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how can you connect music, SSSR and airfighters??


make a video by yourself and add these things to it ūüėÄ

hey, I had to write an eye-catchy title!¬† Sorry ūüôā

You have probably realized I have got back to corporate life recently, however I am working on building up my relationships in music industry, while actively seeking projects and collaborating with musicians like it is with Tam√°s and √Ākos on our last video (link lower).

Those who know me personally, they know I am an open, well networking and chatty person. I approach people easily and I enjoy this, that is why my circle of friends/acquitances is so diverse, colourful and wide. I often get responds: yeah, you know everyone in the city! ūüôā

If I recall my earlier years, I realize how close minded I was, meeting always the same people, listening to the same stories…how much nicer is to meet a person you do not know at all, he/she has a new story for you and you can create something new with him/her.

This is how I met Tam√°s. I met him via Facebook post where he was looking for an English singing singer. I messaged him and couple of days later we met. We were both cautious, but interested what the other person can offer. It was about a year and a half ago, if I recall it well…

Ever since I sang with him in Serbian, Portuguese, Macedonian …but, none of the songs were yet in English. ūüôā

And the bigger irony is that our songs have no lyrics, yet they are liked, thank you for those messages we got in these 2 days for encouraging and acknowleding our work.

I am posting here our music as I am proud of it and I want to have it among my blog posts, actually for 2 days I cannot stop to listen to our music (it is on repeat all the time). I guess the feeling of something that is created by us is what makes me to like it so much. But also, it is really something I created for the first time in my life with my heart and it feels really good to share with the world.


Thank you Tam√°s and √Ākos, but specifically Tam√°s for the hard work you did for compiling the music and also the video in the form it is, it is awsome!

I am looking forward to our new projects!

aaaaand READER, if you are a song-writer let us know, we need one! ūüôā


“Nikola, nisam ti ja majka” – it’s just title of a Serbian movie


but u got busted, I am not changing the topic untill I find this guy…hihihihi

and “Nikola, nisam ¬†ti ja majka” means “Nikola I am not your mother”, I am quoting from one of the best comedy movies from Serbia, which is weird, crazy, it’s about the devil and angel in us…and a lot more

ok, I won’t continue describing it, ¬†go and watch it!

I will tell you the Serbian title of the movie, it’s called “Mi nismo andjeli 1. ” in translation “We are not angels – Part 1″.


unfortunately IMDB was quite “short” on the description, you can have insight on youtube, but I actually propose u just to go for it, it’s gonna be very different from Emir Kusturica movies.

Now, You can now imagine how stubborn and target-oriented I can be when I feel for something “that is that” and I keep pursuing doing it and going till the end, untill I get what I want. This is why I also say my modeling/acting/singing carreer is just starting, watch me…but sorry, this topic is not about that again.

I wanna finish the story about this guy in positive or negative way, so I can focus on my priorities, right now my mind is fully occupied with him and I cannot focus on else. So I need to sort it our, write it out,  make actions to find him.

Common, support me now in this, give me some tips, how would you find a person u lost and u know only his name and city of living.

If I find this guy and I get a kick in the ass, well he will get even a bigger one from me (okay I am just kidding). Somehow even I am afraid to say this, because u know there is always this one 1% ¬†of possibility that my intuition did ¬†not work well. I do not have this fear of rejection and to be honest I would be more happy to get a kick-ass, then not to know why he did not return back. This status of not knowing is just ‘woah!’

This morning ¬†after 5 hours sleeping I woke up and could not go back to sleep, my mind was full of him, how to find him…and then I remembered okay let’s see again brazilian groups, but maybe on google, schools with portugese language, church (can u imagine I wrote a mail to a priest, ahhahahahhahahha, but common in Italy almost 100% of the population is “religious”. ¬†Actually the mail to the priest I wrote today, OMG I am laughing at myself…I can imagine him tomorrow opening his mailbox (but hey, he is a modern priest, he has an e-mail) and before he goes for his Mass reading my mail about a silly separated women (okay he doesn’t know that, but I should have write that also into my mail – pitty i have forget – and also that I have a 3 year old kid) chasing a 25 year old, hahahhaha. ¬†I think he will do double confession and praying for me.

Anyways, I lack Italian knowledge and I have no courage to ask my Italian acquitances¬†to help me and I am also not sure they would help and would not look at me as on a weirdo. So I joined couple of forums, new professional expat sites, I am repeating professional sites, you know the ones for serious business mans and in the section about me I wrote the following: Hi, my purpose is to find Nicola and I was apologizing for my post, but I need all the networks now etc…. and on my surprise I even got mails from some guys, of course some of them offering me a date :)))) I did not reply as I am interested only in this person now, untill I get a final yes or no.

