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Very first steps of learning Russian :)


It is not that I do not speak already 5 languages…why not to learn another Slavic ūüėÄ

Morning coffee in 4 Street coffee bar on Móricz Zsigmond square with a friend before going to work.
Making joke on “no smoking”. What an irony for myself…and learning Russian, of course.

Btw. AFTER¬†watching my video continue reading an article about Russian advert “trick” for people to quit smoking, I was a bit shocked on this¬†non-sense¬†war and competing between¬†Russia and the USA.

I am not promoting “Fest 7” Belorusian cigarettes, actually the opposite.
Since my friend is Russian I had to speak in Russian and not in Belorusian, however he¬†told me to be authentical Russian looking women I should color my lip with red lipstick and behave “naturally” (he is all the time critisizing me, even now while I am posting this)…

and yes, I like to be foolish, childish!

The article I mentioned is taken from Guardian:


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