previous posts about it)

and I am still amazed, the moment I lost my faith and I wanted to quit the search, a supporter appeared in my life, right before Valentines day.

I was thought not to chase men, it’s theirs job, I do not agree with this and also for the first time I really felt I wanna do everything for this person (well, a bit late).

I think both sides have to make efforts in relationships in equal way, but sometimes we have to let the guys to be the hunters 😉

they are scared from strong women, as usually most of them from me 😀  (yesterday a friend confirmed me this for not the first time in my life…)

But, I also ask the girls, how many guys did you approach in your life? Do you approach guys or it was only me with this problem of I should not approach him, he should make the first step etc..?


I was sitting tonight with my friend Ines and talking to another friend who has a girlfriend in a distance, she visited him when she wanted to see him, with her friends though, but she did make the step.

We asked him: okay? How about u, are u ready to do the same for her? He got the point very quickly.

At the end of our discussion, he said, he is glad he talked to us. We were glad talking to you too 😉

Ines is the friend of mine, who is very realistic woman and she was talking from experience 🙂

Oh Inés, u also have great relationship stories :))

Anyway, she told our friend before he leaves to visit his girlfriend abroad he should get in contact with her friends to keep her in the city, when he arrives to her place by sudden.  Valid point!


Why have I wrote these above?

Well, I did not know if  Nicola was last weekend in Genova when we got there and of course, a piece of my heart was hoping I will meet him, when we reached it. Btw even in one of the bars, we got from a barman tips for bars where usually local people go to have afterparty.

We did not check on them, but I kept the paper, once I meet Nicola I will ask him if he is going to these places, as when we talked about his visit in Budapest he asked me about local places he should visit, I told him for me Fogasház is like local place even there are lots of tourist sometimes too, but it is mixed with locals, and common I count for local already, half of my life I lived in Budapest.

I asked if we were in Genova where he would take his visitors, he replied with the same, visiting local places in Genova.

So we got this list with the local places and I will have it here, but we did not use it in Genova. It was the second time we did not listen to an advice of a local person (u remember our story with the hitchhiking from the port?).

I have to admit, sometimes I am such a bad listener, but I also have to say when we finally arrived to Genova we were just to tired to walk around searching for parties,  where this guy “could” show up and for whom we were not even 100% sure lives exactly in Genova. 😀

So the list is here, we might need it in the future, I am so sorry I did not take the name of the guy who provided us with it (yeah, another name I forgot to note down 😀 but I remember the bar where was located, so once I go back I might find him 😀

Please feel free to use this list if you are in Genova after 3 am in the night, it’s local advice. Btw Inés, maybe we should have visited at least this Reggaeton club.


Anyways, I told u already, we were hosted by Elisabetta and her boyfriend in the city center, we told her about the purpose of our travel, at first I think she could not believe, but you know womens heart, we are romantics.

She immeditaly came up with an idea: Gabi, I have a friend who is a journalist, blogger etc working in local TV she will find him.

I started to laugh, because btw. couple of days before I even wrote a mail to the local tv`s to find him, yes I am ready to do anything for a guy/friend who I think is worth of having him/her in my life.

I had to admit to myself I cannot give it in, he just comes back to my life and wants me to go till the end. I had to give up on all false masks I have, because believe me writing blog about this in public, while I know many of my friends, collegues, acquitances, ex-bosses, new bosses will read it, well you have to have balls for it, not mentioning that this whole thing can end up for me with a failure and rejection, which is the worst as I will have to share the end of the story too. U have no clue how I am afraid how this will end up.

The whole thing about him couple of days ago started to fade for me, because I did all I could and i said to myself life goes on and I decided giving chances to guys I thought they could be the next “Nicola”.

I really wanted to give them a chance, but I kept bumping into the same old story situations with them. I open up all my feelings immediately and they put on their macho masks. No, I cannot do this to myself anymore. I am worth of myself and I do not need to prove this to anyone. Good-bye.

I realized I am again making more efforts and the more I make the less i get emotionally from them.

In that one night I spent with Nicola there were no games from his side, he met me as I am.

You have no clue, how f…. hard is to let go the guys you really like, but I know it will pay off in the end as I am paying attention finally to my feelings and emotions and I somehow I realize quicker who is worth of my attention.