Otherwise you are probably also aware of the information, I read it many times, but I dont know exactly where that we are in about 3, 4 or to 5 people from e.g. ¬†the president of the US or any person in the world. The world is just small, sharing my blog would help me, but I feel stupid to ask such thing from you and also to do this act..it’s annoying for me…while I am sure I would do the same for some of my acquitances, friends if they would ask me.

I dont know how to ask help lots of times, but yeah I need it too….

So, I wrote to the priest, then to one Brazilian¬†expat, Internations ambassadors in Genova, communities, a journalist from England living in Rome, who is interviewing models and actors (I was not looking for him, he just popped-up, ¬†he will be surprised on my mail too) well, in the meantime I created new profiles on these new websites, which will open me new doors maybe for my “modeling, acting world” as for some of these sites I did not know, of course I immediatelly filled up with informations and I added my blog. Even if I get 1 new follower, for me it was worth to be registered to this site.

In the meatime I Googled Genova and I found out Columbus Cristopher was born there and Niccolo Paganini, I found about the Piazza Ferrari, about history (which okay I read only partially as i dont like¬†it), about the¬†Lanterna, Port, industry, language…and then languages, well that was the point where I understood why he did not speak Italian.

His language is somewhat Ligurian,and probably the

  • Zeneize (meaning Genoese, main Ligurian variant, spoken in Genoa)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genoese_dialect – and an extract that u also understand…

  • In its differences from standard Italian, Genoese is somewhat similar to Portuguese. The language is far from dying out. While most remaining speakers of it are elderly, many young people still speak the language. Further, there are several associations dedicated to keeping the language alive. One such association is O Castello in Chiavari, Genoa, Italy.

Yeah, but then I got another idea, maybe he is from Chiavari? It was loud in Fogash√°z when we met, and later I did not get back to this topic again…Fogash√°z ruinpub is always my last station in the night “cruisings” (most of the time, but usually I make short visits minimum to 3-4-5 places before)

********** I will have another task to find this association.

Why is he so special, well maybe I am fully wrong about him, I want to give it a try to find him… tomorrow I will do another search and then I will let it go…

But I think I already told you the¬†attention he gave me, the love and the acceptance and some intimate things¬†we shared and I kinda know what was his problem after he left, beside the fact that I did not take his contacts and I could not believe a 25 year old could just get over all my things…and look at me as on a person who really wants to get to know…well, I think I also f— up, as I kept telling him, he is too young and I have a kid, and he kept telling me, he doesnt give a s… about my ages and he cannot believe some guys did not like me or had fear to be with me because I have a kid…

U know when u are facing and meeting guys¬†who get bothered with this, it’s hard to believe that someone does not get bothered with these things at all, but it’s really interested you and this is where I made a mistake…I wanted, but I could not trust him and the worst is he left thinking: “I was just a one night stand for her’, because this is what I was reinforcing in him, and all because of my uncertanity that he really likes Gabi. He stepped back from the door saying I really want to see u,¬†i replied with not believing him and just saying “I was really glad to meet you, but I won’t be offended if you don’t call me I know it’s party time for you now in a new city”. ¬†I was lying to myself and him too, because even I understood he is here for a weekend I also felt it was a mistake saying it this way, he got a totally wrong impression. And there is another thing about him, but more intimate which made me to think and I realized I also f—-d up that we did not meet again. ¬†I want to meet him to clearify this.

He was looking at the photos of Filip and telling me: I think you¬†should start¬†preparing yourself lots of girls heart will be broken¬†ūüôā I smiled and replied: Yeah, I know…

Story ends here for today, sorry for the late post, though I promised in the afternoon, but I was busy having get ready my profiles and applying for jobs and later making selfies with my babysitter who got stuck in my flat for couple of hours with a bottle of Ros√© because of the snowing outside ūüôā


It was for the first time I could put on a side to be “the strong women” as he threated me as a woman, I almost trusted him 100% in those moments ¬†and I could releaf and allowed him to be a man. He taught me about this.

Maybe this is the outcome of our meeting,  this was the growth/recognition I got by meeting him that one night.

He was pure and original, without any masks and also almost 100% open about his feelings.00


p.s. have you heard about Chiavari chairs?

“The Chiavari chair is used in the State Dining Room and Family Dining Room in the White House in Washington, D.C., and silver Chiavaris were used during the inauguration of Barack Obama as seating for his family and guests.”




let him go…


another “let go”, another recognition, every person I meet brings me to conclusions what are those qualities I really felt true for myself and which are those I still have to “look for”, to recognise them, as they bring me an easiness and less stress in my next relationship. These are not expectations, but feelings-vibes (positive and negative) that make me feel I am or not with the right person. You are all my teachers and I am gratefull for that.

I realised each time I pick one of the songs to listen in my actual mood, the lyrics, the music, they just reflect the thoughts and feelings that are currently in my mind and my heart…here is today’s song, I am in a melancholy ūüôā

The lyrics are something like this, i hope I did not miss the sense, correct me if needed (natives, teachears ūüėÄ

Someone else is huging my love….By Balkan Fanatik & Rajk√≥ Zenekar

I smoked cigars and I burned my lips,

back at home someone else is huging my love,

someone else is huging him, and sitting in his laps,

someone else is winking into his light blue eyes.

I was happy only once in my life,

even then two tears ran out of my eyes,

I was crying from the happiness that he loves me,

And in a sorrow that he cannot be mine,

I was crying from the happiness he loves me,

And in a sorrow that he cannot be mine.

I was falling from one dream to the other,

Now, my love I will no longer take care of you,

I will not even remember you anymore,

Let Jesus pay for you kindness.

I will not even remember you anymore,

Let Jesus pay for you kindness.”

I am not gratefull to my parents in my life for many things, but I am so gratefull they thought me to love, listen¬†and sing traditional music,¬†this is one of the musics that touch my¬†deepest inner soul and this is the song that reflects me this morning.¬†I am repeatedly listening to it¬†(as usual, min 20 times in a row ūüôā

Today this¬†song brings me waves of sad feelings on the surface, just in a right way. My tears are running through¬†my face waking some deep burden feeling, but without knowing what’s the real sadness behind, triggered with the feelings to a person I met 2 days ago, someone who I cannot describe really,¬†I am sad and I am glad at once. I am glad I could feel with him and¬†he felt with me.

I cannot describe the feeling having someone next to you who has full acceptance and understanding for you, someone who you meet for the first time and has no objections on you, accepts you just as you are and even the silence with him is cheerfull,  our breathing was calming each other. We just layed huged and enjoyed the feeling for being so close to each other.

He is the first angel sent to me,

I could not believe he was so mature for his ages, so thoughtfull, gentle and carefull.

I met him by sudden, while looking for another person I met that night,¬†while walking next to the bar we looked at each other. ¬†I saw a¬†beautifull blond, blue eyed “well-known smile” guy and handed my hand to him with a smile . I wanted you too feel man and leaving you the space to make a step toward me too. I “played” a little bit that I am not interested in you, ¬†while wishing that you “hunt me”.

Something inside of me whispered, give him a chance and I stayed.

“Couple of minutes later I was taken with you fully. I still cannot believe how you¬†resonated with my body, you¬†knew exactly what you have to do with me in those moments we danced. Your kiss, your gentle massaging touch was releasing all the stress in my mind, head, back, neck. I even said to myself, this cannot be true, I felt like you have insight in my body flows and touching me right at the places I needed.

You thaught me that night how to be a woman in mans hands, I came to a realisation how much I had the leading roles in most of my life situations, relationships.

I never knew how to handover myself fully to a man, relax and just be sometimes a weak woman, I had to be a tough women as I was choosing weak men next to me.

I had to let go my illusion of a strong women and I allowed you to dance in your way, to move my body in your way and to relax in your hands, You gained my trust.

This meeting was ment to happen, you were one of those soulmates I would have earlier missed to meet in my life and I am so glad I looked around and let you close to myself.

After you left I bumped into this article…even this article is not sudden…”


And please do not listen to woman who say you are too much hugging, kissing, gentle, caring, they have no clue what they are missing and what love is! They are emotionally poor…

no title


I am awake like an owl (it’s a saying which I never know if I am translating from some of the languages I know or it exists in English too, but now I am lazy to google it).

Today again I had no nap in the afternoon, so I was knocked out together with Filip at 9pm. I have to take naps during the daytime, Filip is like an energy bomb or as one of my acquitances said once for her kids, they are like Duracell bunnies (okay, I am too sometimes). So let me rephrase, we need recharge in the afternoons.

So I fell asleep and woke up at 11pm not really with wide-open eyes and I could have sleep longer, but I wanted to have some spare time for myself in the evening and doing something just for myself.