I am in certain way sure, I lost Nicola because of my own mask, my brain did not allow me to speak for my heart. My heart was telling me to ask for his contacts before he left. I did not, because I assumed he can call me, if he wants to meet me, but common I wanted to meet him too? What is this game?

When we met, I had to give him the sign though, but he got me too and yeah I left him a bit to ‘hunt’ me, while I knew I will come to him.

After couple of hours being together I really could not believe he approached me without judgments, for the first time in my life.

And u know what, I did not believe him when he said he likes me, that he likes my full being and he doesn’t give a shit if I am 36, with a kid, if I am divorced, he likes me the way I am. I was so confused, I did not wanted to believe him any word and anyways isn’t it a typical flirting story? I told him many times: you are is lying, and he was confused for not trusting him.

I know every relationship is based on trust and honesty. I did not lie him, why I assumed he was lying to me?

U can imagine how many lies I heard in my life, when there is a person in front of you and wants to meet u just as u are, u are not capable to believe it.

Nicola, I learned from you to meet a new person just as they are in front of me, like for the first time I meet a new friend, it’s just named different, maybe a potential boyfriend.

If I trust my friends when I meet them for the first time, then I can trust to a boyfriend too, in the end he is the person who should be my best friend. Isn’t it?

Anyways, Hira, she is a blogger from Genova, she contacted me this week, she heard my story from Elisabetta and she read my posts about Nicola, she proposed a video call which we could not make due to our busy lives, but she told me on Valentines day she will go into the city and record an interview with people asking them if they know Nicola, she will post it on her blog page and then we will see what will happen.

When she told me about her idea, first I was like: she is crazy and I told her, I think I just have to quit, anyways I think I met a guy who might be interesting,

but, she was more adventorous this time then me and she was very much into the story and we do not have so much romantic stories nowadays, do we???

Hira after realizing I am giving in, she told me I have to do this search till the end, I agreed, why should be different this time I need to finish my things and go till the end.

Nicola played an important role in recognition of myself and if nothing else I want to thank him for this. My gutt is telling me this too, even now.

So, Hira dmade the video and she blogged about it in Italian.

If you speak Italian, well, here is a nice romantic story in Italian about me and Nicola, or just use google translator, like I did 😀


In the blog, there is also the video made by Hira while interviewing Genovesen people about Nicola, I have to say while watching the video I was laughing about this whole thing and I could not believe she did this for me and that I am also giving my name for it.

While coming to the end of the video, I had a fear Hira found him and he dumped me. I kept watching and I said to myself, common Gabi, it`s not the first and not the last, u at least did something for him, because u felt he was right for you, we had a misunderstanding that took us to wrong ways, but he is worth of your efforts. I would love, if someone would do the same for me.

I already ashamed myself in front of everyone for doing this another step in this whole story is like peanuts, anyways, why do I care at all what will people say, I am doing this for myself, right?!

Myself in a first row and for him, because I felt i missed a great person in my life and I do not wanna loose nice people from my life, because of some previous bad experiences in my relationships.

Thank you Genovesens, I cannot believe how many people attended this video, I loved it! I am sending all my love to all of you and the most, to all the people who supported me with this whole thing, while you have no clue who I am.

Let`s find Nicola, the Brazilian guy!!!:D

I have to admit among my friends there were only two girls, Inés and Vicky who supported me fully, In;s hitchhiked with me to Genova and she is waiting for each detail of the story each time we talk. Vicky u translated my post into Portugese!

I am gratefull for you both for coming to my life!

And, Elisabetta, Hira, big hug to both of you!

Story TBD and I cannot wait the outcome. Thank you so much for doing this for me even we met once and Hira, we were just Facebook acquitances! 

p.s. today one of my friends Ünige asked me, Gabi how the hell did u get this story in Italian blog??? :)))

Üni, I know u were waiting to read it, so here it is above 😉


till we find Nicola…..

well, my life goes on and I do not wanna waste any minute of it…

even if I fail in this story, Nicola, I would like to have at least one more friend talk with you at the corner of Fogashaz at the bar!

As u said, u believe there can be a friendship between a woman and man!

Now u see, this is another thing I do not hear often from people! I respect you for this and I agree with you on this fully!