I read one of the quotes on Facebook from Paulo Coelho and I thought I wanna share with you some thoughts about him, starting with one of his lyrics, and since I did not have the lyrics by myself i started to search for them…

I spent more then half an hour searching for those lyrics, I can label myself for this as stupid and stubborn, but I am also a person that never gives up.

I could remember reading those lyrics and sharing it on my wall somewhere last year, maybe even it was hashtagged by me, but many people use nowadays hashtags, so I could not really find them among all the postings. I also hashtag the posts of Mr. Coelho as #PauloCoelho, if you are interested to read some of my favorites.

At one¬†point I started to feel pain in my back for being unsuccessfull in finding those lyrics…I had to give up and settle down to start writing the blog as it was my first intention, and then

suddenly just clicked in my head: “why I am not googling the words I know?!”

I really felt stupid, isn’t the first thing that you do when u start looking for something? Google.com or Youtube.com.

Sometimes I have to give up and then the answer will come.

Of course I had it in about 1 second,but my back still hurts me, because of the lost time…

I realized my body reflects physical pain when I am not successful in something, I hate to give in and when I cannot let go, my back /neck just starts hurting me immediately.

The same minute I found the lyrics, Filip¬†showed up from the bed and climbed up¬†next to me leaving me minimal space for typing on my laptop, I was surprised as he never walks out of the bed during the night…

So, here are the lyrics:

I thank all those who laughed at my dreams;
You have inspired my imagination.
I thank all who wanted to squeeze me into their scheme;
They have taught me the value of freedom.

I thank all who have lied to me;
You have shown me the power of truth.
I thank all those who have not believed in me;
You have expected me to move mountains.
I thank all those who have written me off;
You have aroused my courage.

I thank all those who have left me;
They gave me room to create.
I thank all those who have betrayed me and abused;
You have let me be vigilant.
I thank all those who have hurt me;
They have taught me to grow in pain.

More importantly, I thank all
Who love me as I am;
They give me the strength to live

By Paulo Coelho

So, this is how my attention came onto writings of Mr. Coelho.

Couple of years ago I read his¬†book the “Alchemist” and I cannot remember a single word out of it, I will have to re-read it, but maybe sometime later, as there are many books, quotes, stories¬†and¬†his blog I wanna read right now.

While I was looking through his quotes on his official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/paulocoelho

and blog: http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2015/01/05/do-you-feel-useful/

I came across the above story that I am copied, as I do feel sometimes useless,

if you read my blog about “learning Spanish” u know what I am talking about and another reason I¬†copied exactly this page of was:¬†on a right side there are books¬†which cought my attention as a parent and I would ¬†like to read them too: “STORIES FOR PARENTS, CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN”.¬†

Anyways, I started posting his¬†quotes that I really feel true for myself, but then I realized I could share all of them, so I stopped. ūüôā

BUT, I have posted THOSE lyrics to my official fan page (https://www.facebook.com/GabiKarvak) to have them always by hand.

After the Alchemist I read his book “Adultery” (2014) it’s the book that came in a right moment to my life to reinforce me in the things I am doing. ¬†The title means, I am reffering to freedictionary.com: “Consensual sexual intercourse between a married person and a person other than the spouse”,

well, NOT reinforcing me in this, but in the sentence I will quote¬†later¬†ūüėÄ

While I was married, maybe I would not dare to take this book to read, as we both¬†thought we¬†lived that¬†so called “perfect” marriage.¬†But, this is not the point, the book goes actually more beyond talking about adultery. It’s about lots of things, resolving inner struggles, about morality, ¬†life with routine, good¬†carreer, but boring job, about dreams etc.

I will quote only one of those sentences, which probably all of you heard already from your inner voice:¬†“Who hasn’t felt the urge to drop everything and go in search of their dream?”

And I will leave it on you if you will read it or not, I wanna read it some time again.

I read the book couple of month ago (even sent our proof to Mr. Coelho with a photo of Filip and me having the book in our hands, actually Paulo asked the readers to message him photos with his new book), if any of you is interested, please ask for it I can share the Hungarian version for reading.

Then as next, my friend brought me another bunch of Coelho books, so I am reading them one by one…

I cheated too, as I heard from another friend there is a movie about Coelho’s book “Veronika decides¬†to die”, so I watched on youtube.com the movie version. The story¬†had an added value for ¬†me, it was interesting not only because of the story, but also because it’s written about a Slovenian girl (I am a very little bit Yugo-nostalgic still) and I remember having the same thoughts about giving up life as this character had – only few years ago.

However, I decided never again to watch a movie first, ¬†because now I lost my interest in reading the book. Once I know the point, it’s not so interesting anymore to read, so I wanna move on and read something else.

Now I am reading ’11 minutes”. The book tackles again a very sensitive topic, things that we people are usually not proud to talk about, we¬†ignore and judge plus other things.

It’s about a Brazilian prostitute called Maria, not believing in love, who meets a¬†painter who changes her world and “she finds she must choose between pursuing a dark path of sexual pleasure for its own sake¬†or to risk¬†everything for the possibility of sacred sex, sex in the context of love.”

And soooooooooooooo on….

Thank you Mr. Coelho for these books, quotes, thought, true words and may you write zounds of such books!


p.s. I know I have gramatical errors, it pisses me off that I have to re-read and correct my sentences from time to time to be more understandable, but I also take it as a learning process…



what is this dance?


I wanna write about everything, I have so many thoughts, feelings, happenings, experiences I would like to share…i do not know where to start…

I am a perfectionist and not with so much patient when it’s about myself and completing my tasks, I wanna accomplish¬†everything and of course immediately and I wanna share everything immediately, sometimes¬†it ends up that I put everything on a side as my mind is overloaded with all these things I wanna accomplish and i do not make the step…however, I also know I need to give time to myself, as everything remains in my memory and with some time I also know they will unfold in a right moment.

Since yesterday i cannot stop listening to the song of “Soha” called “Mill Pasos”. I could not find the official video, but I have made a playlist of this song, listening only to this song (yeah, I do this occasionally and I am able to listen to one song for very long time, I even think of learning the lyrics of this song and once maybe to sing it – optimist)

Listen to it on Youtube.com, the rhythm, the music, the language and….just perfect!

Till yesterday I knew only the word “Kizomba”, today I know it originates¬†from Angola, mostly¬†it’s sung in Portugese, okay not the one above. Back to Kizomba, it’s a¬†modern music genre with a sensual touch mixed with African rhythm, claimed to be the fusion of traditional Angolan Semba (not Samba, okay? ūüėȬ†And of course there are different types of Kizomba (Cabo, A’ la Paris etc).

And I am a bit shacken about the fact that i found again a “Portugese” dance to learn, luckily it’s not sang only in Portugese, so I can keep on with my Spanish, which I still wanna pursue and maybe to find a Portugese boyfriend ūüėÄ

But I kinda start thinking, maybe I also had some previous lives related to Portugese speaking areas…

Also it’s very interesting, as I was reading about Kizomba Cape Verde came into picture as a country where there are many compilations of this music¬†and btw. Cape Verde is one of my favourite destinations to reach in the future, I am sometimes amazed that for some countries I have this feeling of “must see” and somehow it just get connected with my thoughts and this time again through music and dance.

So, yesterday I missed one party of Kizomba in Kerepesi √ļt, today I found out from one of the recent acquitances that there is a community¬†called “Kizomba Club Hungary” and on Monday there are classes for Beginners in “MagNet K√∂z√∂ss√©gi H√°z” and another on Tuesdays in MIR√ĀVOS Dance Studio¬† and from another friend¬†I found out there are Kizomba parties on Wednesdays in Barrio Latino…

I have to admit, I¬†am sceptical with these Latino bars as couple of weeks ago I went with Lili on a “Salsa” tour to check on the best Salsa dance places…

as first, almost all of them had an entrance fee of 1500-2000 Ft (we checked the places by asking to get in to have some¬†insight, unfortunately we left all of them with disappointment) or the place had no entrance fee, BUT¬†as we¬†Hungarians in Vojvodina would say “de a gaty√°d is leszedik r√≥llad” (in direct translation: they¬†will take off your pants), meaning the prices of drinks are high,¬†so you rather move on from the place,

Anyways, we did not felt¬†banished as afterwards¬†we¬†ended up visiting¬†about 5-6 Shot bars to “recover” and we had a great night! We did not have our Salsa party, but we met lots of new friends from Mexico, Belgium, Turkey, Brazil… (of course Brazilians, it’s just not possible to avoid them not even for a night in the city, sometimes I have the feeling they are among the biggest minorities in the city among foreigners, or I just pay more attention to them, I do not know)

Oh, and Lilly, maybe we will have our next tour with Kizomba and those Coctail bars, but let’s wait with the drinks for the Summer ūüėČ

P.S. I can reassure you Lilly knows the best Shot bars in the city, but I told u this in my previous post! ūüôā


*Lilly is my babysitter, friend, daughter etc…